10 Tips on how to apply makeup to make your eyes look bigger

Almost every girl looks for tips on how to get her eyes look bigger and there are many makeup techniques and beauty tips that can help us achieve the illusion of bigger eyes. Lets talk about some of them today:

How to apply eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger?

Apply a light shimmery eyeshadow (chose white or shimmery champagne color) in the inner corners of your eyes. This will instantly help open up your eyes making you look more awake and beautiful without trying too hard.

2) Make your eyes look bigger by using an old yet effective beauty secret: apply dark brown or grey eyeshadow around the outer corners of your eyes, creating a “V” shape (just turn the “V” shape on its side with the sharp part pointing out from the eye), slightly stretch/blend the pointy part of the “V” further than the natural outer corner of your eye using a blending brush; it will instantly make your eyes stand out and look bigger!

3) Here is another makeup trick that can help make your eyes appear bigger – apply a light eyeshadow under your brow bone (it can be shimmery or matte color, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the color is light); it will instantly give you an illusion of “face lift” and make you eyes look bigger and more awake.

How to apply liquid eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger?

4) You can use your favorite liquid eyeliner or eye pencil to make your eyes appear bigger. Chose a liner of dark color – black, dark brown or dark blue – and line your upper lash line with it, making the line thicker as you move away from your nose. Slightly extend the line further than the natural outer corners of your eyes, it will instantly make your eyes look bigger and more seductive.

5) Curl your eyelashes, it will help to open up your eyes, instantly making them look bigger. Start curling your eyelashes at the lash line, close to the roots, then, make another pinch in the middle of your eyelashes, it will help you get that beautiful, natural curve.

6) If you want to make your eyes stand out and appear bigger, make sure to keep your eyebrows well-groomed all the time. Eyebrows frame your eyes, as well as your whole face, therefore its very important to keep them in great shape. Beautifully groomed eyebrows can make a tremendous difference in the way your whole face looks.

7) Another trick on how to make your eyes look bigger is to smudge your eye pencil. First, line your upper lash line with a dark eye pencil, then take a special smudging brush and very lightly smudge the pencil, creating a smoky eye effect. Be light handed, don’t smudge too much. Do the same on your lower lash line. It will create a “smoke of mystery” around your eyes, making them appear bigger. Isn’t it what we want?!

8) Another simple yet effective make tip for creating an illusion of bigger eyes is to apply white (or very light, pale pink) eye pencil on your waterline. Not only it will make your eyes look bigger, but it also will make you look more awake and a little bit doll like.

How to make your eyes look bigger with mascara?

9) Two coats of mascara can also make your eyes look bigger. Apply one coat and wait until it dries, then apply another coat of mascara; not only your eyelashes will get more volume, but also your eyes will instantly sand out. (You can also play with false eyelashes or do eyelashes extensions to make your eyes look bigger.)

10) How to make your eyes look bigger? Try smoky eyes makeup! The key to smokey eyes is good blending. You can create beautiful gradient effect using only one color or multiple colors, but here is the important beauty trick: if you want to create pretty and clean gradient eyeshadow effect, apply your eyeshadow with one brush and blend it using another clean brush; it will help you avoid “messy” eye makeup, so that you’ll get that gorgeous eye makeup you want!

I hope you found these beauty secrets useful. Feel free to share your own tips on how to apply makeup to make your eyes look bigger in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful and shine always!


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