8 Problems every pale lady faces and how to fix them

Let’s start by saying that it’s cool to be pale. Yes, that’s right, the days when the deeper the tan was, the more attractive the person having it looked are long gone, and good riddance to them. Some people are born paler than others, and there’s nothing they can do about it, even if they try as hard as they can. But why should you even try? OK, you may want to see yourself with a suntan for a while, just to sort of try a different look, but it’s hardly worth the effort and the actual sunburns you will get. Remember, paleness was a true mark of beauty for a very long time, and ladies through the centuries went to extremes in their attempts to get not darker but even paler skin, such as using lead-containing powder on their faces, which could be fatal, and consuming arsenic, with the same fatal consequences. Still, we, palefaces do have our own problems that no one with different skin colour would probably understand.

1. The camera flash is not among your best friends

Unfortunately, pale people tend to look ghostly in pictures requiring a flash. On the other hand it’s fun seeing yourself as a translucent, unearthly being. It’s fun! Plus you can make your friends promise that you’ll have another photo shoot in the sunlight, where no flash will be required. Fair is fair, after all. Also, when you know that photos will be taken, avoid applying foundation with high SPF levels, as it tends to give you a white cast in pictures, because such foundations were designed to reflect UV rays.

2. People demonstrate undue concern for your health

Every one of us has heard: “Are you OK, you look pale?”, at least once, but more like a hundred times. It’s annoying, true, and it gets boring, so you can devote some time to equipping yourself with a set of smart comebacks to this questions. Such as, for example: “No, I was born this beautiful” or “Did you know that in the 16th century women actually poisoned themselves to look paler? Fair skin was cool!”

3. You veins show through your skin 

This, as some of us believe, is actually a blessing in disguise. Just think about how easier it is for any nurse to take a blood sample, because your veins can be easily seen and thus more easily located, sparing you a lot of pain. Also, there’s a certain aristocratic flair about skin so translucent that the veins show, don’t you think? We certainly do. So, don’t think of your pale skin as if it’s a flaw, because it’s a blessing.

4. Skin irritations are more visible 

That’s a very annoying problem, for sure. Any skin imperfection stands out more on pale skin, because white is the perfect background for anything. Besides being grateful for the invention of concealers, you may also consider all the quick beauty tips for dealing with sudden blemishes and dry patches. There are more than enough beauty tips in this area, seriously, from aloe vera juice to deeply moisturising avocado masks. Just take your pick.

5. You have to stay in the shade a lot 

Here is another blessing in disguise: the fact that you need to frequently apply a maximum-factor sunscreen and keep out of the sun is actually the best protection against skin aging. We know that you know this deep inside but you may have pushed it to the back of your mind, looking at the evenly bronzed bodies around you on the beach. Those bronzed bodies will require a lot more maintenance in a few years, than you would need with your youthful ivory skin that does not get touched by the sun.

6. White and pastels are not your colours

There’s only one response to this myth and it’s a blunt one – rubbish! Anyone can wear whatever colour they want, regardless of skin colour. Saying that someone shouldn’t wear white or light yellow, because they’re pale is like saying that brunettes shouldn’t wear brown, because of their hair colour. So a white dress won’t have a contrast with your skin, and so what? Instead, it will make you look like the angel you are. Also, don’t believe anyone who tells you that black is not your colour. Some people can never be content with anything, right?

7. Bold makeup is bolder on fair skin

Some people consider this a major problem but may be they’re just not looking hard enough for lipstick and eyeshadow colours that they would like. Instead of wasting hours on the hunt for pastel makeup, why not go for the nude look? It’s all the rage, and you can make the lip balm really work for you, if it’s subtly coloured. On the other hand, bright lipsticks and smokey eyes are also in this season, so being bold with your makeup is really not a problem.

8. It’s difficult to find the right foundation

Sometimes even the lightest shade of foundation is too dark for you. We know! But this is the problem with the easiest solution: just skip the foundation. Take good and regular care of your skin, and no foundation will be necessary (a touch of concealer here and there will be enough), it’s as simple as that. The less makeup you use, the better it is for your skin anyway, so don’t lose any sleep over this. Also, there are alternatives to foundation such as primer plus powder.

There are a lot of tactless people out there that are bound to tell you, jokingly, that you look like a vampire without even thinking that you may have already heard this one before and they’re not being very original. Take it as a compliment. Ladies with gorgeous fair skin are beautiful!

Stay happy!

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