10 Fabulous benefits of meadowfoam seed oil

Meadowfoam seed oil is extracted through the cold-pressing of the seeds of Limnanthes alba plant, which produces am antioxidant rich oil with amazing skin softening and moisturising properties. The oil has a waxy texture, which is very similar to jojoba oil, and it is used commercially in many balms, lotions and creams. It is also very stable oil, so it can be used as a carrier oil that will lengthen the life of less stable oils. The plant that the oil is extracted form is an eco-friendly crop too, so that’s just one more reason to take a look at these ten fabulous benefits of meadowfoam seed oil.

1. Use it in body scrubs

Meadowfoam seed oil is the perfect oil to use as the base ingredient in your home made body scrubs. Add an abrasive ingredient, like sugar, used coffee grounds or salt, to the oil and it will exfoliate your skin and moisturise it at the same time. It’s the perfect way to get smooth and soft skin, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy either.

2. It is absorbed easily into the skin

Just like jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil is very close in composition to natural sebum, and that means that it’s absorbed very easily into the skin. When you use the oil on your skin, it locks in moisture and it helps other ingredients penetrate deep into the skin as well. For that reason it’s good to use as the carrier oil with your favourite essential oils.

3. It is great for mature skin

Because of the high levels of antioxidants that it contains, and the ease with which it is absorbed, meadowfoam seed oil is very popular with older women who use it as a moisturiser. It penetrates deep down onto the skin and the antioxidants that it contains help to fight off the signs of ageing, like lines and wrinkles on the skin.

3. Use it as a lip plumper

Meadowfoam seed oil can also be used to keep lips looking plump and soft. Try using it as an ingredient when you exfoliate your lips and you will find that it soaks well into the skin and holds onto the moisture, which balances out the oils in your lips and keeps your lips looking full and smooth.

4. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

The remarkable ability to lock moisture in the skin that meadowfoam seed oil has, can make it a very good oil to use to help to fade stretch marks. Use it as the carrier oil for essential oils such as lavender, patchouli, or frankincense oil, and it will boost the fading and healing effects of the essential oil and keep the affected area of skin well moisturised.

5. Conditions hair

Meadowfoam seed oil is good for your hair as well. It’s often used in shampoo and conditioners, because it is so good at hydrating hair and the scalp. The effects last a long time too, because the oil helps the hair and scalp retain moisture after you have conditioned. It is also said that meadowfoam seed fights dandruff and prevents hair loss.

6. Thickens eyelashes

In the same way that meadowfoam seed oil condition hair, it can also condition and thicken eyelashes too. Apply it as you would your mascara and leave it on overnight. It will hydrate your lashes and encourage them to grow, making your lashes look longer and thicker.

7. Stops other oils oxidising

One of the biggest claims to fame of meadowfoam seed oil is that it is so stable that you can use it to extend the useful life of other, less stable, oils. Meadowfoam seed oil is one of the most stable carrier oils that you can find and it can stop other oils going rancid, even when exposed to the air or to heat.  It’s that high stability that makes it so popular in aromatherapy, because it helps keep the aromas of other oils.

8. Use it as a massage oil

A little drop of meadowfoam seed oil goes a long way when you use it as a massage oil. Just a drop or two of Meadowfoam seed oil is all you need to massage a large area of skin and it won’t leave an oily residue either.

9. Anti-ageing moisturiser

Meadowfoam seed oil is a great natural anti-aging moisturiser. It contains tocopherol and Vitamin E, both of which are very good for nourishing and hydrating the skin. It’s also very effective in balancing out the production of sebum, so it can be a good moisturiser to use, if your skin tends to get greasy during the course of the day.

10. Fights oxidative stress

Meadowfoam seed oil contains powerful antioxidants that will fight the damage that can be caused by free radicals. This will help keep skin looking soft and smooth and help stop wrinkles and lines forming.

Stay beautiful!

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