20 Surprising early jobs of today’s famous celebrities

While some celebs did grow up in celebrity families and have known nothing other than a life of glitz and glamour, most of them started out just the same as you and I. They came from ordinary families, had ordinary lives, and they held down ordinary jobs. Whilst it’s hard to believe that you could have once opened your door to a delivery man and found Brad Pitt standing there, or answered your phone and had Johnny Depp try and sell something you didn’t want, but, once upon a time, even the rich and famous were ordinary people. If you have dreams of being a mega star, don’t give up! Read on, and find out how twenty of today’s top celebrities used to earn a living.

1. Danny DeVito was a hair stylist

Don’t laugh, it’s true! Although Danny DeVito doesn’t actually look the part, he is actually a very experienced hair stylist. How on earth he would have managed to create a beehive hairstyle on a six foot tall woman is anyone’s guess, but Danny DeVito used to work full-time in his sister’s beauty parlour.

2. Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, used to be one of those really annoying telesales people who phone you just as you are sitting down to your meal and then they try and sell something you never would need. His job was to convince people that they would be entered into a prize draw, but only if they bought some ballpoint pens from him first.

3. Madonna sold Dunkin’ Donuts

Before the Material Girl, Madonna, became a star, she was working at a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in Times Square, New York. Apparently she got sacked for squirting Doughnut jelly all over a costumer. She also spent some time working as a showgirl in France.

4. Aston Kutcher swept floors

Model, actor, and star of ‘That ’70s Show’ Aston Kutcher, was studying for a biomedical engineering degree at the University of Iowa, before he decided to try and make a career out of modelling. He dropped out of college and had to sweep floors at a factory to make ends meet between modelling assignments. He also used to sell his blood to make a bit of extra cash.

5. Rod Stewart dug graves

Grammy award winning Scottish singer Rod Stewart had a variety of roles before he became famous. He dropped out of school when he was just 15 and his early efforts at finding employment included trying out for a professional football team, trying his hand at silk screen printing and digging graves.

6. Michelle Pfeiffer worked in a supermarket

Michelle Pfeiffer was a dreamer when she was young and, it was while she was working on the tills at a supermarket that she decided she wanted to get into acting. She got her first taste of the celebrity world when she won the Miss Orange County beauty contest and then went on to win Miss Los Angeles. It just goes to show that dreams really can come true sometimes.

7. George Clooney worked on a farm

Before he moved to LA to find his fame and fortune, George Clooney had made several attempts to find a career that suited him. When he was 16 years old, Clooney thought he might have a future in baseball, but he was rejected by the Cincinnati Reds team. He also had many odd jobs after he dropped out of school, including farm hand and shoe salesman.

8. Jennifer Aniston was a bike messenger

Jenifer Aniston took the world by storm playing Racheal in ‘Friends’, but before that, when she was still finding her feet in the acting world, she took jobs as a telemarketer, a waitress and a bike messenger. She also worked briefly as a spokesmodel for the weight loss system, Nutrisystem, on ‘The Howard Stern Show’.

9. Tom Cruise studied to be a priest

Tom Cruise hasn’t always been a scientologist, when he was young and yet to find his real calling of acting, he studied to be a Catholic priest. He only just managed to get into a seminary school, though, and while he was there he decided that the priesthood wasn’t really for him. He eventually got kicked out for stealing and drinking alcohol, so he turned his hand to acting instead.

10. Gerald Butler was a lawyer

Stories of entertainers doing odd jobs while they get established are quite common, but some celebrities quit lucrative careers before they followed their dream. The Scottish actor Gerard Butler studied law at Glasgow University and went on to work as a trainee lawyer at a law firm. When he got fired by the law firm, just before he was due to become a fully qualified lawyer; he decided to turn his hand to acting.

11. Gene Simmonds used to be a teacher

Gene Simmonds, the lead singer of Kiss, used to be a school teacher. It’s hard to picture the man who found fame through his lizard tongue and outlandish make up being responsible for the education of 11 year olds, but that’s exactly what he did. Simmonds was a teacher at a school in Spanish Harlem before he became a rock star.

12. Chuck Norris really did used to fight crime

Some celebrities’ career progression does make sense and one of those is the man who pushes the earth down when he does pushups, Chuck Norris. If you thought that Norris might have had been in the military, law enforcement or martial arts, before he become an actor, you’d have been right on all three counts. Chuck Norris served as a policeman with US Airforce and it is there that he learned martial arts.

13. Ken Jeong was a doctor

Ken Jeong, who plays Mr. Chow in the Hangover movies, gave up a successful career in medicine to be an actor. He is a fully qualified doctor and he used to make a six figure salary practicing medicine, but he gave all that up to follow his dream of becoming an actor. He says that he took the risk simply because he just wanted to do something that he loved doing.

14. Steve Buscemi fought fires

Steve Buscemi has been in too many movies to mention, including Reservoir Dogs, Armageddon and Big Fish. Before Buscemi became an actor, he was a New York fire fighter for four years. He says that firefighting was a good way to prepare for an acting career, because the adrenaline you feel fighting a fire is similar to that when you are just about to walk on stage.

15. The Pope was an alchemist

No, this isn’t the punchline of a joke, it’s true. Before he became known as Pope Francis, the current head of the Catholic Church was known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio and he worked as a chemical technician. While he was studying to become a priest, the Pope also studied literature, psychology and philosophy.

16. Tim Allen was a drugs trafficker!

The voice of Buzz Lightyear and the star of the TV show ‘Home Improvement’, Tim Allen, has a slightly more checkered career before he turned his attention to acting and comedy. In 1978, Allen was found to be in possession of over 650 grams of cocaine at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport and spent two years in jail for drug trafficking.

17. Jerry Springer started out as a politician

Long before Jerry Springer leapt to fame hosting his controversial talk show, he had his sights set in a job in Washington. Jerry Springer was a full time politician and he served as Mayor of Cincinnati and was once a candidate for Governor of Ohio. When he lost his bid to become Governor, he quit politics and started a career in the media as a local news anchor.

18. Harrison Ford was a carpenter

Before Harrison Ford became Han Solo in Star Wars, he was earning a good living as a carpenter. Since then, of course, Ford has played lead actor in many major movies, but he nearly threw his chance of stardom away. He has said that he initially turned down the Star Wars role, because he didn’t want to give up the security of his carpenter’s job.

19. Sting was an English teacher

His parents thought Sting was mad to give up his secure job as a school teacher teaming English and coaching the kids in football. When he quit his steady job to be a musician, though, his parents would have had no idea that he would go on to be the front man of The Police and then follow that up with a successful solo career.

20. Art Garfunkel teaching mathematics in a school

Art Garfunkel, the blonde half of Simon & Garfunkel, got himself a master’s degree in mathematics before he became a famous musician and he’s the only celebrity in our list that actually returned to his former profession after becoming famous. When Simon & Garfunkel split in 1965, Garfunkel took a teaching job teaching mathematics in a school in Connecticut. He quit, though, because all the pupils really wanted to hear were stories about Garfunkel’s music career.

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