10 Wonderful benefits of neem oil for the beauty of your skin and hair

The neem tree is one of nature’s miracle plants and every single part of the tree, from its roots to its fruit can be used in medicine and for beauty. It contains a compound called azadirachtin, which gives it anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. Neem oil also contains a range of fatty acids that help make a great ingredient in many skin and hair products. Here are just ten of the amazing benefits that you can get for your skin and hair form neem oil:

1. Treats acne

Neem oil is the perfect remedy for acne. It fights the bacteria that cause breakouts, it reduces the redness and it contains Vitamin E, which will help to heal up scars.

2. Fights the signs of ageing

Another one of great benefits of neem oil is that it fights the signs of ageing. It’s a combination of ingredients in neem oil that also make it great for reducing the signs of ageing. The oil has strong antioxidant properties, that fight the damage caused by free radicals and it also contains essential fatty acids that are absorbed by the skin and help to improve elasticity.

3. Promotes the growth of healthy hair

Next one of fabulous benefits of neem oil is that regular application of the oil to the hair will nourish the scalp and the hair follicles and promote the growth of new hair. The antioxidants that are found in neem oil will also protect the scalp from damage.

4. Reduces the symptoms of eczema

Neem oil can help sufferers of eczema in two ways. Firstly, it is an anti-inflammatory, so it will help to reduce the redness and itching of the skin and, secondly, it is also contains a strong analgesic that will help with the pain caused by the soreness.

5. Promotes a healthy scalp

Healthy scalp is another one of wonderful benefits of neem oil. All those natural, active ingredients also make neem oil an ideal treatment to keep your scalp in good condition. It fights bacterial and fungal infection, it is a natural antiseptic and it also acts as a cooling astringent on the skin.

6. Instant relief from insect bites and stings

Benefits of neem oil go even further – apply neem oil to an insect sting or a bite and it will reduce the inflammation fast. The analgesic properties of the oil will also reduce and pain and discomfort too.

7. Conditions the hair

Another one of great benefits of neem oil is that it’s very efficient in conditioning the hair. For deep down conditioning, massage neem oil into your hair and leave it on for about twenty minutes. The oil contains a number of essential fatty acids that will nourish and condition the hair and leave it feeling silky soft.

8. Treats dandruff

Neem oil’s effective anti-fungal properties, including its ability to fight dandruff causing candida, means that it is also a good treatment for dandruff. It will fight the fungal infection and it will reduce any inflammation of the scalp that has been caused by scratching. You can use it as a treatment for an outbreak of dandruff and, if used regularly, it will also stop the dandruff coming back.

9. Treats dry skin

Next amazing benefit of neem oil is that it can effectively treat dry skin. If you use neem oil on particularly dry, flaky skin, then it will provide you with long term relief from that too. It penetrates deep down into the skin, nourishes and helps the cracked skin to heal as well.

10. Clears up athletes foot and nail infections

As you may have guessed, one of neem oil’s most powerful properties is that of an anti-fungal treatment. It also works very well as a treatment for athlete’s foot and it will clear fungal infections of the nail too.

Do you know some other benefits of neem oil for beauty?

Stay beautiful!

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