10 Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Castor Oil

If you’re on the lookout for a natural oil that you can give your beauty regime a huge boost, you’ve probably already tried some of the more familiar ones, such as coconut oil or olive oil. We all have.

But what about castor oil?

Castor oil is a rising star in the world of oils. Whether you want to enhance your skin, hair or nails, this oil can help you to make you feel as beautiful as a fresh rose on a summers morning.

But what even is castor oil?

Derived from the seeds of a plant called the Ricinus Communis, castor oil has actually been used for centuries by those who already knew all about its many awesome beauty benefits. For example, Indian’s and African’s added this to their beauty regime years and years and YEARS ago.

It’s only now that we in the west have finally woken up.

Castor oil can also be used for cooking, but we wouldn’t recommend it as it can upset any existing gastrointestinal problems you have. Instead, we recommend applying it to your hair and skin in order to look awesome.

Let’s take a look at 10 amazing beauty hacks using castor oil.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Look, lots of things can go wrong with our hair. I know this. You know this. Even guys are aware of this, even if they don’t really care.

“Just leave the house anyway!” they’ll yell at us.

Huh? They actually want us to leave the house with our hair full of ringlets? Are they mad? Do they not care?!

Things go wrong with your hair usually when its lost some of its strength and vitality. In which case, hot oil treatment using castor oil can help.

Whether your hair is medium, fine, or kinky, castor oil will sort you right out.

Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff happens. Yes, it’s not pleasant to look at, but there are many simple ways of eliminating and preventing it.

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for dandruff issues. All you need to do is mix a single tablespoon of castor oil with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice, before applying to your hair.

As well as eliminating dandruff, this mixture will also stimulate hair growth.

Stye Fighter

I had a stye once. You know what my unsympathetic friend said to me?

“Styes are funny things, aren’t they?”

Yeah. They’re frigging hilarious!

Actually, they’re not. Eye styes are incredibly painful, and I sympathise with anyone who develops them. If you frequently suffer from them, castor oil could be the remedy you’ve been waiting for.

This is because the oil can reduce the size of your eye stye much faster than, say, a paste made with turmeric or any other kind of anti-inflammatory products that you buy from the store.

First, use warm water to clean your stye. Then, apply castor oil on the affected area. Do this three times a day until the stye packs its bags.

Thicken Your Strands

There’s nothing worse than thinning hair strands, and even guys will understand this problem. Thinning hair makes us worry that we’re getting old and our hair is falling out.

“AM I GOING BALD?” we ask a stranger in the women’s public toilets after we’ve just freshened up and noticed our thinning strands.

Don’t be alarmed – take action.

Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which when applied to your hair will thicken the strands. Problem solved.

Brow Lengthener 

If you want fuller brows and you want them NOW (because, who doesn’t?), you might want to consider giving castor oil the chance to improve your brow game.

All you need to do for this one is drop a pinch of castor oil onto your brows in the morning, as well as another pinch later at night.

Sure, there are brow growing serums on the market, and they do work. But from the experience of many women who have tried serums and castor oil, it’s generally agreed that castor oil accelerates growth much quicker than the serum.

So for eyebrows on fleek, get to it!

Sunburn Protector

We all love the sun. But after a massive dose of sunburn, we grumble that the sun is no longer our friend and that summer is over.

All it takes is a simple preventative measure to enjoy the sunshine without the burn. Mix together castor oil with coconut oil and apply to your exposed areas before heading out and you’ll be just fine.

Lip Moisturiser

Dry lips can be a bit of a nightmare. I know this from experience. Not only do they feel incredibly parched, but they can lead to cracks, and even bleeding. Not very pleasant!

(or attractive to look at, dare I say)

You might be wondering why you should replace your trusty lap balm with castor oil, but because castor oil performs so many different tasks, it makes sense to use it as a lip moisturiser as well as everything else. Simply dab a pinch of it on your lips a few times a day to rehydrate your lips.

Shiny Hair

Has your hair lost its shine recently? Maybe it just doesn’t look as glowing as it once did? That’s too bad. But you can either pine for the days when it looked amazing, or you can make it look amazing once again by taking action right now.

Massaging warm castor oil into your hair before leaving to work its magic for an hour does wonders for your hair’s moisture.

Split End Corrector

Split ends are another everyday nightmare that many of us have to deal with. Guys just don’t know how lucky they are!

“My ends are split!! OMG!!”

“Please, I’m trying to kill a zombie on my video game.”

They just don’t get it!

But we do. And that’s why we recommend using castor oil.

You should still trim your hair to get rid of your split ends, of course, but applying castor oil afterwards will stop further damage.

Longer Eyelashes

If you crave longer eyelashes, all you need to do is apply castor oil onto them each evening before going to bed.

After just a few weeks, you should see ace results.

Do you know other castor oil benefits for beauty?

Stay beautiful!

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