20 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Kalonji Oil (Black Seed Oil)

Kalonji oil has been referred to as the remedy for “everything except death.” But what on earth is this natural miracle that could basically change your life?

Perhaps the most amusing thing about black seed oil is that still so many people haven’t heard of it, despite the fact that there are very bodily issues that it can’t help you to overcome.

Derived from the Asia Nigella sativa plant, black seed oil is also know by a few other names, including black sesame, black cumin, kalonji oil, roman coriander and onion seed. And in fact, “black seed” is more of a descriptive term than an actual name – after all, the seeds are black!

However, it’s held onto its popular name so that we can distinguish it from the likes of cumin and caraway.

As mentioned, this oil is pretty much a panacea, and is used to treat hypertension, allergies – and pretty much everything in-between. It’s also currently being tested to see if it can be used to kill the bacteria that create and spread so-called superbugs.

But why is black seed oil so effective? Studies have concluded that it’s all down to a unique chemical consistency which is just as effective individually as it is collectively. Basically, moulds and fungus cannot survive when this chemical consistency is around!

Let’s take a look at the 20 amazing benefits and uses of black seed oil:

Black Seed Oil Promotes Fertility

There are a few reasons why infertility develops, but there is one surefire method of treating it – black seed oil.

You might not believe this, but people have been using black seed oil to boost fertility for around two thousand years. That’s basically a LONG time.

And it’s always worked (why do you think the population is so high? Yep, that’s all down to the black seed oil!)

Black Seed Oil Can Be Used To Prevent And Treat Cancer

Cancer is a very scary thing. According to statistics, one in three people are now likely to develop cancer at some point in their lives.

While this does indeed sound terribly alarming, there are preventive measures you can take which will reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancers. And using black seed oil is one of them.

Because it is rich in two potent phytochemicals, black seed oil uses a number of different mechanisms to treat and even prevent cancer. These mechanisms include anti-metastasis, anti-proliferation, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis induction.

The oil is especially known for its ability to lower the risk of lung, pancreatic, colon and prostrate cancer.

Black Seed Oil Can Prevent Scars From Forming After Surgery

Surgery is something that most normal people dread. I consider myself to be a (fairly!) normal person, and I can say for sure that I totally dread going under the knife. Surgery is invasive, scary, and you also have to sign a form that basically says you absolve the surgeons from all responsibility if you die. Uncool.

But as well as the anxiety that plagues us in the build-up to surgery, many of us hate the scars that are left afterwards. They are unsightly and take forever to heal.

Not if you start using black seed oil, which prevents adhesion formation on peritoneal surfaces.

Black Seed Oil Promotes Better Liver Health

Your liver is incredibly important. As soon as it is too overloaded with toxins, it isn’t able complete its jobs at the best of its ability. As such, you start to develop a variety of symptoms, including fatigue and migraines.

Every single toxin you inhale or digest is processed by your liver. Over time, your liver may slow down, especially if you drink too much alcohol or you have a poor diet.

If you are suffering from poor liver health, black seed oil can help to improve your situation. The great thing about the liver is that it has amazing powers of recovery, and even liver disease can be reversed. You need to do the right things for this to happen, and adding black seed oil to your life is one thing you need to do.

Black Seed Oil Can Protect You From Respiratory Problems

My grandmother suffered from respiratory problems all her life, so I know exactly how hard they are to live with. They are downright scary, and sometimes you find it very hard to get your breath.

There is help at hand, and it comes in the form of the amazing black seed oil. Boiled water extracts of this stuff can boost pulmonary function test values while almost eliminating symptoms, such as chest wheezing.

Black Seed Oil Can Help To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is an ongoing concern in the western world, with almost 10% of American adults now diabetic. This situation can only be improved if people start to adopt a better diet.

Nigella sativa has been found to be one of our planet’s handful of substances that can actually help to prevent diabetes. This is pretty major news!

This is partly because it “causes gradual partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells, increases the lowered serum insulin concentrations and decrease the elevated serum glucose.”

The oil also boosts glucose tolerance, and has super low toxicity. It also doesn’t come with any of the nasty side effects associated with metformin, a popular drub used to treat diabetes.

Black Seed Oil Can Help With Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be really scary. It’s essentially a neurological disorder which is characterised by the sudden onset of incidents of sensory disturbance. A person may also lose consciousness during an attack.

While black seed oil doesn’t help as a cure for epilepsy, it can reduce the frequency of seizures, thanks largely to its anti-convulsive properties.

Black Seed Oil Can Ease Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, you will know how horrendous it can be. A chronic disease which makes it difficult to breathe, symptoms include wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness.

Asthma, if left untreated, can even prove fatal if an attack is strong enough.

Asthma is “liveable”, but the moment the airwaves are irritated, an attack soon follows. It isn’t at all nice.

