10 Simple tricks on how to make yourself look younger

It can be a bit depressing when you look in the mirror and you see the first signs of wrinkles, or the first grey hair, especially when you feel just the same on the inside as you did twenty years earlier. Getting older is something that happens to us all, but you don’t have to let it get you down and no one is ever really ‘past it’. Your age is nothing more than a number. What really counts is your attitude. If you want your appearance to match the youthful feeling you feel inside, here are ten simple tricks that will make you look younger.

1. Brighten up your wardrobe

Just because you have a few years behind you, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress dowdy! When you get to a certain age, the brightest colour combinations may not suit you, but you can still add a pop of colour to outfits with things like scarves, and jewellery. It’s also a good idea to avoid black, because black is a colour that will make you look older.

2. Open up your eyes

If you make your eyes the focus of attention, people won’t even be looking at those little tell-tale lines on your skin that you’ve been worrying about. Use an eyelash curler; that will make your eyes look bigger, and use jet black eyeliner, which will make your eyes look whiter and clearer. A touch of shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes will also brighten up your eyes and make them the focal point.

3. Wear clothes that fit you properly

This is another great tip on how how to make yourself look younger. Your body shape will change over the years and people tend to either buy baggy clothes to hide that, or they pretend to themselves they can still fit into the same sized clothes they did ten years ago. Neither of those approaches will be very flattering, so buy clothes that fit you well, and don’t worry about what size is written on the label.

4. Work on your posture

Hunching over when you walk will make you look older, so next tip on how to make yourself look younger is to work on your posture. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, and walk with an air of confidence. That alone will make you look a lot younger. If you find it difficult to maintain a good posture, try taking a Pilates class, which will show you how to work on your core muscles in your body, which are the ones that support your body when you stand.

5. Take it easy with the makeup

If you have developed a few lines, wrinkles, or blemishes, you may be tempted to cover them up with makeup, but that will actually only make them even more visible. You’d be far better off using makeup sparingly. Just use small amounts of concealer to make things like spots and dark circles less obvious. Keep your skin well moisturised as well, because fresh looking, natural skin will look more youthful than makeup caked skin.

6. Buy a humidifier

Your skin tends to dry out quicker when you get a bit older, which will make lines and wrinkle more noticeable and it could make your skin inflamed. Modern central heating and air conditioning dries out the air in your home out and that, in turn, will dry your skin out. You can easily combat that effect by putting a humidifier in your bedroom. That will help to put the moisture back into the air, which will keep your skin soft and well hydrated.

7. Avoid using powders

Once you get beyond a certain age, unless you have oily skin, powder will highlight imperfections in your skin rather than hide them. Avoid using powder, because it can settle into the lines and wrinkles in the skin and make them more noticeable. If you have developed a bit of facial down, which many people do when they get older, powder will make that more noticeable as well.

8. Make your lips look fuller

Fuller looking lips will make you look younger too, so avoid wearing dark shades of lipstick, which will have the effect of making your lips look smaller. Use light shades of lipstick and, if you dab a bit of gloss lipstick, or even just some Vaseline, right in the centre of your lower lip, it will make your pout look fuller.

9. Avoid wearing distressed or vintage clothes

Teens can get away with wearing vintage clothes and deliberately distressed jeans, but it doesn’t work so well on older women. So, another goos tip on how to make yourself look younger is to keep your wardrobe up to date and, as soon as there is any sign of wear on a garment, get something new. Vintage clothes on an older woman will look out of date, rather than chic.

10. Don’t act your age!

So long as you are fit and healthy, age should be no barrier to you doing anything you like. Get up on the dance floor, have fun with your friends, and do all the things that you used to, because how you behave is going to make a difference to how old people think you are. If you are happy, energetic and you are not afraid to have a good time, people will think you are years younger than you really are.

How to make yourself look younger? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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