It’s almost the biggest day of your life! While you are trying to find the perfect dress and perfect venue, don’t forget about your nails. Wedding nail art should be classic, elegant and not too flashy.

But, you can still have fun with it. Whether you decide to do it yourself or head to your local nail salon, these three wedding nail art ideas will be a great way to get you started!

Wedding Nail Art Ideas Perfect for Your Big Day:

1) Lace 

The ultimate wedding nail art is lace. You could do this on your own but it’s recommended to go to a salon, if you want to get more polished and sophisticated result. Your wedding day should be perfect and so should your nails.



• Stores sell nail stamps. If you decide to do this wedding nail art on your own, buy a lacey stamp, a glossy topcoat and a base coat such as lavender or a soft pink. Place the stamp in white nail polish and apply to nails. Wait until completely dried and apply a topcoat.

• If you decide to have the professionals take care of the design, be as specific as possible about what kind of lace design you want. Your nail tech could even add real lace to your nails. Nothing says love like lace!

2) French Manicure

The French manicure is classic and always the top choice on wedding days. If you decide to go to a salon, don’t go the day before your wedding, go a few days before your wedding. Why? Because you may not like the job they do and it will give you couple of days to get used to them, especially, if you get artificial nails. You can always touch them up yourself by adding a glossy topcoat the day of your wedding.

Nail art ideas


Decide whether you want a French manicure on your natural nails or artificial nails. From there, decide whether you want nail polish, shellac, acrylic or gel.

• Make sure to tell your salon that you are just a few days away from getting married. They will be more detail orientated and make sure they are perfect.

• If you decide to do a French manicure on your own, head to the store and buy a light pink polish and a white polish. You could even buy a French manicure kit and follow the instructions for that. They come with all the polish, stencils and forms you need for a perfect manicure. Follow the application with a glossy topcoat.

3) Pearls

Pearls have always been labeled as elegant and many women wear pearls with their wedding dress. Plus, you’re wearing white all day – match your nails!

Nail art ideas


• You could do a French manicure with pearls along the smile line or, if you don’t want mini pearls on your nails, ask your nail tech to apply a pearl nail tip.

• Paint your nails with a light blue color. Every bride needs something blue on her wedding day! Wait until dried and then apply the mini pearls.

• For another pearl look, add silver sparkles at the tips of your nails; totally eye catching!

• Nail Caviar is the newest craze. Try pearlescent caviar nails!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding nail art. Be sure to ask your nail tech what she suggests. They do nails all day long and have done wedding nail art for dozens of brides.

Ask friends who have gotten married what they did. Whichever you choose, we know you will rock it!

The wedding day is for the bride and her nails should look as good as she feels. You’ll be especially thankful you paid attention to your nails, when you get the wedding pictures back.

What are your favorite nail art ideas? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!

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