Top 20 natural remedies and tips on how to reduce cellulite

Recent research has suggested that around 85% of all women do develop cellulite as they get older, so the problem is far from uncommon. The dimpled skin, sometimes known as orange peel skin, is caused by the accumulation of fat just below the skin and it is prevalent in women because of the effects of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. The condition is perfectly natural and it poses no risks, but it can be embarrassing and affect a person’s self-confidence. Luckily, there are things that you can do to reduce the appearance cellulite. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not always a sign that you are overweight, though losing weight could reduce it. Some people are just genetically prone to cellulite, so even thin people can develop it. Here are twenty natural remedies and tips on how to reduce cellulite.

1. Dry brushing

The bumpy effect on the skin that cellulite creates is caused by the fat deposits pushing itself up through the connective tissues in the skin, so strengthening that connective tissue will help make cellulite less noticeable. Dry brushing the area, twice a day, will increase the blood circulation, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

2. Exfoliate with coffee grounds

Exfoliating with coffee grounds is a method of reducing cellulite that is very popular and it’s endorsed by some celebrities too. Make up a paste of coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil and massage it into the affected area daily, and the caffeine will tighten up the skin and help to reduce the cellulite. Exfoliation will also remove the dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new ones.

3. Olive oil

Another good tip on how to reduce cellulite is to simply keep your skin well moisturised and nourished; because dehydrated skin becomes less elastic, so the bumps will be more visible. Moisturise your skin with olive oil, every night before you go to bed, and that will gradually reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4. Vitamin E oil

Next tip on how to reduce cellulite is to use vitamin E oil. It has amazing regenerative effects on the skin and that’s why it is so good for helping to heal and fade scars. It will also help to reduce cellulite by nourishing the skin and strengthening the connective tissues. That will help pull back the fat under the skin and it will reduce that orange peel effect that you get with cellulite.

5. Detox baths

One of the causes of cellulite is believed to be the build-up of toxins in the body, so detoxing should be an effective way to reduce it. You can easily make a homemade detox bath by just adding half a cup of sea salt and half a cup of Epsom salts to your bath water. You could also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well, to provide some scent and a bit of relaxing aromatherapy.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many wonderful skin care properties and reducing cellulite is just one of them. It tones and tightens the skin really well, so try mixing equal parts of raw honey and apple cider vinegar and massaging it into the area of skin that has cellulite. As well as tightening the skin, the honey will hydrate it and nourish it too.

7. Reduce the amount of salt you eat

Another tip on how to reduce cellulite is to reduce the amount of salt you eat. Most people eat far too much salt and that could well be making your cellulite worse. Most pre-packed foods have more than enough salt in them already, so it would be advisable to stop adding more salt to your food at the table. If you have too much salt in your diet, you will become dehydrated and that will make the skin lose some of its elasticity.

8. Swap the bad fats for the good

Another common reason for the development of cellulite is too much fat in the diet, which the body can’t digest properly, so it is deposited under the skin. Skip the fast food and ready meals, which are usually loaded with harmful trans-fats, and use more healthy oils, like olive oil and almond oil. You’ll be reducing your risk of heart disease as well as helping to rid yourself of some cellulite.

9. Tangerine oil

One of good tips on how to reduce cellulite is to use tangerine oil, which is extremely rich in antioxidants and it will help to remove some of the build-up of toxins in your body that can cause cellulite. To get the detoxing effects of tangerine oil, mix one part of the oil with two parts olive oil and massage your skin with it for about fifteen minutes. Do that twice a day and in about two weeks you should notice an improvement in your cellulite.

10. Improve your circulation

Good circulation will help remove cellulite, so make sure that you aren’t doing anything to restrict the flow of blood the area of your body that has cellulite. Avoid wearing very tight fitting clothes, and don’t sit for too long in one place. If you work at a desk, get up and take a short walk every half hour or so, or do some stretching exercises, and that will get the blood flowing through your body again.

11. Drink green tea

One of good tips on how to reduce cellulite is to drink green tea. It is so amazingly healthy and it’s a great way to help your body burn off excess fat. As well as all the wonderful antioxidants that it contains, drinking green tea will speed up your metabolism, so you’ll burn off more fat without even trying. Green tea also contains catechins, which are known to aid the detoxifying of the body, so that will help reduce cellulite as well.

12. Drink more water

You need plenty of water flowing through your system to flush out toxins and fat, so make sure that you are drinking plenty of plain water every day. When cellulite is broken down, the toxins and fat are released back into the body and the only way to get rid of that unwanted waste material is to flush it out with plenty of water.

13. Green clay

Next tip on how to reduce cellulite is to use green clay, which is said to be able draw toxins out of the body and improve the circulation. Make a paste with hot water and green clay and add a tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Apply that to the skin and leave it on for about half an hour and it will draw out the impurities in the skin and moisturise it at the same time.

14. Zeolites

Zeolites are a neutrally formed minerals that have amazing detox properties. Although there is no scientific evidence to back up the cellulite busting powers of zeolites, many women claim to have seen astonishing improvements in the appearance of cellulite when they used zeolite as a part of a detox programme.

15. Gelatine

It’s when the connective tissues under the skin weaken that cellulite becomes more noticeable and one way of strengthening them is by consuming dietary gelatine. It’s an animal product, so it’s not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, but you can use it in stews and stocks, or even add it to smoothies, and it will provide natural collagen that will help boost the strength of skin tissues.

16. Seaweed scrubs

Seaweed is another natural remedy for cellulite that many people say is very effective. Seaweed contains many minerals, including iodine, which stimulate the metabolism and improve the flow of nutrients in the skin. To make seaweed scrub, mix three tablespoons of powdered seaweed with a tablespoon of sugar and some olive oil and then massage it into the affected area for about fifteen minutes. Seaweed also raises the body temperature and makes you sweat, so it will help flush some of the toxins.

17. Eat more Omega-3s

There is evidence to support the theory that cellulite can be caused by an imbalance of the fats in your body and that you can redress that balance by eating more foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids should form a part of healthy diet anyway, so inversing your intake of them will benefit your health all round.

18. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is better known for its ability to fade scars, but a lot of people say that its skin toning properties will help to reduce cellulite too. You could just rub the inside of some lemon peel over the area or, if that make you itch too much, try a mixture of lemon juice and honey instead.

19. Coconut oil

Another tip on how to reduce cellulite is to use coconut oil, which is wonderful for the skin; one of the many amazing things that coconut oil can do is increase the elasticity of the skin and it encourages the production of collagen. It’s the perfect moisturiser to use after you have dry brushed. Take your time massaging the oil in and then the massaging will further increase the blood supply to the area.

20. Derma roller

Using a derma roller can be a bit painful, but it is an effective way to reduce cellulite. When you roll it over your skin, it stimulates the production of collagen, improves the blood flow, and helps to release toxins from within the skin. When you have finished using a derma roller, try applying some Rose hip seed oil. It contains fatty acids and Vitamin A that can help promote healthier skin and strengthen the connective tissues under the skin.

How to reduce cellulite? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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