9 Amazing, Natural DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to have healthy, happy skin. They want that glowing, smooth look. But to achieve that look isn’t always easy. It can take some work to have flawless skin, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task! By using the right face masks, you can have the skin of your dreams in no time at all. And the best part? You can make all of these DIY face masks for glowing skin yourself! They’re natural, and you likely already have all the ingredients that you need right in your kitchen.

Avocado Oatmeal Face Mask

No, it isn’t the foundation of what sounds like a really healthy breakfast. It’s a fabulous DIY face mask for glowing skin that can be used to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it healthier in the process! It takes only two ingredients: avocado and oatmeal powder. These ingredients give the mask a healthy dose of Biotin, which is great for skin, as well as Vitamin A, and fatty acids, to moisturize and soften skin. Simply mix one tablespoon of mashed avocado with a tablespoon of oat powder with a fork (add a little water if it’s too thick), apply to your face, and leave for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off while gently rubbing in a small circular motion, and pat dry.

Banana Face Mask

Banana isn’t just delicious: It’s a great way to naturally firm up and soften your skin! This simple yellow fruit is filled with a lot of different vitamins that help to keep you looking young and beautiful, making it a perfect choice for a face mask. The first option is the most simple: mash a medium-sized ripe banana until it is a smooth paste, then apply and let it sit for ten to twenty minutes before rinsing off. Do you have acne? Then the second option might be better! Use a quarter cup of plain yogurt, two tablespoons honey (famous for its antibacterial properties), and a medium size banana. Mix and apply in the same manner as the first.

Milk Face Mask

You know that milk is good for your bones. But did you know that it’s good for your face too? Yes, that standard school lunch fare is a great way to keep your skin looking smooth and firm, while also being gentle enough to use on even on the most sensitive of skin. To make this face mask, take a quarter cup of powdered milk, then mix with just enough water to form a thick paste. Coat your face with this paste, making sure that it’s very thorough. Let dry, then rinse with warm water. Your face will feel smooth and look glowing.

Honey and Egg White Mask

This is another great DIY face mask for glowing skin. Sometimes, you just have to kill two birds with one stone. So, what are you supposed to do if you have acne, as well as skin that could use a little TLC? The answer is simple: Find a mask that can fix both at the same time! That’s where the honey and egg white mask comes along. It’s packed full of ingredients that can not only make your skin healthier, but also get rid of any troublesome acne. To start, take one egg white, a half of a small lemon, and a half a teaspoon of honey. Whip these ingredients together until fluffy, then apply. Rinse after ten or fifteen minutes.

Mustard Face Mask

It sounds a bit gross, honestly. But sometimes condiments make the best beauty tools, though it doesn’t seem like it would work. (On that note, please don’t try a ketchup mask.) If your skin really needs to be kicked into gear, then sometimes you have to pull out the big guns. Well, mild yellow mustard happens to be one of those big guns. Before trying this mask, however, you should definitely try it on a small area of skin to make sure that your skin can handle it, also, don’t use it if you have a sensitive skin. Afterwards, just spread over the problem area, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off. This mask can enhance skin circulation, kickstarting it’s natural moisturizing and nourishing functions, improving the texture and skin tone. Don’t keep this mask on your face to too long, a few minutes is enough. If you feel itching or see redness, then rinse immediately.

Yogurt Face Mask

More breakfast foods are on the way, but it isn’t to eat! No, once again, standard morning snacks are being used to keep you looking your very best. In this case, though, you’re going to be tempted to eat your DIY face mask for glowing skin, rather than apply it. Try to resist; it’s yummy, but not as good as flawless skin. To make this mask, mash up a single ripe strawberry in a bowl along with one teaspoon of raw honey and one teaspoon yogurt. After washing your face with a gentle wash, pat it dry. Then smooth the mask onto your face using clean fingers. Let it sit until it dries, about ten to fifteen minutes. Then gently scrub off using warm water, following with a quick splash of cool water.

Vinegar Face Mask

Vinegar is one of the oldest types of DIY face mask for glowing skin known to mankind, dating back to millenia. That makes it one of the best options that you have when it comes to getting beautiful skin. Thankfully, it works quickly and wonderfully, making it a great choice in skin care. To make this mask, mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water. Apply the mask to your face (be gentle!) and let it dry. This can help to smooth and firm your skin, as well as shrinking any noticeable pores, so that your complexion looks healthier than ever!

Mayonnaise Face Mask

Yeah, we’re not done with the condiment kick just yet. It isn’t just mustard that can keep your skin in top-notch shape:  Mayonnaise can pull its own weight, too! The main reason for that is the ingredients that go into making natural mayonnaise (read: not the kind you normally grab at the supermarket): egg yolk, lemon juice, white wine vinegar and olive oil. Eggs are great for keeping skin tight and youthful, as we’ve mentioned before in this article. To make this mask mix in a bowl: 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. To use, apply this mayonnaise mask over your face, leave on for fifteen minutes, and then rinse off with cool water. Don’t use hot or warm. And, seriously, don’t try a ketchup mask. 😉

Face masks are one of the best tools in a girl’s beauty arsenal. They’re perfect for both daily use, and for more intensive treatment. So, add these easy to use and easy to make masks to your repertoire, and see your skin transform and flourish like a beautiful flower!

What is your favourite DIY face mask for glowing skin?

Stay beautiful!

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