Why Getting A Sun Tan Is Not Good For Youthful Looks?

I know how it is. You’re young, summer is on its way, and you can’t wait to hit the beach and get a tan. But although a tan looks good on us, it might be doing us more harm in the long term than we realise.

Indeed, it might be ageing us prematurely. Not cool at all!

All sun tan causes some amount of damage. For some of us (particularly sun worshipers who tan a lot), it could be causing an untold amount of damage by ageing our skin too quickly, making us look much older than we actually are.

This is because the sun – despite being however million miles away – is so powerful, strong, intense and fiery that it can still destroy the fibres that are doing their best to keep your skin looking smooth and firm. And when these fibres are destroyed, wrinkles, freckles and blotches often form.

Again – not cool.

But that isn’t in the worst bit. The worst part is that cases of skin cancer around the world are on the up and up, and sun tanning is the chief cause.

The more time you expose your skin to the sun, the greater your risk of developing skin cancer becomes.

Your risk is heightened even further if you happen to have red or blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Why? Because these are signs that your skin has lower-than-normal levels of melanin, a compound that offers a protective layer.

Here is another risk factor: If you experienced severe sunburn (by severe I mean if it blistered) at least 3 times before you turned fifteen, your risk of developing melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) is elevated.

You might be wondering if tanning beds are a safer alternative to tanning underneath the sun. Maybe you’ve already been under the beds a few times, or you’ve got friends who are under the beds every weekend. Maybe they look great.

But the truth is that tanning beds are just as dangerous as the sun’s UV rays.

There isn’t really such a thing as a “safe” tan if you’re under the bed or under the sun. It’s all risky. A tan might look great, and it might give you plenty of confidence to wear a bikini on the beach. But looking old before our time is surely every girl’s worst nightmare. Besides that, the risk of skin cancer is too great for many.

If you still want to sit in the sun this summer (of course you), here are a few ways to do it the responsible way.

Apply Sunscreen!

It’s something you’ve been told to do since you were five years old. But do you still apply sunscreen? And if so, how much?

Sunscreen is not uncool. No one is being “hardcore” by ignoring sunscreen and sitting in the sun au natural. They’re just being silly.

Sunscreen is a fantastic way of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And once you’ve massaged it into your skin, the cream is totally invisible. No one can see it. They might be able to smell it – but it’s a nice smell anyway!

There are two things you need to know about sunscreen:

First of all, you should always try to apply it at least thirty minutes before you head out into the sun. Why? Because waiting until we’ve arrived at the beach before applying it means that we’ve already caught a few nasty rays.

Your skin needs time to absorb the protective ingredients from the lotion – give it that time.

Secondly, the sun doesn’t just strike in the summer – it also strikes in the winter.

Yup! The sun doesn’t go to sleep during December and January. It’s still there! Hi Sun!

Despite how cold it feels, the sun’s UV rays are still penetrating. If you’re going out on an especially sunny day in the winter, consider applying sun screen. It will for sure help to protect your youthful looks.

Buy Yourself A Hat

The bigger the hat the better. Why? Because every inch of brim on a broad-brimmed hat goes some way to protecting you against skin cancer. The more brims your hat has, the more you are protected from the sun.

The sun is very good at striking above your neck, which is why it’s wise to protect that area.

Purchase Lip Balm With Your Sun Screen

One of the most common areas on our bodies that skin cancer develops is our lips. Yet how many of us apply sunscreen to our lips? No one at all!

(Probably because it’s gross and possibly dangerous)

It’s a sensible idea to invest in lip balm. Even if you don’t use lip balm very often, now is the time to start using it. It offers a good layer of protection for your lips against the sun.

Buy Big Sunglasses

Ever noticed celebrities wearing HUGE sunglasses? Of course you have. They’re all over Instagram!

Maybe you think they look ridiculous, or perhaps you think they’re just desperate for attention?

Maybe they are – but maybe they aren’t.

See, the bigger your sunglasses are, the more protected you are against the sun’s harmful rays.

UV rays don’t discriminate – they target the areas around your eyes, as well as your eyes themselves. And when the sun targets the areas around your eyes, it can cause those horrible dark circles and bags that visibly age us.

When it’s sunny, do what the celebs do. Wear your big sunglasses.

Visit The Dermatologist

Ever visited a dermatologist? If you’re concerned about your skin and want to hold onto your youth for as long as possible, you probably have.

If you haven’t, my advice is that you start visiting a dermatologist at least once a year.

Dermatologists can tell you a lot about the state of your skin, what damage is being done to it by the sun, as well as what you can do to keep it healthy and looking good.

Stay beautiful!

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