10 Celebrities Who Had Famous Parents

They say that fame is not a case of what you know but who you know. They also say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

That isn’t to say that the celebrities on this list all became famous simply because they had famous parents, but there is definitely a debt of gratitude that these celebrities owe to the past achievements of mom and dad.

If you’ve always wondered which ones of your favourite celebrities had more than a guiding hand when it came to finding fame and fortune, join us as we take a look at 10 celebrities who had famous parents.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is best known for her roles in You, Me And Dupree and The Skeleton Key. She’s talented and gorgeous, therefore who wouldn’t hire her?!

Despite her looks and obvious abilities, Kate Hudson was destined for great things the minute she popped out of mom Goldie Hawn’s abdomen.

Maybe you’re a little bit too young to have heard of Ms Hawn; if so, Kate Hudson’s mom was a famous actress in her own right back in the seventies and eighties and starred in one of Steven Spielberg’s very first films, The Sugarland Express.

Hudson’s dad Bill Hudson was also a famous American singer and actor.

Ben Stiller

Everyone knows and – presumably – loves Ben Stiller. He’s given cinema audiences around the world much joy and laughter thanks to his roles in smash-hit comedies such as Meet The Parents, Dodgeball and Zoolander.

What you might not know is that behind him is a famous dad called Jerry Stiller.

Jerry never achieved as much fame as his son, and indeed landed his best-ever role as eccentric and angry dad Arthur Spooner in The King of Queens after his son had already starred in a whole host of movies.

So, in a way, it was actually the son who made the dad famous this time around. Mind = blown.

Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s easy to forget that Gwyneth Paltrow has a famous mom because, although we all recognise Blythe Danner for her role in Meet The Parents and its sequels, we often forget that she gave birth to and raised Gwyneth.

Liza Minelli

Liza Minelli was one of the most famous actresses on the planet back in the seventies and eighties. Star of films such as Arthur and a whole array of Broadway musicals, she had talent and extravagance by the bucket-load.

She also has a famous mom, too, who was none other than Wizard of Oz star Judie Garland.

Judie was an incredibly talented actress and singer who performed during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Nobody could argue that Liza got famous purely on the back of her mother’s fame, though; although she could never live up to the great Judie’s talent, Liza certainly had enough ability to justify her fame.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of our favourite people. A great actress, activist, mom, wife and all-round beautiful woman, we don’t even begrudge the fact that her famous dad Jon Voight might have had something to do with getting his little girl into Hollywood.

In case you didn’t know it, Mr Voight was a big deal in the seventies and eighties. He starred in box-office hits, such as Midnight Cowboy and The Odessa Files, before growing old and becoming consigned to more marginal roles. But this wasn’t before he got Jolie on board alongside him in Lookin’ To Get Out for her acting debut.

Miley Cyrus

If you’ve been on the Internet at any point in the last two years, you’ll know all about Miley Cyrus. She’s the Disney-star gone bad, the singer with the deep-south drawl who swung around naked on a wrecking ball for a music video.

Thanks to some awesome PR, it only took Miley a few seconds to totally become more famous than her dad, musician and actor Billy Ray Cyrus. Whether or not he would consider swinging around naked on a wrecking ball to outdo his daughter and reclaim his “I’m more famous than you” award is anyone’s guess.

Stella McCartney

Perhaps more than most celebrities, Stella McCartney constantly has to bat away the “you’re only famous because of your dad,” jibes.

True, having a former Beatle as your dad certainly helps, but Paul’s career couldn’t have been more different to his daughters. While he was and remains a popular pop-rock singer and musicians, Stella made a name for herself in the fashion game. Nowadays she designs clothes for the stars and remains a vital cog in one of the world’s most celebrated parent-child team ever.

Colin Hanks

You’ve probably already been accustomed to Colin Hanks without actually knowing who he really is. Perhaps you’ve watched him cut people up in Dexter or go to war in Band of Brothers. You mused that he was a stellar actor, but you didn’t bother looking him up online.

It turns out that that very man is actually Tom Hanks’s son. You know Tom Hanks, right? Family-friendly star of Forrest Gump, Castaway and Toy Story?

Yup, that’s the guy. Without him, you wonder where on earth Colin Hanks would be.

Dakota Johnson

You know Dakota Johnson. She had roles in The Social Network and 21 Jump Street. She’s talented, young and hot.

She also has a famous mom who is none other than Hollywood superstar Melanie Griffith. Like many famous moms and dads on this list, Griffith is not in the public consciousness as much as she once was, but she’s just as proud to be supporting her daughter. “She’s amazing. It’s just so beautiful seeing her act,” she gushed.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is a big deal in many households around the world, largely thanks to his starring role as CTU agent Jack Bauer in smash-hit TV series 24. He’s won two Emmy awards in his career, as well as two satellite awards and a Golden Globe. All this means that he’s pretty much eclipsed his dad Donald Sutherland who has a pretty strong filmography himself – it just isn’t as strong as his son’s!

Image source: Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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