17 Beauty And Makeup Tips for Women over 30

People say that 30 is the new 20, however, most women over 30 would beg to differ. While yes, life suddenly becomes more fulfilling after you outgrow your party age, but when it comes to applying makeup after 30, the rules change. This doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to pull off bold and unique looks that showcase your creativity. It simply means that there are different tricks and rules to follow in order to pull them off successfully. Here are some tips for the amazing women over 30 who refuse to let society dictate how they get their glow on.

Here are our beauty tips…

Skin deep

We have to face facts, after the age of 30 our skin doesn’t behave the way it used to. There is no shame is having your experiences showcase through little lines on your face. However, keeping your makeup fresh looking all begins with how you prep and treat your skin. Try switching up your routine for one that focuses on problem areas. Whether you are trying to tone down fine lines or are dealing with the ever frustrating adult acne, there is a solution for whatever you are dealing with. So make sure to start clean and stay hydrated.

Fill them in

A great tool that any woman over 30 should have in their beauty arsenal is an amazing makeup primer. Try to find one with putty like consistency. Unlike heavy silicon primers, putty primers will fill in fine lines and pores ,which will help to smooth out skin surface, making your face a perfect canvas for any makeup look.   

Sun check

If you find that your trusty foundation that you have relied on for years is suddenly changing color under the sun, it is time for a change. Many foundations, especially drugstore brands, oxidize when exposed to the air outside. This can leave your face looking darker than the rest of your body. For some reason, oxidation seems to happen more frequently the older you get. If you find that this is happening to you, you should try to get your shade matched. Many beauty stores can help you find your perfect beauty shade. One good tip is to try it out before you buy it. Foundation is expensive, so take it for a test drive out in the sun before coughing up the big bucks.

Fluffy brows


One thing on your face that is sure to give away your age is your eyebrows. Hair thinning is a real thing that many women over 30 have to deal with. It doesn’t just end at the hairline either! Many women experience a thinning in their eyebrows as well. This is from years of plucking, threading and even waxing. So, how do you keep your eyebrows full and young looking once the thinning kicks it? You have to fake it until you make it. While you can spend hours filling in every little sparse area on your brow bone, there is a much easier way to achieve fuller brows. Try using a fiber brow gel. These types of brow products will plump up sparing brows and give your overall look a much more youthful vibe.

Oil up

If you want to treat the problem of thinning eyebrows and eyelashes instead of just covering them up, try using some oil. Castor oil has been used among the beauty community for years to help re-growth. All you need is a clean mascara wand and a little bit of oil. Saturate your brows and eyelashes each night with castor oil, before you go to bed. Over time you will find that your lashes will become more luscious and those bald patches in your brows will fill in.

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Hair removal

While preventing thinning hair is important, hair removal is equally important. Women over 30 notice changes to everything in their lives. One thing that many women don’t prepare for is the sudden appearance of hair all over their face. Whether is it simple peach fuzz or even a full on mustache, we got you covered! There are many permanent solutions when it comes to hair removal, however, there is something oddly satisfying in doing it yourself right at home. The easiest way to remove unwanted hair from your face is to use an at home waxing kit. Just be warned that your skin will be red and irritated for a couple hours after waxing, so plan on doing this long before applying makeup.

Diet is everything

After the age of 30 its time to face the fact that we can’t eat the way we used to. This doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge yourself from time to time. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and eating foods that are high in fiber, protein and hydration. This will help the surface of your skin stay plump. Dried out skin is a sure giveaway of your age. For extra measure, take your daily vitamins. Vitamins do more than just treat your body; they can keep your skin naturally glowing and full.

Foundation with care


These days foundation is much more than a way to create a perfectly even complexion. Many beauty brands have tapped into the over 30 market and are offering foundations that are perfectly designed to deal with aging skin concerns. From CC creams that are make with snail cream for correcting fine lines to retinol foundation treatments; you have options. So why not make you a perfect base for the rest of your makeup, while still treating your temperamental skin to some much needed TLC. Having a foundation that can help the appearance of your skin even after you take it off is a great way to keep your base looking youthful.

