10 Main Reasons People Get Wrinkles

I had a total freakout a few weeks ago when, aged just twenty-five, I found my very first wrinkle.

I know, right?!

I felt like screaming! (I did scream – many times)

My mom didn’t help matters when she said to me: “Well, you’re getting old now.”

What? Twenty-five is old?! Thanks, mom!

I thought about this for a few minutes. Maybe twenty-five is old. Maybe it’s all downhill from here. Maybe I’ll wake up next year with a face full of wrinkles.

Maybe by the time I’m 30 I will never want to leave the house ever again.

But then my friend told me that age is not the only reason for wrinkles. In fact, the reason young women get wrinkles is nothing to do with the fact that they’ve passed the grand old age of 21 and it’s “all downhill from here.” It’s actually down to our lifestyle and a few mistakes we’re guilty of making.

Let’s take a look at the 10 main reasons people get wrinkles.

Too Much Sun Exposure

We all love the sunshine. I love it and I know you love it, too. The sun makes us feel better about life, and many women can’t wait for summer to arrive so that we can spend a few says soaking up UV rays and topping up our tan. Ah, bliss.

But while getting a tan is a major priority, too much sun exposure can leave you look a lot older than you actually are.

This is because those UV rays we all know and love break down the elastin and collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin nice and flexible.

And once it breaks down, our skin begins to sag. Oh no!

A Poor Diet

Has there ever been a truer saying than we are what we eat? Possibly not. If you wan to avoid wrinkles for as long as possible, it’s important that you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet that is rich in essential, skin-protecting nutrients.

Too much sugar and bad fats can have a hugely negative impact on the way you look, accelerating the ageing process and producing wrinkles.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are the rogue molecules that swim around your body intent on only one thing – causing lots of harm! They develop in our system when we’ve been exposed to pollutants, too much sunshine, smoking and a poor diet.

They’re the ultimate pantomime villains, and one of the things they just LOVE to create are wrinkles.

Basically, this is because free radicals are missing an election. And while trying to hunt down their missing electron, they break down collagen and damage our skin cells.


Our habits define us. While good habits can keep us in shape and wrinkle-free, bad habits often manifest themselves on our face – sometimes in the form of wrinkles.

This is never true than of drinking. Alcohol is well-known for dehydrating your skin. Over time, it will cause plumpness and will leave you looking less fresher than ever. Eventually, owing to a constant lack of hydration, your skill will begin to lose its elasticity. Not nice!

Alcohol also hates vitamin A. I know, right! The thing is, you need vitamin A to regulate your production of collagen. Without enough vitamin A, you will lose collagen, which therefore means your skin loses its elasticity.


You know that smoking can cause lung cancer. But what the heck, right? You’re gonna quit before you 40. No big deal.

But did you also know that smoking has short-term consequences in that it speeds up the ageing process so that you only stay looking young for a very short time? It’s totally true.

Smoking is bad habit you need to kick if you want to hold onto your youthful good looks for as long as possible. If you don’t, nicotine will narrow your blood vessels, which makes it really hard for nutrients, oxygen and blood to reach the last layer of your skin.

Chewing Gum

It might sound downright barmy to think that chewing gum can cause wrinkles – but it’s totally true.

If you’re a persistent chewer, you might want to think about kicking that particular habit. This is because, over time, it can cause a very particular type of wrinkle o your lower mouth.

It’s actually an easy habit to kick – so kick it!

Your Facial Expressions

When I was a kid, I enjoyed pulling silly faces. My mom told me to stop because if I pull a funny face it would “stay like that.”

Of course, I never believed her. But it turns out that there might be some truth in that particular tale, after all.

Repetitive facial expressions will eventually leave a permanent mark on our skin. You’ve heard of laughter lines, right? Well, they’re very real. Too much face pulling can make your face so rubbery that you will start to look old before your time.


Okay, so there isn’t really much that any of us can do about this one, which seems unfair. But the unfortunate truth is that women are more susceptible to wrinkles than men (just don’t tell your partner).

While we tend to stereotype men as being old and wrinkly, the dismal reality is that we’re likelier to have even more wrinkles.

Why? It’s because we’ve been cursed with fewer sweat glands than guys. We also have less oily skin. This gives us an advantage when we’re young, but eventually such skin will start to wrinkle more emphatically. Not cool. Unfair. Harsh.

The Way You Sleep

I remember reading about a well-known male pop star, who said that he doesn’t for too long on one side in his bed because it causes wrinkles.

I laughed. But you know what? It’s actually true.

When you sleep in your bed, it’s a good idea to switch sides as much as you can. Sleeping with the same side of your face pressed against the pillow all the time can cause prominent under-eye wrinkles.


As I said to my mom when she blamed my age – it’s all HER fault!

Like gender, there is nothing you can do about this particular cause.

Stay beautiful!


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