10 Clear signs that you have chemistry with a guy

There is a strange thing that can happen between two people in a relationship that no one can really explain. It’s what makes the difference between a date and a soul mate, a friend and a lover and we call it, chemistry. When that chemistry occurs though, you don’t always get an obvious signal that you’ve found the one, it can kind of creep up on you. If you’re not sure whether you and your partner have reached that chemistry stage yet, then read these ten signs and see how close you are:

1. You let him see your weaknesses

Chemistry between two people runs far deeper, than just getting along. It also means that you understand each other so well that you are prepared to share even your worst moments with him. You put on a false smile for everyone else and grin and bear it, but with him, you are happy to let your true emotions show.

2. You share a mutual respect

You respect and love each other for who you both are. Even his bad traits are loveable and neither of you want to change a single thing about the other.

3. You can talk till the sun comes up

You’re so engrossed in each other, that you don’t even notice what the time is. It actually doesn’t matter that it’s late, or the dinner has gone cold, you’re both just enjoying the moment so much, who really cares?

4. You tell each other secrets

You don’t need too much wine to tell him things that you never thought you’d tell anyone else, you just come out with it without a second thought. You want to know everything that there is to know about each other and there is just no need for any secrets anymore.

5. The room seems brighter when he’s around

This is no optical illusion or trick of the light; it has been proven in science. When we look at something that we love, it makes the pupils of eyes dilate, so the world really is a brighter place, when he is around.

6. It’s not all about ‘physicality’

There is such a thing as ‘chemistry’, but that is a different thing altogether. The chemistry that means that you’ve found your soul mate is shown by your being comfortable and happy, just to be together. The physical attraction is important, but now, it is certainly not everything.

7. You start to notice the small details about him

When there is a real chemistry between people they actually begin to imprint on the minds of one another. You notice the smallest details about his appearance and his possessions stand out from everybody else’s. You will instantly recognise his coat hanging on a coat rack or be able to spot his car in a busy car park.

8. You spend a lot of time laughing together

A shared sense of humour is an important part of the chemistry and you seem to spend a lot of the time laughing together. Even things that aren’t really funny can take on a new meaning when you have bonded and perhaps there are now some private jokes that you now share.

9. You work together to resolve differences

Neither one of you wants to hurt the other and you certainly don’t want to argue. Instead of coming to an impasse, you both want to work to resolve any differences, so that you can quickly get back to enjoying life together again.

10. You both begin to merge into one

When two people love one another, the boundaries between to two begin to blur. You find yourselves beginning to want to share everything. The chemistry between you even makes you prepared to make compromises in what you do and do not like, in order to achieve a harmony.

What are other signs that two people have chemistry with each other?

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Stay happy, love and be loved!

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