Lighten it up 

Highlighting is great way to bring some light into your face. However, once your skin texture starts to change, you need to be careful about what type of highlighter you are using. Thick concealers and contour sticks are only going to settle into fine lines and can cake up your face. When the product is too heavy, it will show under any light. So switch out your favorite heavy duty highlighting stick and opt for a more liquid like highlight instead.

Eyes show age

Nothing can give away a woman’s age more than her eyes. While there is no shame in aging, it is nice to keep people guessing for as long as you can. When covering up under eye circles and darkness, remember to keep it light. A heavy under eye concealer will make you look older. Try to use a lighter product sparingly. Older skin should avoid dragging down the concealer too far on the face. Start by using only a few dots of your concealer directly under the eye. Remember that less is more and that you can always build it up as needed. It is much harder to correct heavy looking under eyes than it is to build them up!

Eyelid prep

Eyeshadow primers are one of those things that even we were skeptical about at first, but when it comes to makeup looks on older skin, these primers can be your best friend. One thing that changes with age is the way that your eyelids are shaped. Extra creases and crinkles will surly change the way you apply eye shadow and liner. So give your eyelids a fair shot to hold onto product and use an eye shadow primer. If you don’t feel like throwing any more cash on beauty products, simply use the same concealer that you used under your eyes. This will not only help shadows to pop but will also give you a smoother eye surface to work with.

Matte over sheer

While fine lines around the eyes can give away age, your eyes will also give off the spark of light that will bring major life to your look. When it comes to doing an eye look for women over the age of 30, try to stick with mostly matte shades. Sheer and metallic shadows can fall into cracks and creases on your eyelids which can age you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use fun and glittery eye shadows either! This just changes the way that you may be used to using them. Give your eyelids a clean sweep of a bone toned matte shadow and deepen up your crease with a matte brown. To bring some twinkle to your look, finish up with a pat down of metallic or glitter shadow right in the center of your lid.

Youthful eyes

If you are trying a simpler eye look, you can still bring some serious youth and light to your eyes with this little trick. Take a light cream toned eyeshadow that has a little bit of sparkle and precise eye brush. Add a little bit of shadow to the inner corner of your eyes, the center of your lid and then directly under your brow bone. Follow up with a nude colored eyeliner right in your bottom waterline. It is important to make sure that the shadow you are using doesn’t have too much glitter if you are going for a natural look. This is a great trick to try even if you are not wearing makeup that day. Your eyes will appear brighter and bigger.

Cream over powder

Heavy powders can settle into fine lines and make you look older than you are. Make sure to set your makeup with a finely missed loose powder. Pressed powders tend to be heavier and harder to control. The best past about loose powders is that it is much easier to sweep away the excess. Try using a light liquid or cream blush and bronzer instead of powder to finish off your look. Balm and gel blushes are perfect for women over 30. They help plump the skin while also add a natural flush of color.

Lip liner

Everyone loves a bold lip color. But how do achieve a perfectly clean lip look when those little lines start popping up around your wonderful smile? The answer is easy – lip liner. However, lip liner is more than just the color of your lip choice. Yes, you should line your lips before applying lipstick to help keep your lipstick in place and clean looking. You should also follow up with a flesh toned liner or concealer. This will help to conceal those little lines and make your lips appear plumper. Add the flesh toned liner to the bottom of your lip as well as the bow or your lip to help them appear fuller and more youthful.

Spray away

Hydration is your best tool to keeping your makeup on point all day long. Aging skin needs lots of love and moisture to hold onto your look. Never leave home without your trusted rose water or purified water spray. Spraying your face throughout the day will help to keep your makeup from drying out and will also help to keep your face looking glowing and young.

Wash it off

The best advice we can give you for makeup over the age of 30 is to always take it off. When we were in our 20’s we wouldn’t think twice about falling asleep after a long day of partying with our full face of makeup still intact. However, in our 30’s we can’t get away with that anymore. Makeup eats at the surface of your skin and when left on too long will create more lines on your face. So no matter what you do, wash it off before hitting the sheets.

Age is just a number

There is nothing wrong with aging. Everybody does it and there is strength in knowing that everybody doesn’t like it. Knowing how to wear makeup over the age 30 does not mean that you are surrendering to the fact that you getting older. It means that you are not afraid to keep putting your best slaying face forward at any age. So get out there and get your glow on, you deserve it.  

Stay beautiful!


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