10 Famous celebrity siblings who are worth your attention

Celebrities are pretty gorgeous at the best of times. Men spend their spare time drooling over Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Mariah Carey, while woman spend their spare time swooning over George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt.

Most of us never stop to think that there is an equally hotter sibling behind these celebrities. Sometimes, the siblings are even hotter! How is that even possible?! Wouldn’t the Universe just explode if there were two Johnny Depp’s? Well, it’s all down to the genes. After all, it makes sense that if a fine specimen such as Brad Pitt is beautiful, his siblings will be beautiful, too. It’s just basic math. Without us realising it, there are a whole wealth of hot celebrity siblings wandering the planet! In celebration of beauty, let’s take a look at 10 famous celebrity siblings who are worth your attention.

James Franco And His Brother

Polymath James Franco can do anything. He can act, paint, draw, write books; he’s pretty much a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci! He’s also absolutely handsome. As such, it’s probably no surprise to learn that the As I Lay Dying and 127 Hours star has an equally attractive brother named David Franco, who is also a Hollywood actor, and you’ll see him in films that include Warm Bodies and 21 Jump Street.

Emma Watson And Her Brother

A fierce intellectual and aspiring feminist, Emma Watson is the kind of attractive woman that young, aspirational men everywhere want to date. She’s also a pretty talented actress, too. Emma’s brother Alex shows that she certainly didn’t get all the good-looking genes from their parents, though. He’s a model who is handsome in his own right, and deserves all the attention he gets. Well done their parents!

Kate Middleton And Her Sister

Princess Kate caused quite a stir when she got married to Prince William back in 2011 in a wedding ceremony that was watched by millions of television viewers all around the world, from England to Africa. But it was actually her sister Pippa that attracted even more attention, thanks largely to her sumptuous outfit and perfect body. Pippa – who is arguably just as attractive as Kate Middleton – has since carved out her own career in the spotlight, and currently writes blogs for national UK newspapers.

Lindsay Lohan And Her Sister

Ever since she starred in hit kids movie The Parent Trap as a dumpy teen, Lindsay Lohan has lived a life in the glare of the media and paparazzi. Like any normal teenager and young adult, she enjoyed parting and was often spotted in newspapers stumbling out of taxi’s and into nigh clubs. Her sister Ali is apparently the total opposite, but she’s just as attractive. Ali, who prefers wearing comfy dungarees to flesh-revealing dresses, has been shaded from the spotlight by her sister who wants to protect her and make sure she isn’t brought down by the media.

Zac Efron And His Bro

Zac Efron was fresh-faced and good looking when he was the teen star of High School Musical, but some said that he was a tad too skinny to be called super attractive. Since then, he’s beefed up and now looks seriously buff. He’s also got a younger, attractive bro called Dylan who very much stays out of the spotlight, as much as he can.

Miley Cyrus And Her Sister

Everybody knows who Miley Cyrus is. If you didn’t find out about her during her innocent Hannah Montana days, you probably caught on when she twerked on stage with singer Robin Thicke. And if you still hadn’t caught onto the Miley craze by then, perhaps you discovered her when she swung totally naked from a wrecking ball. As attractive as Miley undeniably is, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus has a very cute half-sister called Brandi, who appeared in Hannah Montana with her. Brandi isn’t quite as famous as her half sister, but she’s carving out her own TV and movie career and has a winning smile.

Taylor Swift And Her Brother

Taylor Swift is already a millionaire musician who is one of the most bankable pop stars in the world. She’s stunning to look at, has a good voice, and has already dated a number of attractive young men. You wouldn’t know it with all the attention she gets, but Taylor has a cute brother behind her. Austin is young, funny and talented. He works as a photographer and doesn’t need to say to girls that he’s T-Swizzie’s brother – his looks alone can sell him.

Penelope Cruz And Her Sister

South American beauty Penelope Cruz is one of the most alluring women on the planet. The Blow star has been lighting up our screens for almost two decades now, yet she’s still only forty-two and still looking as perfect as ever. It’s little known to people outside the Cruz family, but Penelope has an equally sultry-looking sister. Monica Cruz is a dancer and actor who doubled for Penelope in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. You really can’t tell them apart. We wouldn’t like to be in Penelope’s husband Javier Bardem’s shoes, he’s certainly spoiled for choice here!

Mary-Kate, Ashley And Their Other Sister

Okay, so you know all about the Olsen twins. They starred together in hit US teen sitcom Two Of A Kind at the end of the nineties. Even after all these years, the pair have managed to retain their chiselled jaws and beautiful looks. What you might not have know is that they also have a younger, and equally attractive sister. Elisabeth Olsen may have missed the boat when she popped out two years after the twins, but she’s since carved out her own lucrative career in the movies, having landed roles in Godzilla, and Avengers: Age of Ultron among other.

Kate Hudson And Hr Brother

Kate Hudson is arguably one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, and she keeps on getting better looking with age. The Hudson clan clearly have a fantastic gene pool, because younger brother Oliver is also a pip to look at. He played Adam Rhodes in Rules of Engagement for 100 episodes, and currently stars in Nashville.

Who is your favourite celebrity?

Stay happy!


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