10 Celebrities who were once homeless

When you look at celebrities, all you probably think about is the wealth and the fame that they enjoy today, so it’s hard to imagine that even the rich and famous can fall upon hard times too. They may well have more money than most of us could ever dream of, but, for some of them, life hasn’t always been that way. What is truly amazing about these tales of celebs, who once couldn’t even afford a roof over their head, is that they never gave up chasing their dream. If you ever find yourself struggling through tough times and you need a bit of inspiration, think about these ten celebrities who made it to the top, even though they were once homeless.

1. Daniel Craig

You hear stories of how actors struggle before they hit the big time, but it is hard to believe now that Daniel Craig was one of those actors who struggled to make ends meet when he started out. A long time before Craig landed the role of James Bond, he earned what money he could from doing odd jobs and he slept on friend’s couches and park benches in London.

2. Sylvester Stallone

Rambo and Rocky star, Sylvester Stallone has seen the darker side of life on the streets. Before he got his break in the movies, he was so broke that he called a bus station his home. He got off the streets by appearing in a soft porn movie, for which he got paid $100 a day. Two days’ work later, and he was able to afford the rent on a place to live.

3. Jim Carrey

The world famous actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, came from very humble beginnings and both he and his family were homeless for a while. There was a period of time when Carrey was still struggling to get noticed in the world of entertainment that he lived in a tent with his parents, his brother and his sister. Fortunately, Carrey’s elder sister, Patricia Carrey was married and had a home, so the rest of the family pitched their tent in her backyard.

4. Halle Berry

Oscar and Emmy award winning actress Halle bBerry found herself without a place to live when her mother refused to give her any more money to support her, while she tried to find her way in the world of acting. Given the choice of giving up her dream, go home and sort out her life, or fighting on without help from her mother, Berry decided to live in a shelter for the homeless and continue on with her quest for stardom. As it turned out, Halle Berry’s persistence paid off and she is now up there with the rest of the rich and famous.

5. Steve Jobs

Think about this the next time you pick up your iPhone. Steve Jobs, the CEO and Cofounder of Apple, was flat broke when he was in college, and he used to sleep on friends’ floors. He also used to pick up all the empty Coke bottles he could find, so he could collect the deposits on them and use the money to buy food.

6. Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank has won Academy Awards for Best Actress and she earned herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it hasn’t always been a life a glitz and glamour for the American actress. When she was just 13, her mother and father divorced. Swank and her mother moved to Los Angeles, so that the budding actress could follow her dream and they lived out of her mother’s car until they could afford to rent an apartment.

7. William Shatner

Even when the stars do hit the big time, things can go very wrong. When Star Trek, the original series, was first taken off the air in the late 1960’s, William Shatner had trouble finding new employment and he was forced to live out of his pickup truck, while he searched for work. Since then, of course, he appeared in the hugely successful Star Trek movies and a number of TV shows, so it all worked out in the end for him too.

8. Shania Twain

Shania Twain, the Canadian country singer and songwriter, has sold over 85 million records and is now one of the bestselling artists ever. She had a very hard childhood, though, and her parents had so little money, Twain had to learn how to hunt for food. At one stage, her mother took the country singer and her three siblings to Toronto, where they lived for a while in a homeless shelter.

9. Jennifer Lopez

The multi-talented Jennifer Lopez had nothing but big dreams to her name before she found stardom and became J-Lo. She left home, against her parents’ wishes, when she was 18 to pursue a career in dancing. Her parents wanted her to go to college, but Lopez had different plans. She slept on friend’s couches and on the floors of dance studios until she hit the celebrity scene big time.

10. Carmen Electra

Glamour model and actress Carmen Electra has also spent some time without a home. When she was in her twenties, her boyfriend stole all her money and left her with no money to pay rent for an apartment.

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