How to apply natural looking makeup? 4 Easy beauty tips

Forget heavily made-up eyes, tons of bronzer and bright lipstick. These days it’s all about the nude, natural look. It’s much fresher and it really makes your best features stand out. Besides, let’s not forget that guys like us natural, even if that natural look involves five different types of makeup. They don’t have to know that, they don’t even care but we do, don’t we? So, here are four easy beauty tips on how to apply natural looking makeup:

1. Preparation

Preparation is important in any makeup routine but even more so if you’re after the natural look, since you’ll be using less makeup as a whole. Prep work usually includes taking regular care of your face, cleansing and moisturising it regularly, and exfoliating to clear the dead skin cells away. If you do this regularly, your skin will be in top shape for nude makeup. Then moisturise. You can either use a small amount of fragrance-free, oil-free, and colour-free moisturiser or, better yet, a tinted one or a BB cream, sparing yourself the effort of using foundation and concealer. You may still have to put some concealer on but not everywhere – just on the places where you really need it. These are commonly the sides of the nose, under the eyes, and at their outer corners; and, of course, if you have a zit, cover it with concealer too.

2. Colour in the cheeks 

Makeup artists advise to skip foundation in favour of BB cream or tinted moisturiser, and they also advise to opt for cream blush instead of powder, to get dewy, as they call it, look. What’s more, you can apply the cream blush with your fingers and that’s a better choice than brushes and applicators, some experts say. Fingers or a makeup sponge contribute to the natural look. Of course, while we’re on the subject, we should also mention bronzer as an alternative to blush. Apply sparingly, just to add some glow to your cheeks. Mind, however, that bronzer does not suit all faces – if you’re pale, it might be wiser to choose another way to highlight your cheekbones. Try some to see if it looks good on you. If it does, some makeup artists advise to apply it like this: touch your forehead, then just below your cheekbones, and below the jaw. Apply powder bronzer with a brush, while liquid can be applied with your fingertips or beautyblender.

3. Natural looking eye makeup

As with everything else, the key to natural looking eye makeup is to be careful with the amounts of products you use, and with the colours, of course. For instance, you wouldn’t put a thick, long line of eyeliner, if you’re after the natural look. What you want to do is draw a very thin line right at the base of your eyelashes – barely noticeable but automatically adding definition to the eye and thickness to the lashes. Speaking of lashes, another tip on how to apply natural looking makeup is to refrain from piling up mascara. A maximum of two coats – after you’ve curled them, of course – is the rule of thumb, or you can also go for clear mascara for your eyelashes and eyebrows for ultra-natural beautiful look. As for eyeshadow, makeup artists say you should choose colours that match the colour of your skin tone. In this way you will have well defined eyes that don’t look like there’s makeup on them. One very important element in natural makeup, however, are eyebrows. They don’t get a lot of attention in makeup discussions but they will now. Well groomed brows look natural and they add a sort of “finished”, smoother effect to your overall look. If they’re not the thickest ones, add some pencil but carefully, so that you don’t overdo it.

4. Pout 

No, don’t worry, we’re not talking about duckfaces. We’re talking about managing the magic of making your lips look both natural and full. How? By using sheer lipstick or gloss in colours that match your natural lip tone. Glosses in neutral tones, close to your natural lip colour add volume but don’t make your mouth look overdone, so to speak. Also, you could use a lip stain a shade darker than your lip colour. Why lip stain and not lipstick? Because lip stains are more liquid than lipsticks, and they last much longer. Lip stains are usually in the form of a gel or a liquid, and, despite their name, they will not stain your wine glass or your boyfriend’s cheek, plus they will get you through a long, long day, since they can last for up to 18 hours. And there’s an even better option: a colour-adjusting gloss. These products, once applied, change colour to match your skin tone, how cool is that? The thing to remember is: for natural looking makeup no bright colours are allowed, just additional volume and definition.

That’s it, ladies, now armed with our tips on how to apply natural looking makeup, you can start practicing and playing with it. It does take a bit of time and a bit of precision but in the end you’ll have a glowing face with bright eyes and full lips, and your skin won’t be suffocating under the weight of so much makeup. At the end you could spray your face with a makeup setting spray, to make sure it keeps the fresh look all day long.

How to apply natural looking makeup? What are your best beauty tips?

Stay happy!

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