10 Celebs Who Are A Lot Older Than You May Think

We love celebrities. Celebrities are people we look up to; they are people who can make us laugh and make us cry. We follow them throughout their lives and careers, getting to know them through television and magazine interviews, reading their views on twitter and Facebook, and watching them in the movies. We’ve never met them, and probably never will meet them, but somehow we feel as though we know them. Their pains become our pains, their happiness becomes our happiness.

But have you ever stopped to think that a celebrity you know and love could actually be a lot older than you thought? It turns out that Hollywood is crammed with young-looking celebs who are only young on the outside; inwardly, they’re pretty much ready for retirement! So let’s take a revealing look at who likes to act young while concealing their true colours (age).

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is some kind of super woman who must have paid someone to install the fountain of youth in her own back yard. See, because although it looks as though she’s been 25 for the last 25 years, the truth is that she was twenty-five some nineteen years ago.

Yup, Gwen is actually an incredible forty-six years old, which means that the Rich Girl singer was born in the sixties. Yikes! That means she was around when the Rolling Stones hadn’t even made it big, and when man landed on the moon for the first time.

Salma Hayek

You might be fooled into thinking that Salma Hayek has only been one of the most beautiful women on the planet for the last five or six years, but the truth is that she’s been one of the most beautiful women on the planet for the last thirty years.

Yes, whisper it, but the From Dusk Till Dawn goddess is now forty-seven years old. Somehow, she’s managed to keep in incredible shape, retaining those sultry Mexican good looks throughout all these years. Although she’s approaching forty-nine, the South American actress shows no signs of surrendering her position in the race to be crowned Hottest Woman of 2015.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons is the guy who plays Sheldon Cooper in smash U.S. sitcom The Big Bang Theory. As we all know, “Shelly” is an uptight waif in his mid-twenties who is still struggling to understand sarcasm, while trying to make something of himself in the big wide world. Don’t worry, Shelly, you’ll understand everything by the time you’re thirty!

But while Sheldon continues to make sense of a nonsensical world, Jim Parsons has already passed not just his thirtieth birthday, but also his FORTIETH.

Yup, Senior Parsons might have a baby face, and he might be most known for basically playing a man-child, but he’s racing towards the big 5.0. Wow.

Bart Simpson

Okay, we’re kinda cheating on this one because Bart Simpson is, of course, an animated television character who doesn’t actually age. In fact, he’s stayed the same age for the last twenty-six years.

But for anyone who has only recently started watching The Simpsons, it might surprise you to learn that a) The Simpsons is twenty-six years old, and that b) Bart Simpson is voiced by a fifty-seven year old actress called Nancy Cartwright.

Nancy may have been a mere 31 when the series first aired, but while her alter-ego is still a fresh-faced, mischievous boy of nine, she has developed wrinkles and is approaching sixty. Isn’t life so unfair?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise definitely deserves his place in our list of young looking actors. To all his fans, Tom Cruise probably looks just a little over thirty. To everyone else, he’s probably not even thirty. After all, he looks dead-on 30, and didn’t he star in Top Gun just ten years ago?

What? Top Gun is twenty-nine years old? You’re kidding me? But that would make Tom Cruise … *does the math* … FIFTY-THREE!

When you actually compare a photo of modern-day Tom with Top Gun Tom, you really can see the difference. In fact, the closer you look, the more you realise that modern-day Scientology Tom is actually starting to look a bit weird. 

Melissa Joan Heart

Okay, we knew Melissa Joan Heart wasn’t quite a teenager anymore, but thirty-nine? Really?!

Johnny Depp

This is another one of very  young looking actors. Those smouldering eyes, that perfectly chiselled jawline, and that dark, floppy hair; Johnny Depp is a perfect specimen who is eternally young.

Well, actually, he isn’t eternally young. In fact, the biggest heartthrob ever is as human as all those blokes down the pub, and he ages just like the rest of us. He’s no longer thirty, and he’s not even forty. In fact, he’s fifty-two, which means that he’ll soon be applying to play the role of Gandalf in the next Lord of the Rings. Mr Depp with a cane? That would be so weird.

Sandra Bullock

It doesn’t seem a day ago when Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves shared the bus ride from hell together in Speed, but more than twenty years have passed since the cutest gal from the back of the bus shared an onscreen kiss with one of Hollywood’s finest men.

Although Sandra Bullock continues to look really young, she actually had her fiftieth birthday last year. Fortunately, her youthful looks continue to guarantee her action-packed roles in movies such as Gravity and The Heat.

Sylvester Stallone

His friends and fans call him Sly, but we prefer to call him Old Man. That’s right, the all-conquering star of the Rocky franchise is just one year short of his seventieth birthday.

You wouldn’t know it because the action man continues to star in explosive, muscle-pumped movies. But we reckon it won’t be long before he starts slowing down and stars in more sensible movies, such as The Bucket List 2. Just picture him in a dressing gown and slippers.

Unless that’s too weird.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is the singer with the smooth voice who probably has an army of girls waiting to date him. Last year he released an album called “GIRL”, which included songs such as “Come Get It Bae”.

The weird thing is that what “Bae” would be getting is a forty-two year old man. It somehow seems wrong to say that the Blurred Lines singer’s next milestone is his fiftieth birthday but that’s how the dice roles.

Who are your favourite young looking actors?

Stay happy!


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