9 Amazing DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know About

Doing your makeup is like doing art: there might not be a wrong way to do it, but there are ways that look better than others. It does take some skill and practice to get the perfect look. But, with these DIY (do it yourself) beauty hacks, applying makeup is a cinch!

Out of Liner? Use Mascara!

Eyeliner is a big part of a person’s makeup. It can transform a look from subtle to professional to daring. That’s why it’s one of the most important items that you can have with you at all times. Unfortunately, that also means that you’re going to be using it up quicker than the rest of your beauty arsenal. But all is not lost! You can still achieve that beautiful, defined look, all with the help of mascara! All that you need to do is get a good bit of mascara on the mascara wand, then run an eyeliner brush (or a cotton swab, if you’re in dire straits) over it. Voilà! Eyeliner.

Use White Eyeshadow

White shadow is under appreciated when it comes to shadow palettes. Most of the time, it is completely ignored in favor of the bolder, more obvious colors. But white shadow has its uses, and you should take advantage of them! For example, if you really want your eyeshadow to stick and pop out, layer some white shadow under it before applying. It gives it a good base, allowing it to show much better. Are you trying to contour your face, or simply doing a smoky eye? Put a small stroke of white shadow just under the tail of your eyebrow, and one small dab at the inner corner of your eyes. It gives depth.

Make Your Own Lipstick

This is one of amazing DIY beauty hacks that can be useful when you can’t find the right shade of lipstick. This is especially true if you’re talking about lipstick in nude or blush shades. One might be too light, the other too dark, the next not in the right color group. What’s a girl to do? Why not make your own, of course! And it’s easy: all that you need is your favorite eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer; and some Vaseline or clear lip gloss. Take the Vaseline or lip gloss, and rub it on your lips. Next, take the shadow, blush, or bronzer, and dab it over the base with your ring finger until you achieve the desired shade.

Pump Your Lips With Peppermint

Everyone wants plumper lips. But there are few ways you can get them without having to go to a plastic surgeon for some injections. Thankfully, you can achieve this look with nothing more than a bit of peppermint oil! This oil helps to increase blood flow to your lips, giving them a fuller look without a doctor’s appointment. To get this benefit, simply mix some of the oil into your gloss before applying. All that you need is a drop or two; more can be uncomfortable. Want something a little hotter than cold peppermint? Cinnamon oil works well, and smells delicious.

Foundation Too Dark? Use It As Bronzer!

Most women have had this happen at least once:  You got to the store to pick up some new foundation, only to get home and find out that it’s too dark for your skin. While a lot of women just sigh and throw it away, there are ways that you can use it! There’s no more wasting necessary. If you’ve come home with a too-dark foundation, just repurpose it as a bronzer. You can use it just as you would any other bronzer: apply it to the tops of your cheeks, hairline and the middle of your nose, where the sun would naturally hit your face, for a tanned, healthy look.

Face Oily? Hit the Bathroom… Seriously

For many people, oily skin is something that they have to battle everyday. But even those with dry skin are likely to have a day where their skin looks more like a cheap pizza than the dewy, shimmering look that they’d hoped for. And, oh look: you’re out of blotting paper. What’s a girl to do? Hit the bathroom! If you’re in a public place, the restrooms are likely to have toilet seat covers. Snag one, tear off a piece, and use it to blot your face. Not near a bathroom? Coffee filters can work, too.

Lip Balm for Unruly Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a big thing right now. Literally. More and more celebrities and models are rocking full, dark eyebrows. Tweezing seems to be a thing of the past, to the relief of many with sore brow ridges. But what if your brows take the bit of freedom you give them, and run with it? You can tame it with some Chapstik. Lip balm works wonders in keeping your brows in check while letting them become full and beautiful. Just take a stick of the clear stuff, and make a light pass over your brows.

Revive Your Pencil Lighter with Fire

Honestly, what can’t be solved with fire? Well, a lot of things. But fire can seriously help breathe new life into an eyeliner pencil that’s lost its boldness. If your pencil has started to dull and leave only faint marks, all that you’ll need is a lighter, match, or candle. Anything that has fire. Once you’ve got the fire, all that you have to do is hold your pencil over it. Keep it there until you see the makeup part of it start to get a little melted. (Though don’t let it melt completely.) Give it a moment to cool off (Pro-tip: check with your finger!), then use. It’ll amaze you!

Strawberries for Soft, Soothed Lips

This is one of those fabulous DIY beauty hacks that is not only useful, but also smells great. Everyone loves strawberries. They taste good, they smell amazing, and they can work wonders on your lips. If your lips are feeling a little rough at the moment (chapped, peeling, or just sore), you can soothe them with a single strawberry. To use, simply grab a strawberry and either cut it in half, or poke a few holes in it. Then, squeeze a bit to release the juices. Rub the strawberry over your lips, giving it a decent coating. The juice will help soothe your lips, add a beautiful tint and it tastes great! Afterwards, you should eat the strawberry. Or ten.

Doing your makeup beautifully and making use of what you have at home is a skill that everyone who wears makeup should have. With these tips, you’re off to a great start!

What are your favourite DIY beauty hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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