8 Beauty tips for fair skin

It doesn’t matter if your are blonde or brunette…if you have pale skin, you would be interested to discover certain beauty secrets, specific only to your fair skin type. Today, let’s talk about beauty tips and tricks for ladies with porcelain complexion:

1) Colorful lips

If you want to look fresh and healthy, avoid wearing light, pale lipstick colors. In fact, these colors can make you look sick, instead of healthy. Be aware of it and avoid. Wear bright lipstick colors instead.

2) Avoid neutral eyeshadows

If you have pale skin and, especially, if you also have light blonde hair, try to avoid pale eyeshadow colors, because light colors won’t give dimension to your eyes. Go for eyeshadow options that will emphasise your natural eye color and will make your eyes stand out.

3) Use an eyeliner

Actually, if you don’t know which eyeshadow color to pick up or you just don’t like using eyeshadows, you can use an eyeliner. As for eyeliner colors, as mentioned previously, avoid colors that are too pale, go for those that will make your eyes pop. If you find that black eyeliner looks too harsh against your pale skin, try brown or grey one; these eyeliner options look very lovely and harmonious on ladies with pale, porcelain skin.

3) Mascara is a must!

If you have fair skin, you definitely need to add some more dimension to your face. A swipe of good, black mascara will make your eyes pop and stand out!

4) Chose your foundation shade carefully

Being myself blessed with a very pale skin, I know the troubles light skinned girls can encounter, when picking up their foundation color. (Often, it looks pinkish, greyish or yellowish). When we try different foundation colors in the shop, we tend to swatch it on our hand. This is a mistake! The color of your hand isn’t the closest one to your skin tone, therefore, test your foundation on the side of your face instead and go out in natural day light to see if the product blends seamlessly with your beautiful fair skin. Don’t be shy, ask for samples and try foundations at home…we don’t want to throw away money and buy useless, mismatching shades of foundation, do we?

5) Blush and bronzer are your best friends

If you have fair, porcelain skin, make sure to warm it up by using a blush and a bronzer. Apply bronzer to those areas, where the sun would, naturally, hit your face: on your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and, even, on your neck. Bronzer will give you slightly sun kissed look, you’ll love it! Avoid using very dark bronzers, because they won’t look natural on your pale skin. Instead, pick up a bronzer that is just a couple of shades darker, than your skin tone, this way you won’t overdo it with this product. If you don’t like using bronzers or you find that they all look too orangey, then, try to apply a face powder that is just a couple of shades darker than the color of your skin; use it to contour your face. Many girls with fair skin adore this beauty secret! Finally, make sure to, always, use a blush! Smile and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Blush will, instantly, add freshness and glow to your complexion.

6) Protect your beautiful fair skin from the sun

If you want your gorgeous, porcelain skin to look younger for longer and you desire to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots – always wear sunscreen! Wear it even on cloudy days, because sun rays are always at work, whether it’s sunny or rainy outside! If you aren’t a fan of sunscreen creams, make sure to, at least, wear sunglasses and hats, all this will prevent sun damage.

7) How to sooth fair skin?

Usually, fair skin is more susceptible to various irritations and redness, therefore, make sure to always treat your skin gently; avoid harsh movements when taking off your makeup. Never use face products with harsh ingredients, such as alcohol, strong chemical peeling agents, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. Go for mild options instead and chose products that are made especially for sensitive skin.

Use soothing treatments, such as rose water or freshly made cucumber juice, to tone your skin every morning. Rose water will gently care and hydrate your beautiful fair skin, sooth it, adding softness and glow; cucumber juice will also nourish, refresh and sooth your skin.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?

When using cucumber paste or cucumber juice for your face, make sure to apply cucumber slices on your closed eyes for about 5 minutes, it will, efficiently, help reduce dark circles under eyes and eye puffiness.

8) Natural skin lightening tips

If you don’t like using skin lightening creams, loaded with chemicals, you can use natural skin whitening treatments, as an alternative. Apply plain, unflavoured yogurt on your face and neck (avoiding eye area) for about 10 minutes and then, wash it off with lukewarm water. (Make sure you aren’t allergic to yogurt, before doing this facial mask). This natural, simple remedy will help lighten and refresh your skin, as well as get rid of unwanted tan.

You can also use freshly cut slices of potato to get rid of unwanted pigmentation and blemishes. Just apply potato slices on your clean face (or use freshly made potato paste), keep it on your skin for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Do it regularly (about 3-4 times a week) and see your porcelain, fair skin get lighter and brighter!

Also, remember to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water, if you want to keep your fair skin fresh and young looking for longer.

What are your favourite beauty tips for fair skin? Please feel free to share your own beauty secrets, tips and tricks in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


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