How to slow down aging? 11 Must-know anti-aging tips

You go through life carefree and young, then you settle down, perhaps, get a steady job, get a stable relationship, and everything seems to be perfect. Then one day you look in the mirror and you see the first fine lines on your face. A quick examination tells you that your skin here and there is starting to sag and then you have an anxiety attack. The saggy skin may very well be in your imagination but it could also be a wake up call to start taking better care of yourself to avoid aging prematurely. Follow these simple tips on how to slow down aging and stay young for longer.

1. Avoid the sun

Our first tip on how to slow down aging is to avoid the sun. Solar radiation is one of the main environmental factors that contribute to premature aging. Long gone are the days when a deep tan was the thing to have. Regular use of sunblock is a must these days, as well as wide-brimmed hats when the sun shines the strongest. You can get your fix of vitamin D without having to suffer burns, no matter how superficial. And we haven’t even mentioned skin cancer.

2. Give up bad habits 

This should go without saying but it bears repeating. Perhaps an occasional cigarette won’t have catastrophic consequences but you’d be better off without it. Once you hit a certain age, your estrogen levels might start dropping noticeably, and the skin might start sagging due to lower collagen production. Given this, you really don’t need the additional effect of tobacco, which reinforces these changes.

3. Invest in quality cosmetics 

Another tip on how to slow down aging is to invest in quality cosmetic products. Once you spot the first signs of crow’s feet, it’s time to forget about being economical when it comes to skin care. Invest in good quality cosmetic products, including creams, lotions and makeup. This way, you can be certain that you are really giving your skin the best care there is outside the surgery, of course. It’s worth it and you’ll come to realise it.

4. Go natural

Next useful tip on how to slow down aging is to try and go natural. This is for those who couldn’t care less about branded cosmetics and prefer the natural path in all their actions. Natural oils and herbs can be just as good – if not sometimes better – as branded creams, although you need to know that their effect will take longer to show and you will need to persevere in order to get the full set of benefits nature can offer you.

5. Mind your fish

We all know this anti-ageing tip but, if we’re honest, more theoretically than practically. We all know how important omega-3 fatty acids are for the body but do we eat as much fish as we should? While pollution concerns are valid, not all fish on the market is heavily polluted, so make sure you eat enough fish and nuts to counter the effect of free radicals, these by-products of metabolism that are the culprit for aging.

6. Moisturise

This is non-negotiable: well moisturised skin is young skin and you can delay the sagging and deep lines we associate with aging by making sure you never stray from your moisturising routine. And this means not just the face but the whole body, from the tips of your fingers to your toes, in every season, every day. If you prefer to go natural, then best oils for moisturizing include: Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Moringa Oil, Tamanu oil, etc.

7. Hydrate

This means drinking enough water and eating enough fruit. At the same time, eat less sugary stuff, but you already knew that, didn’t you? The thing is that whatever you put in your mouth later appears on your skin, so to speak. Don’t forget that it’s the largest organ in your body, after all, so treat it with respect, including being careful about what you eat.

8. Keep it light

Another tip on how to slow down aging is to keep it light. We’re talking about makeup here. Although nowadays quality makeup is significantly more sparing on the skin that it was 20 years ago, don’t overdo it, let your face breathe. Besides, caked foundation underlining wrinkles rather than concealing them is hardly the effect you seek when you use makeup. Keep it light and only use makeup where you need it.

9. Sleep on your back 

Next tip on how to slow down aging is to try sleeping on your back. That’s no joke. Dermatologists can guess which side you sleep on, just by the lines on your face. Hint: you’ll get a deeper nasolabial line on the side you prefer to sleep on. To avoid this unpleasant effect, either sleep on your back or replace your pillowcases with ones made from satin, silk or another smooth fabric.

10. De-stress

How to slow down aging? Avoid stress by all means. Stress is a major culprit when it comes to aging and its unaesthetic effects on your appearance. In order to look young for longer, learn to avoid overstressing, be it through some relaxation technique like meditation, prayer, a dancing class, regular gym visits, or simply by learning not to sweat the small stuff too much.

11.  Keep your mind busy

This may sound contradictory to de-stressing but it’s not. This simply means keeping your brain active. Read, learn a new language or another professional skill, start a new hobby, if you like. Just never let your mind get lazy. And don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

How to slow down aging? What are your favorite anti-aging tips?

Stay happy!

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