Best tips and tricks on how to get rid of zits fast

Can you think of anything that’s more annoying than a zit? Probably not, if you’re only given a couple of seconds to answer the question. Pimples, these skin volcanos that are full of bacteria instead of lava can ruin a perfectly good day and they often tend to pop up when there’s a special occasion for which you need to look your best. Or when you accidentally meet your ex in the coffee shop and really need to look your best but you fail because of the zit. People all over the world, professionals and laymen alike, have been hard at work finding a quick way to deal with pimples. Here are some of the ideas they’ve come up with that really work, and they work fast. So, how to get rid of zits fast? Read on…

1. Lemon

Rubbing a Q-tip soaked in lemon juice on the zit will take care of it in a matter of hours, or while you sleep. The acid in the juice dries up the infected area and the vitamin C promotes the healing process. Just rub the pimple gently with the Q-tip and leave it till morning. Be careful if your skin is sensitive, though, lemon juice could get aggressive on it. Also, make sure you squeeze the juice yourself, not pour it out of a bottle.

2. Camomile

A hot camomile compress is another good way of dealing with sudden skin eruptions. In fact, it’s good for all sorts of skin irritations. Put a bag of camomile tea in boiling water, let it simmer for a couple of minutes, leave it for a couple more until it’s not too hot, then dip a cotton pad into it, squeeze lightly and press the compress on the pimple. Make sure the water is neither too hot, nor lukewarm, because the heat is necessary for the healing process. Simply put, it stimulates the action of your immune cells against the bacteria, while the camomile helps them kill off the bacteria.

3. Cortisone shot

Cortisone shot is another one of great tips on how to get rid of zits fast. This is what celebs get when they have a pimple. They go to their dermatologist who gives them a cortisone injection. What the syringe is actually full of are corticosteroids – anti-inflammatory substances – and a local anaesthetic. It works within several hours and leaves no trace of the zit, you’d be happy to know, so if you get a huge pimple just before your wedding day, call your doctor.

4. Visine

How to get rid of zits fast? Use Visine or another brand of eye drops. This may sound like a surprising cure but it does work, because the mechanism of the drops’ action fits your purposes in zit extermination: reduce or eliminate the reddening and the swelling. Eye drops work by constricting the blood vessels in your eyes, giving them a clearer, brighter appearance. That’s exactly what they would do to a pimple too: they will cause the blood vessels in and around it to constrict, and the reddening will be gone. The zit itself will get dry – another piece of good news!

5. Aspirin

Here is another tip on how to get rid of zits fast: mix an aspirin pill with water to form a thick paste, then apply this paste to the zit. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties and an inflammation is what you have on your hands, or rather, on your face. Leave it on for half an hour or until it dries up and starts to flake off. Wipe it off and see how much better the infected area looks.

6. White clay 

Here is another great tip on how to get rid of zits fast, it works great on both individual zits and large-scale acne outbreaks. White clay is great for any skin irritations and it also dries the hell out of pimples. Plus, it does it quickly. Mix some clay with lukewarm water until they form a paste. The thickness of the paste would depend on your purposes – if the situation is really bad, you might want to make it thicker. If it’s something minor, keep it more liquid. Apply either on the zit or the whole face and leave it to dry. It will prickle while it dries, but you’ll have to endure it. After rinsing it off, apply some moisturiser – white clay dries everything, not just the zit.

7. Ice

This remedy works only on pimples that have not “ripened”, so to speak, that is, they have not formed a ghastly pus-filled top. The ice basically helps you push the infected gland back down, deep into the skin, and help it flush the excess oil it has produced and the bacterial colony that has decided to take shelter there. Just wrap an ice cube in a clean washcloth, and put it on the zit. Keep it there for a few seconds, rest a minute, then repeat. The drawback is that you have to do it, like, ten times over one day for it to work.

8. Honey

It’s not by chance that the ancient Egyptians used honey as preservative, it can also help you to get rid of zits fast. This substance is so packed with benefits that’s it’s a shame most of us only use it as a sweetener. Here’s what you do if you have a zit and a jar of natural honey. You just dab a Q-tip of honey on the zit and let it stay there for an hour or, better still, overnight. Honey will take care of the bacterial infection, it will reduce the swelling and reddening as a result, and it will not dry up your skin in the process.

Note: If you have severe acne problem, consult your doctor. 

How to get rid of zits fast? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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