10 Fabulous dating rules that can help you create happiness

There are no hard and fast dating rules that you can read up on, which will guarantee dating success, but there are some basic rules of dating etiquette that will help you avoid a disaster. You can’t really prescribe rules for dating, which after all, is supposed to be fun as well, so instead, tread these ten ‘guidelines’ to help you make the most of the dating opportunity:

1. A date is not a history lesson, so avoid talking about your ex

Apart from anything else, talking about your ex is just plain boring and you wouldn’t want to spend all night hearing about his ex, would you? A date should be fun, with a hint of future possibilities, not a history lesson for the both of you.

2. Leave your insecurities and fears at home and go on a date feeling confident in yourself

You’ve heard the cliché that you have to love yourself, before you can love anyone else and you’re probably bored of hearing it, but if you constantly run yourself down, then he’s going to start believing all those negatives to be true. Leave your fears and insecurities at home, when you go on a date, and make sure he sees the best in you. Be confident in yourself.

3. Keep the conversation going, but don’t dominate it

There’s no need to go into a cold sweet if there is a break in the conversation, but keep things trundling along at an easy pace, if you can. Show an interest and ask questions about him, without interrogating him, and don’t hog the whole conversation to yourself.

4. Give him the chance to be the gentleman

Many men complain about modern women being too ‘feminist’ and, sometime, even too ‘masculine’. Well, yes, it’s true that ladies nowadays can open their own doors and pay their dinners, but chivalry is always beautiful and romantic, so ladies, make sure to give your guy a chance to be the gentleman; let him open your doors, pull your chair, etc; these little gestures will make both of you feel special and will make your date exceptionally romantic.

5. Be a lady, but don’t be too shy

Yes, a lady should always stay a lady, but you don’t have to be coy these days, so if you feel like giving your date a cheek kiss or holding his hand, you don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. We’re not suggesting that you come all over him like rash though, there’s still a place for a little ladylike decorum here.

6. A casual conversation with a bit of laughter is far better, than an interview with series of 25 questions each

Don’t treat a date like an interview. Behaving like either the interviewee or the interviewer, is not going to get you anywhere, so loosen up and have some fun. Dating is a bit of an artificial situation, but casual conversation and a bit of laughter will tell you far more about each other, than a series of twenty five questions each.

7. What about contentious subjects?

Opinions differ on whether topics such as religion or politics should be discussed on a date. Do you get things like that out of the way quickly, so you know where you stand, or do you avoid them like the plague? The best option is to take your time and wait for these topics to come up naturally. If someone has really strong views, they will surface at some point and then, you can you decide whether they are deal breakers or not.

8. Don’t settle for second best, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

If you really don’t like a guy or there is absolutely no spark between you whatsoever, then don’t waste time hoping things will improve. It can’t always be love at first sight but, you know pretty quickly, if there is no spark at all. If this is the case, move on; there really are better fish in the sea for you.

9. Feel free to express yourself

You don’t want to start an argument, but you should be able to express your point of view, without being rude. Part of the purpose of a date is, after all, to find out if you are compatible, so you should be able to talk about things, even if you don’t agree.

10. Hold back on the physical stuff

Whether or not you jump into bed with a guy after the first, second or third date is entirely a personal decision, and one that is not judged or frowned upon anymore. Setting an artificial point in time, when you will allow this to happen doesn’t work anyway, so let that happen, when it feels right for you. Do, however, bear in mind that the good men will not disappear, if you do make him wait a while and many will respect you all the more for doing so.

What are your favorite dating tips and dating rules that work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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