How to make blue eyes pop? 10 Makeup tips for blue eyes

Whether you are getting ready for work or a night out, the best thing you can do for your blue eyes is to use your makeup to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and not overpower them. Here are ten great tips on how you can make your gorgeous blue eyes pop.

1. Tone down your lipstick

If your lipstick is too dark, or too bright, then that will take the emphasis away from your eyes. Stick with a matte lipstick and shades of peach, light browns or pink, and that will allow your eyes to take centre stage.

2. Try sheer eyeshadow

With blue eyes, you don’t need a load of different eyeshadow colours to make your eyes pop. Light colours or sheer shadow will help the blue of your eyes shine out. Blue is a calm and transfixing colour all by itself, it doesn’t need a great deal of help.

3. Stay away from blue eyeshadow

You can get away with blue eyeshadow, if the shade of blue is completely different from the natural blue of your eyes. Too much blue, or a blue that is too close to your own shade, and it will reduce the impact of the wonderful natural blue in your eyes.

4. Smoky eyes look is great in the evening

If you have light blue eyes, then you can use navy eyeshadow, paired with smudged charcoal eyeliner, when you are going out for the evening. Smoky eye makeup looks stunning with beautiful, bright blue eyes.

5. Use warm colours

Another one of great makeup tips for blue eyes is to use warm eyeshadow colours, it will help bring out the blue in your eyes very beautifully. Experiment with earthy colours, like light browns, and see how it makes your eyes pop. It makes a fantastic contrast to the blue in your eyes.

6. Brown mascara

Those warm colours can also be extended to your lashes. Complete the warm tones around your eyes with some brown, instead of black, mascara and that can make a huge difference to how well your eyes stand out too.

7. Navy eyeliner…

Another one of wonderful makeup tips for blue eyes is to swap your black eyeliner for navy blue. Navy eyeliner can really highlight the blue in your eyes beautifully and can create a stunning effect.

8. …or no bottom eyeliner

You can really open up your eyes and make them look much larger and brighter if you use no bottom eyeliner. White eyeliner along the bottom lash line will also make your eyes look bigger, brighter and even more beautiful.

9. Keep makeup simple

Blue eyes are naturally beautiful, so less is definitely better, when it comes to makeup. Too much makeup will only detract from that natural beauty. You just need to create a frame for your eyes and let their colour do the rest.

10. Try some gold

Another one of useful makeup tips for blue eyes, especially for lucky ladies who have really bright blue eyes, is to try golden shades. There is no better shade to go with gorgeous blue eyes than gold! All you need for a stunning look is a touch of mascara and a coat of shiny gold eyeshadow, and you’re ready to go.

How to make blue eyes pop? What are your favorite makeup tips for blue eyes?

Stay beautiful!

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