What are top beauty trends from this season’s fashion weeks?

When fashion week comes around and we are treated to the very latest fashion trends from Milan, Paris, New York, London, and each city has its own unique take on the styles and looks that you can expect to see in the stores in the coming season. It’s not just the outfits at these events that make the news, it’s also the hair, makeup, and accessories that go with them that attract lots of attention. To make it easy for you to keep abreast of the fashion and beauty news, we’ve compiled this list of ten highlights of the top beauty trends that made an appearance during this season’s fashion weeks around the world.

1. The ponytail

The everyday ponytail escaped from being the quick and simple solution to a bad hair day and it leapt into the height of fashion at all the major shows. The ponytail, it would seem, has come of age, though, as we saw demonstrated by a gravity defying pony tail pinned to one side form Prada and an asymmetrical twist on the look from Dior.

2. Artistic eyes

If you think that your eyes take a long time to get right now, then wait until you see all the eye embellishments that were much in evidence at the recent fashion weeks. Eyeshadow wasn’t enough for most designers; it was graphic paint, tattoos and gemstones that were being used to make the model’s eyes pop.

3. Red lips

If you thought that the red lip was passé and boring, then think again, because red lips of all varieties was another common theme across all the fashion weeks shows. The reds were of many different shades. They went all the way from a light crimson stain to an all-out, grunge inspired, splash of cranberry. Bold berry lip colours were also used in many of the fashion shows.

4. Knotted buns

Another ‘hair up’ trend that was a notable feature of the recent fashion weeks was the knotted bun. These tied up knots varied from the casual, finger-raked, style, to the more stylish, sculptured look, but, whichever take on the up-do that you prefer, it seems that this look is going to be with us for a while, as it was a firm favourite of many of the designers.

5. Big bangs

Bangs have been a trend for the last few seasons and they don’t look like they are going away any time soon. Straight, wavy, and layered, bangs were everywhere. This is the third season in a row that Hedi Slimane of Yves Saint Laurent has featured bangs and this time, he had more than a dozen of his models sporting the look.

6. Mascara free eyes

While the artistic eye makeup may have been dramatic in some cases, there were also many models who wore no mascara to go with it. Most of the designers steered clear of big lashes and thick mascara and went for the natural lash look instead. It’s a ‘no makeup’ makeup trend that anyone can follow and it makes the face look fresh and clean.

7. Fresh looking skin

It’s time you caught up with some of our posts on how to get flawless looking skin, because many makeup artists had obviously worked hard to achieve a fresh faced, almost makeup free, look. They had used delicate blends of concealer, highlighter and oils, to create a healthy glowing look that looked like it was perfectly natural.

8. Hair accessories

Have a rummage around the back of your cupboards and find all those headbands you never thought you’d wear again, because hair accessories appeared in every city’s fashion week this season. Bows, clips, headbands and even 1970s inspired leather barrettes were all in evidence. The choice is almost limitless, so all you need to do is find the hair accessory that suits you.

9. Waves

Hair that had textured waves was another favourite of designers like Versace and Jason Wu. The soft, natural looking waves, which were those that look almost undone, are easily achieved too. Basically, it’s a just washed and left to air-dry look, so that’s good news for everyone!

10. Nail art

Most of the manicures on display at the recent fashion weeks were nude, but when coloured nails were shown, they were coloured with dramatic, geometric designs. Colour blocks, diagonal lines and zigzags, and all of them with very bold and bright colours. So, it would seem that there is to be no halfway house with nails for the coming season. It’s either nothing at all, or loud and jarring.

Stay happy!

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