How to look better in photos? 10 Beauty tips

These days, it’s basically impossible to go to a party, baby shower, brunch or even a hike without someone whipping out their phone to take some pictures. You shouldn’t be caught off-guard, because we all knew the phone was coming out – but it’s often inevitable that you’re tagged in a less than flattering Facebook shot. It’s not always clear how you managed to gain twenty pounds in less than a minute, or how your left eye suddenly became lazy, but somehow it happened. It sucks when your photos turn out less than flattering, but here’s some news: it doesn’t have to happen. There are actually ways to trick a camera into thinking that you’re more photogenic than you are. We’ve done some research on how celebrities always look top-notch in their snaps – and we’ve found some tricks that you can use too!

Lighting is everything

From Kim Kardashian to Tyra Banks, everyone knows that lighting is the single most important factor when it comes to taking good photos. Lighting can smooth your skin, hide wrinkles, and shadow just the right parts of your face and body to create the most beautiful shapes and lines. In general, when taking a photo it’s important to make sure that you find the light with your face, and angle your body so that the areas you want highlighted are closest to the light source. The best lighting for photos is soft, diffused light – like on a bright cloudy day. Make sure to avoid light that comes from directly above your head – no one wants to look like a criminal being interrogated!

Always take photos from a higher angle

This is a pretty obvious tip on how to look better in photos – the higher of an angle your photo is taken from, the thinner your face looks! Take a peek at the selfies of any celeb – selfies are always taken from above. If your photo is taken below chin-level, your face will look wider (and your chin may gain a twin). This is where selfie sticks come in really handy! They add a lot of extra height to your photo, so you can get a shot of yourself from a great angle, plus whatever gorgeous view is behind you! Quick tip: when asking someone else to take a photo of you, always try to choose someone taller.

The chin trick

Here is another tip on how to look better in photos and it sounds a little strange to begin with, but it comes directly from a professional headshot photographer, whose job it is to make everyone look fantastic; here’s what you do: jut your chin out a little, and then lower it. You’ll feel silly, because you’re imagining how this looks from the side – but with a photo that’s being taken face-on, it will add definition and a deeper shadow to your jawline. That’s right, your face just lost ten pounds in a matter of seconds! Thank us later.

When in doubt, flash off

Flashes are widely debated amongst the photography world, because they really wash out colour and make faces look very two-dimensional. They also look a little old-school, and not necessarily in a good way. However, if you’re going for a vintage feel and you want the benefit of smooth and light skin tone, flash may be for you. As a general rule of thumb, however, most professionals recommend against flash whenever possible. Instead, try to find good natural lighting (which is always the most flattering) because the natural contours of your face won’t be washed out. You can always edit the photos later!

Turn your head ¾

According to all the experts, a photograph of anyone’s face turned ¾ of the way towards the camera is universally flattering. It’s slimming, and it shows your cheek bones and cheek hollows. Any illusion of skin below the chin will not be visible, and if you have a wide or round face, this is a great way to minimize its appearance. Don’t believe us? Open any nearby fashion mag and take a look – most of the models have ¾ of their faces angled towards the camera!

Hand on hip

Okay, we know, this is a bit of a sorority move. But – it has become a wildly popular photo-taking stance for a reason! For the uninitiated, the hand-on-hip stance was initially used by celebrities on the red carpet and is now used by groups of girls worldwide. The idea behind placing your hand on your hip is deviously simple – it makes your arm look thinner! On top of that, angling your hand towards your waist is a good way to draw attention to your curves. Does it look ridiculous when you and all your friends are standing in the same pose? It sure does. Are we going to stop doing it? Unlikely.

Avoid the end of the row

Delving even further into the sorority moves here, guys! Don’t hate. So, not only is it important to remember the hand-on-hip stance for photos, it is crucial to avoid standing at the end of a group photo row. Why, you may ask? Because whoever is at the end of photo rows inevitably ends up looking wider than the rest. This effect is amplified if a camera lens has any ‘fisheye’ properties to it. When in doubt, stick yourself right in the middle. Just don’t tell your friends the strategy, or you may have a hard time finding a bookend friend!

Find your tone and colours

Everyone has a different undertone to their skin, and different shades of colours will look better on different people. First off, you’ll want to figure out what your undertone is. If your veins are green, and you look good in gold jewellery, you’re most likely warm toned. If your veins are blue and you look better in silver, you’re probably cool. A quick google search will give you more information about what colours and tones will look the best on you. Check it out, and then make sure you’re wearing complementary shades when photos are happening. You’ll have an unmistakable (and mysterious) glow!

Learn the magic of contouring

Forget your friends for this tip – all you need is some makeup and brushes. Contouring is one of the miracles of modern beauty – you can instantly make a face look ten to twenty pounds slimmer and sleeker. Contouring is a skill that takes time to learn, though. Blending is key, and a little colour will go a long way. It’s easy to go overboard with contouring (no one wants to look like they walked into street lamp) so start light and build slowly. If you master the art of contouring, you can transform your face like magic!

Blotting papers are your friend!

Oily skin, as we all know, is the enemy of photos. It can even sneak into photos with no sign that your face had any element of shine before the flash went off. As a result, it’s always a smart idea to carry some blotting papers with you on days where you won’t have a chance to touch up. This will ensure that you can catch the shine before the photos start, and minimize the oil to ‘healthy glow’ status instead.

How to look better in photos? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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