How to keep your face from getting oily? 8 Effective beauty tips for oily skin

Oily skin can be caused by a number of factors: it can be caused by stress, hormones or it can be hereditary and, sometimes, your choice of makeup can aggravate mildly oily skin and make it a lot worse. If you don’t do anything about it, not only it can be annoying, but it will also cause blackheads, pimples and acne, so here are eight ways that you can treat oily skin at home:

1. Don’t use moisturizer, use natural oil

Ironically, oily skin can feel dry, straight after washing, so you might be tempted to use a moisturizer. If this is the case, then avoid using conventional moisturizer and use a drop of natural oil, like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil, instead. This might sound odd, using oil on oily skin, but a natural oil will give your skin the message that it doesn’t need to produce so much of its own oils.

2. Don’t over wash skin

Another tip on how to keep your face from getting oily is don’t over wash your skin. Like our first point, this might also appear counterintuitive, but over-washing your face with harsh soaps will encourage your skin to produce even more oil to counter the effect. Your skin will then go into overdrive and over-compensate for the oil lost through the washing.

3. Keep your hands away from your face

Avoid touching your face during the day. Your fingers contain oils that will be transferred onto your face, as well as grease, oil and bacteria that you might pick by touching things. The end result will be – more oil on your face and a greater likelihood of bacteria causing outbreaks of acne.

4. Improve your diet

Our next tip on how to keep your face from getting oily is – improve your diet. The hormonal changes in your body that can cause oily skin can be brought on by what you eat. Avoid processed foods and eat more fresh fruit and veg. You may also want to try cutting down on dairy products, as they can cause increases in the production of oil in your skin as well.

5. Wipe your face with an astringent

To clear the excess oil from your face you can use commercially available astringent products such as alcohol moistened wipes, or, for a more natural approach, try rubbing your face with some grapefruit or orange peel. Orange peel contains natural astringents and it will also help to remove blackheads and blemishes.

6. Use a natural scrub

The trick with oily skin is to not use harsh, chemical based products on your skin or this will exasperate the problem and make your skin produce even more oil.  To exfoliate your skin, for example, you can use a simple mixture of used coffee grounds or sugar and honey or olive oil instead of a shop bought product.

7. Carry tissue papers or blot powder for emergencies

Our next suggestion on how to keep your face from getting oily is – use tissue papers or blot powder. Paper facial tissues are the best thing to quickly blot excess oil between washes. You can buy special oil absorbing tissues or a blot powder from the cosmetics counter and these work very effectively.

8. Use milk of Magnesia

Another simple tip on how to keep your face from getting oily is use Magnesia milk. You can find milk of magnesia at any drug store and some people report that this is an extremely effective way of clearing up oily skin. Apply a layer of the medicine on your skin, just after washing, and leave it on for ten minutes, then, wash it off and apply makeup, and apparently, it will keep your skin oil free for quite some time.

How to keep your face from getting oily? Do you have some other beauty tips?

Feel free to share your secrets and beauty tips for oily skin in the comment section below.

Stay pretty!


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