Here Is When You Need to Get Rid of Your Beauty Products

Keeping track of how long you have had your beauty products is not all that easy to do, because you need to know when you actually opened them. However, if you have stacks of old makeup and other beauty products piled up somewhere and you have no idea how old they are, they could be out of date they could give you eye infections or irritate your skin. Most beauty products have the number of months you should keep them marked on the label. You can also be pretty sure that, if a product has become gloopy, lumpy or it smells odd, it’s time to bin it. The beauty products that you really need to be careful with are the ones that go near to your eyes. Mascara is the worst culprit for causing eye infections, but liquid eyeliner comes in a close second. Just in case you are not sure when you should throw away makeup, here is a handy guide to when you should get rid of your beauty products.

1. Nail polish – one year

Nail polish is one of those products that will do not you any harm if you do keep it for too long and the ingredients in nail polish will keep fresh for a long time. You should still dispose of it after a year, though, or it will get too thick and lumpy.

2. Mascara – four months

Mascara is definitely a makeup product that you don’t want to keep too long, because you are applying it so close to your eyes. Check on the bottle, but we would advise that you never keep mascara for more than four months.

3. Eyeliner – 18 months

Eyeliner pencils are OK to keep for some time, because every time you sharpen them, you get down to fresh, new product. They will start to crumble after a while, though, so the maximum amount of time you should keep an eyeliner pencil is probably 18 months.

4. Liquid eyeliner – six months

Unlike eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner does have a shelf life. Dirt and bacteria can get into liquid eyeliner, so it would probably be best to get rid of any liquid eyeliner that has been hanging around for any more than six months.

5. Lipstick and lip gloss – 18 months

So long as you have kept the lid on between uses and they are clean, most lipsticks and lip glosses will last for about 18 months. The only time you might want to get rid of lipstick earlier is if you have had a cold or the flu, because you could just be re-infecting yourself with the virus each time you use the lipstick.

6. Foundation – one year

Foundation lasts pretty well, so it should be okay to use for up to twelve months. If foundation has gone past its useable date, it will start to separate or go chalky. Foundation also develops a distinct “off” smell when it goes out of date.

7. Concealer – 12-18 months

Concealer will usually last for about the same time as foundation does and the signs that it is time to get rid of it are the same too. If smells a bit strange, has separated, or it has gone chalky, then it’s time to consign that concealer to the garbage.

8. Blush and Bronzer – 18 months

Powder blush and bronzer can last anything up to three years, but it would be advisable to get rid of it after about 18 months, because bacteria can get transferred from the brush back onto the makeup. Cream blush and bronzer will probably last only twelve months, before it dries out and becomes clumpy.

9. Eyeshadow – 18 months

You need to be extra careful with anything that gets near to your eyes, but eyeshadow isn’t as bad as mascara and you can generally keep eyeshadow for yup to 18 months. The most important thing to bear in and with eyeshadow is that you need to keep the applicators clean. Eyeshadow applicators should always be cleaned with warm water after each time you use them.

10. Makeup sponges – 1 month

Makeup sponges are something that a lot of people keep way too long and don’t keep clean enough. Makeup sponges soak up oil, dirt and bacteria, well, like a sponge. If you don’t keep them clean, you will be transferring that dirt and bacteria straight back onto your face the next time you use the. Always wash makeup sponges between uses and buy brand new ones every single month.

Stay beautiful!

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