Coconut oil uses and benefits

Could it be that coconut oil is the best beauty product ever discovered? It’s certainly one of the most versatile things that you can incorporate into your beauty regime and it doesn’t cost the earth either. Coconut oil is pure, simple, 100% natural, and it can make your skin and hair look wonderfully healthy and young. If you haven’t yet caught on to just how useful coconut oil can be, read these ten ways that you can use the wonder-oil to make yourself feel even more beautiful.

1. Makeup remover

Why waste money on expensive makeup remover when coconut oil will do the job even better? You know that you should remove all the last traces of your makeup every night, and coconut oil will do a wonderful job of that for you. It will moisturise your skin too. Just dab a cotton wool ball into some coconut oil and use it to remove eye makeup and the last bits of makeup from your face, after you have used a cleanser.

2. Lip balm

Coconut oil is wonderfully hydrating and it works wonders on dry and chapped lips. It moisturises the skin, really deep down, and it will keep your lips be kissable and soft all winter long. It also helps plump up your lips and it helps stop fine lines forming in the skin around your mouth too. Try mixing it with a drop of peppermint oil to make your own flavoured, plumping lip balm.

3. Hair mask

Coconut is also great for hair and you can use it as your regular hair mask. Just warm some coconut oil until it has become a liquid, apply it your hair, and then leave it in for about five minutes before you rinse it out again with warm water. It will nourish and hydrate your hair and leave it wonderfully soft and shiny.

4. Oil pulling

If you haven’t tried oil pulling yet, you really should give it a go. Oil pulling is an ancient technique of swishing oil around your mouth to kill bacteria and keep your teeth and gums healthy. People used to use sesame oil for oil pulling, but coconut oil is just as effective, it tastes a lot better, and it will help to keep your teeth white too.

5. Soften cuticles

Coconut oil will keep your cuticles soft and healthy too. Massage coconut oil into your cuticles every day and you will never be troubled with dry, cracked cuticles again.

6. Use it under your eyes

The skin under your eyes is some of the thinnest skin that you have your body. That makes it extra sensitive and extra prone to developing fine lines when you get a bit older. Applying coconut oil to the skin under your eyes will help keep the skin supple and young looking. It’s also a good way to reduce puffiness and dark circles as well.

7. Tames frizzy hair

When your hair just won’t play ball and the stray hairs won’t lie flat, coconut oil can come to your rescue here too. Just smooth a tiny bit of coconut oil over your hair and it will soon have that frizz back under control. Just be careful not to use too much, though, or it could make your hair look greasy.

8. Leave in conditioner for dry hair

Coconut oil will do a super job of rehydrating dry and brittle hair. After you have shampooed your hair at night, massage some coconut oil into the dry ends of your hair and leave it on overnight. It will work its way deep down into your hair while you sleep and when you wash it out again in the morning, it will have brought back the shine and softness to your hair again.

9. Face mask

For some people, using coconut oil on the face, and leaving it on for too long, can clog the pores of the skin but, if you use it as a face mask and wash it off again, you get all the hydrating benefits of coconut oil, without the pore-clogging problem. Try mixing some coconut oil with some natural honey. It will help keep your skin looking young and it will fight bacteria too.

10. Body butter

You can use coconut oil in its natural, solid form, as body butter to moisturise your skin. Just take a scoop of coconut oil and massage it into your skin right after a shower. If you are going to do this just before you go out, give it some time to let the oil soak into your skin before you get dressed, or it might get on your clothes.

Do you know other coconut oil uses and benefits?

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