10 Fabulous benefits of grape seed oil for beauty

There are many commercial beauty products that contain grape seed oil, but it’s just as effective to use it on its own. The nutrient rich oil can be used for many different beauty purposes and it’s much cheaper than shop bought products and more cost effective than many other types of natural oils. Here are ten of the great beauty benefits of grape seed oil that you probably didn’t know about:

1. Skin toner

Instead of using expensive serums, just try some pure grape seed oil to smooth out and tone your skin. Simply rub some pure grape seed oil into your skin, before you go to bed, and it will even out your skin beautifully.

2. Moisturiser

Grape seed oil is a fantastic moisturiser. It is very close to your own natural oils, so it will be quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. If you have dry skin, then grape seed oil will quickly rehydrate it and bring the glow back.

3. It brings the shine back to your hair

Warm some grape seed oil and use it as a hot oil mask to bring back the shine in your hair. Being very light, grape seed oil will put the life back in your hair, without making it feel greasy.

4. It has anti-ageing properties

You can’t get away from free radicals, because they are all around you. You can, however protect yourself from the damage they cause by applying grape seed oil to your skin. The oil is brimming with antioxidants, which will help to avoid wrinkles and fine lines developing on your skin.

5. It fights dandruff

There is no need to buy expensive dandruff shampoo, when you have some grape seed oil in your cupboard. It will give your scalp a deep down hydration and help to clear up any flaky sink.

6. It heals scars

Grape seed oil can be very beneficial if you have undergone surgery.  It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and, applied to scars, it will reduce swelling and aid the healing process.

7. It cures pimples and acne

Used regularly, grape seed oil improves the overall health of you skin and it is an effective way of fighting acne and pimples. As well as being an anti-inflammatory, it also helps to clean out the pores of your skin.

8. Use it as a hair conditioner

Grape seed oil is also a great natural hair conditioner. Apply it to the length of your hair, in the same way you would a commercial conditioner, and it will nourish your hair and you will be rid of split ends and dry, brittle hair as well.

9. It tightens skin

Amongst its many properties, grape seed oil is also an astringent. If you apply it your skin regularly, it will tighten up the skin and so can lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

10. It makes hair grow faster

Grape seed oil is a good source of the nutrients that your hair needs for healthy growth, especially Vitamin E. It also contains linoleic acid and minerals that will encourage new hair growth.

Do you know some other benefits of grape seed oil for beauty?

Stay happy!


  1. RaNtInGrAgInG
    November 11, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    wait.. will it encourage facial hair too???? I do not want that…

    • Beauty And Tips
      November 11, 2014 at 10:04 pm

      No, it can only nourish and encourage facial hair in men, but not in women 😉

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