10 Fabulous Benefits Of Monoi Oil

Referred to by some as coconut oil’s sexier sister, monoi oil is fast becoming one of Beauty and Tip’s favourite oils – if not our outright favourite.

I myself have tried and tested a number of oils over the last few months, with castor oil being one of my personal favs. And at this point you might think I’m so obsessed with oils that I’m basically very greasy.

But thanks to the likes of the amazing monoi oil, I can assure you that is not the case!

Monoi oil is is very popular in the East and has been for a long long time. Indeed, it used to be known as the “sacred oil of the Polynesians” (and probably still is). Traditionally, it was used by priests who would anoint newborns with it, as well as purify objects. Made by soaking an exotic gardenia known as Tiare Tahiti blossoms in refined coconut oil, the fragrant and light oil is loaded with some rather fabulous moisturising and soothing properties.

According to Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, monoi oil’s rich and illustrious backstory is one of the reasons we should all start applying it to our skin.

“Gardenias have always been one of my most favourite flowers,” explains Price. “I had read about a sacred, ancient ritual using them in the Polynesian Islands. I was so blown away by the intriguing story and beautiful fragrance that I wanted to learn more about the history and efficacy.

“Women put monoi oil on their hair and skin to nourish and protect it from the elements. The tradition is passed down to their daughters and has been for thousands of year. A mother-daughter story about recipes? It spoke to me.”

Yet it was only recently that monoi oil started to appear in Western cosmetic stores. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are 10 amazing benefits of monoi oil:

Monoi Oil Promotes Stronger Hair

A woman’s luscious locks are important. As soon as we start to suffer from breakage, split ends and even a horrifying amount of hair loss, it is natural to feel alarmed and scared.

After all, when our mane looks beautiful we feel beautiful and confident. In other words, we’re empowered.

But when our hair isn’t looking at its best, our bad hair days quickly turn into bad hair epidemics.

Monoi oil is your hair’s new best friend, thanks to its natural ability to repair and heal broken strands and troubled follicles. It strengthens your hair after just one use, and prevents hair damage, right from the end to the root.

Monoi Oil Treats Eczema

Eczema is an awful skin condition that not only looks unsightly, it also causes itchiness and even pain that can really bring you down.

Not just this, but eczema can also wreak havoc with your self-esteem, especially when it’s really noticeable.

The next time you happen to have a flare up, just apply monoi oil to the affected areas. This wonder oil will soon work its magic.

Monoi Oil Hydrates Your Skin

If your skin is to look at its best, it needs to stay hydrated. If it isn’t, it will dry out and all kinds of nasty skin conditions can arise, including dry skin itself.

Monoi oil is ideal for keeping your skin hydrated at all times.

Monoi Oil Provides Relief To Dry, Itchy Skin

When winter bares its teeth, lots of things change with our body. One of the most noticeable and plain annoying occurrences is the development of dry skin.

Otherwise known as winter dry skin, this condition is characterised by flakiness, redness – and insufferable, seemingly never-ending itchiness!

To make dry skin go away, apply monoi oil to the affected areas. Relief should be almost instant. Yay!

Monoi Oil Is Anti-Ageing

By virtue of the fact that monoi oil improves skin and hair elasticity, it slows down the ageing process, ensuring you look as young and glowing for as long as possible.

Monoi Oil Makes Your Skin Softer

When looking for softer skin, many of us try homemade soaps and scrubs. I’ve tried a few in my time, and I’ve got a friend who has tried way more than few.

But it’s only until recently that my friend and I discovered monoi oil. And, boy, did we wish we had discovered it earlier! Making a soap or scrub using monoi oil will make your skin incredibly soft, smooth and supple. Don’t hang around – try it!!

Monoi Oil Is An Ace Moisturiser

Earlier, I pointed out that some people refer to monoi oil as coconut oil’s sexier sister. And monoi oil actually contains traces of coconut oil so that it is doubly effective. Thanks to this, monoi oil works as a fantastic moisturiser, which benefits both your skin and your hair.

Coconut oil is especially potent because it contains essential fatty acids – such as lauric acid – which boost shine and glow.

Plus, monoi oil is generally cheaper than expensive over-the-counter moisturisers.

Monoi Oil Makes A Fab Bath Oil

You don’t need to look any further than monoi oil if you want to make your very own aromatherapy spa heaven in your own bath. Just add a few drops to your tub and you’ll be in heaven.

Monoi Oil Speeds Up Recovery Time From Sunburn

The sun is both a friend an an enemy. Most of us feel happier when it appears, and the vitamin D it blesses us with is essential.

But if you spend too much time in the sun’s company, there might be a few consequences you have to deal with – such as sunburn.

Sunburn is just awful. And when it’s really bad, it can take a very long time to heal. Make no mistake, it often isn’t an overnight healing process!

But monoi oil – when applied to the affected areas – can speed up the repair time. Get on it!

Additional Benefit

Monoi oil offers a lot of the same benefits as coconut oil, but it has one crucial advantage over its less sexy sister – it leaves your skin and hair feeling a lot less greasy. Which is just fab!

Stay beautiful!

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