Black seed oil when boiled in water can have a powerful anti-asthmatic on your airwaves if you suffer from asthma.

Black Seed Oil Can Mitigate The Damage Done By A Heart Attack

Heart attacks don’t often just happen, but are often caused by certain factors, such as poor lifestyle choices.

While black seed oil by itself isn’t join to be enough to prevent you from having a heart attack, it can prove to be helpful during the subsequent recovery process. It does this by promoting better heart health and limiting the amount of damage caused by the attack.

Black Seed Oil Can Help You To Lose Weight

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight despite all your best intentions, you might want to turn to black seed oil.

In June, The Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders published their long-awaited study of their systematic review of various plants which possess anti-obesity properties. Their conclusion? Black seed oil is easily one of the most powerful natural remedies on earth!

Black seed oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent which works on your weight in the same way as it treats diabetes. Essentially, it inhibits weight-gain triggers, such as:

  • Cholesterol
  • Appetite
  • Triglycerides
  • Liver gluconeogenesis

Black Seed Oil Can Relieve Toothache

Out of all the possible aches we can suffer, toothache has to be among the worse – if not the worse.

Black seed oil relieves all the soreness and pain, thereby giving you back your smile. Simply rub a pinch on your gums for near-instant relief.

Black Seed Oil Can Help To Treat Leukaemia

Make no mistake, all cancers are bad. But leukaemia is one of the most devastating. A cancer of the blood, it isn’t at all easy to treat, and while mortality rates are getting better around the world, they’re still not where we’d all like them to be.

Black seed oil can help during the treatment of leukaemia, as it induces apoptosis (basically cell death) in leukaemia cells.

Black Seed Oil Stimulates Beard Growth

Got a man in your life who wishes he had a better beard? Tell him to use black seed oil!

Black Seed Oil Promotes Better Hair

Besides doing the dirty work tackling diabetes and liver disease, black seed oil also has a few beauty uses, too. One of these is that it promotes lustrous locks.

We all have bad hair days. So why not be kinder to your hair by using black seed oil to breathe new life into your mane and look as fresh and as healthy as you ever have done?

Hair loss is a big deal among women, and many of us are naturally alarmed when we see great chunks of our hair clogging up the plug hole after a shower. But black seed oil can restore hair loss with ease.

Even the greatest scientists couldn’t tell you what the link between black seed oil and hair loss is, but what isn’t in doubt is that this natural remedy strengthens hair follicles, and gives you back your confidence.

(and it’s possibly down to its antimicrobial and antioxidants)

Black Seed Oil Is Good For Your Skin

As well as being good for your hair, black seed oil is also good for your skin, which is why it really should be a key part of your beauty regime from now on.

After all, our skin is our largest organ. It’s also really visible, and when it isn’t looking at its best, it can affect our self esteem.

It’s kinda important that you protect your skin from damage, and melanin are pigments that offer protection. However, our body doesn’t always produce enough melanin in order to keep our skin looking young, smooth and healthy.

Black seed oil saves the day by boosting melanin production.

Black Seed Oil Can Treat Skin Conditions 

As well as restoring a glow to your skin, black seed oil can also treat skin conditions, such as eczema and acne.

This is because of the potent oil’s anti-inflammatory and regenerative powers, which clear your blemishes and skin complaints right up, leaving you with soft, airy, healthy-looking skin once again.

Black Seed Oil Can Treat Allergies

Allergies are just awful (I know, because I have a few!). When they flare up, they make us feel downright miserable.

The primary reason we develop allergies is because our immune system has been compromised and is weak. Black seed oil is good for your immune system, and although it won’t eliminate the allergy itself, it will improve your symptoms and make you feel a whole lot better.

Black Seed Oil Can Treat Insomnia

Excuse the pun, but insomnia is a total nightmare. When you can’t sleep at night, it has a huge impact on your day, as well as your mental health.

Black seed oil is effective at treating insomnia, and could potentially eliminate it altogether.

Black Seed Oil Can Treat Infections

Research into how black seed oil can kill superbugs is tentative but very exciting, and one of the super bugs we know for sure that it can oil is MRSA.

You may have hear of MRSA, especially if you know someone who has stayed in hospital recently. MRSA is a superbug that is sweeping across hospitals all around the world, and its spread is helped due to the fact that humans are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics.

Elderly people are a high-risk group thanks to weakened immunity. Black seed oil can help, as MRSA is sensitive to the plant from which it is derived.

Black Seed Can Treat Diarrhoea

Since Diarrhoea usually comes around after a viral infection, it takes anti-inflammatory properties to calm your system down. And because black seed oil is rich in these properties, it makes a lot of sense to use it when you can’t stop running to the bathroom!

Black seed oil soothes your intestines and digestion, and makes you feel a whole lot better.

Do you know other black seed oil benefits?

Stay beautiful!


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