How to make your makeup look natural? 10 Beauty tips

Makeup is supposed to compliment your face, not hide it, and the fresh and natural look is always in style. Making makeup look natural does take a bit of thought and time though, especially, if you want to achieve that flawless, yet almost effortless looking appearance. So read on, and find ten great tips on how to make your makeup look more natural:

1. Take care of what’s underneath

Our first tip on how to make your makeup look natural is to clean and exfoliate your skin. A big part of the natural look starts with what’s underneath! So, keep your skin clean and healthy. Always remove makeup at night and avoid using harsh, perfumed soaps on your face, which can cause irritation to the skin. If you are not already doing so, then exfoliate your skin regularly with a mild, gentle, exfoliating scrub. This removes dead skin cells and clears out your pores.

2. Create the perfect canvas

Our next tip on how to make your makeup look natural is to moisturise your skin thoroughly and regularly. Well hydrated, moisturised skin will provide you with the perfect foundation for the natural look. Before you apply any makeup at all, moisturise your skin with a small amount of natural, unscented moisturiser. It will smooth out your skin and it will help prevent lines from developing too.

3. Go easy on concealer

Another beauty tip for a perfect natural look is to use concealer, but use it sparingly. The concealer should only be applied, lightly, to the specific area; you only need enough to cover the spot or blemish, not the whole area around it. Conceal any blemishes with concealer, but go easy.

4. Use your foundation carefully

How to make your makeup look natural? When using foundation, make sure that it matches your natural skin tone. Blend it in well and make sure that it goes beneath your jawline or it will show. As an alternative to foundation, try using a tinted moisturiser instead and see if that works for you.

5. Create a skillful, subtle and natural sun kissed look with a dust of bronzer

A light touch of bronzer can give you a natural looking glow but don’t use it if you have very pale skin, or it just won’t look right. For a natural, sun kissed look, apply a light dusting of bronzer in a ‘3’ shape on either side of the face, and add a little touch to your nose. That’s where the sun would have darkened your skin naturally.

6. Apply blush, but not too much!

As an alternative to bronzer, you could use a little blush, on the apples of your cheeks, to bring a touch of colour to your face. Light shades only though, and not too much!

7. Tint your lips with some gloss or beetroot juice 

Soft and natural, is what you are looking for with your lips. Avoid the bold, matte reds and go with a tinted gloss instead. Alternatively, you could try a nude lip colour, or use beetroot juice if you want it look and taste natural!

8. Curl your lashes and hit them with a light touch of mascara 

Another tip on how to make your makeup look natural is to curl your lashes and apply a single coat of mascara. This will open up your eyes, but don’t overdo it and don’t use any colours that will stand out to much against the rest of your natural looking face.

9. Use gel eyeliner

Eyes can look more natural without any eyeliner at all, but if you do want to use it, chose a fairly neutral, brown or back, and use a gel instead of a pencil, as gels or liquids look far more natural.

10. Subtlety is the key! Less is certainly best!

Subtle shades and lots of blending are what you need to get the natural look. Try applying the smallest of amount of makeup and then see what you think and build up slowly, because less is certainly best, if you want natural looking makeup.

Do you have some other tips on how to make your makeup look natural?

Stay happy!

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