7 Tips On How to Fix Your Makeup after an Unsightly Cry, So That Nobody Will Know

There is no better feeling than leaving the house knowing that everything is on point. Your hair is flowing just right and your makeup is glowing and amazing. Even your winged eyeliner that can tend to be your enemy is sharper than a knife. You get to work riding the high of a cosmic makeup experience only to find that you’re met head on with too many tasks and not enough time and, on top of that, you might learn some overwhelming news that just makes you melt in tears. Before you know it, your perfect cat eyeliner is dripping down your face in a wave of tears.

We’ve all been there. Life can be stressful and emotional, and while there is no weakness in a solid crying experience, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your confident beauty when you are overwhelmed. So take a deep breath and try one of these tricks to fix your makeup after a crying session the next time raccoon eyes rears its ugly head.

  • Be Prepared

The best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to keeping your crying habits close to the vest is to be prepared. Make yourself a travel kit that is compact and discreet enough to keep at your desk, in your car or even right in your purse. This will be your first defence against those awkward stares from the people around you. This doesn’t mean that you have to bring your whole makeup collection along with you. You just need the essentials. Concealer and mascara are the two most important elements to this kit. This will help to refresh your eye makeup. Makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs are also an important tool to have. This way you can remove traces of dripping mascara and eyeliner without having to sacrifice your entire face of makeup.

  • Ice Packs And Eye Drops

Before you can even think about reapplying your eye makeup, you have to first calm your skin down. If you’re like most emotional girls, your whole face gets red and your eyes swell up. Not to mention the unsightly dark circles that soon follow. Take care of the sensitive skin around your eyes by reducing swelling with an ice pack. You can even keep a couple of spoons in the freezer. Spoon shape will perfectly cool down your eyes, while the cold metal will reduce swelling.

Red reducing eye drops will help to clear up your bloodshot eyes. Even when you get your makeup back up and running, red eyes will be a dead giveaway that you just emotionally cried in the closet for twenty minutes. Once your eyes are clear and de-puffed, you can start to build back up your makeup, as well as your confidence.

  • Brighten It Up!

Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Reach for a concealer with peachy undertones. Pink concealers will help to cancel out the blacks and blues that have formed around your eyes. Also, choose a shade that is one shade lighter than your foundation. This will not only help to neutralise dark circles, but it will also give you a brighter and more awaken appearance. Crying…what crying? Your eyes will be bright and ready to tackle the next overwhelming task that is thrown your way. Make sure to set your peachy concealer with a translucent powder to keep it in place for the rest of your day.

  • Color Correcting For Crying

After a productive crying session, your face can look like one big cherry. Bright red cheeks, visible purple veins…A girl can look pretty terrifying after a crying session. This is where color correction comes in handy. Green concealers do a great job of covering up redness, while yellow toned concealers work wonders on purple veins. Once you have tapped in the concealer on the spots that need it, follow up with a light BB or CC cream to help balance out your complexion.  It will almost be like the crying never happened.

  • Avoid The Dreaded Cake Face

One big mistake that many people make when trying to erase the evidence of a healthy crying session is to pack more makeup on. This can only create a paste on your face, which will eventually dry down to a cake like finish. Caked on makeup will crack and fall into all those fine lines on your face. This is a dead giveaway that you just poured your emotions out.  Instead, try a makeup wipe to clear away spotty makeup and start fresh.

  • Plump Up Your Face

The key to get your glow back is to get your skin back to its supple pre-cry self. This can be easily achieved with the help of moisturisers and skin oils. Before color correcting and concealing dark circles under eyes, feed your thirsty skin. Crying can really rip that much needed moisture out of your skin and can leave your face dull or lifeless. After you’ve removed the tear tracks, treat yourself to an on the go facial. Your skin really does glow from the inside out, so starting with a soft base will plump up your skin.

  • Bring Life Back Into Your Face

Once you have built your makeup back up, you may find that your face still looks a little dull and tired. Even if you layered on moisturiser and face oils, sometimes your emotional exhaustion can still get the best of you.  This is where your trusted powders and highlighters come in handy! Start off by adding the dimension back into your face with a shimmering bronzer. Follow your natural contour lines to pull back some of your now swollen features. Using a bronzer with a little bit of shimmer and shine will also help light to reflect off your face, which will help you look like that glowing goddess you were when you left the house.

Follow up the bronzer with a bright pop of cheek color and an illuminating highlighter. A good tip would be to use a cream based blush and highlighter. This will help to not only add some softness to your face but will also help you to avoid the over powdered look. You can even add a touch of cream highlighter into your BB cream or concealer to give you the perfect overall glow.

Get Your Confidence Back

While makeup does not make the person, it sure doesn’t hurt. Fixing your makeup after an unsightly cry doesn’t have to mean that you are hiding your sensitivity either. Being your best you – means that you are comfortable in your own skin. So get out of that bathroom stall and get your confidence back. You got this. 

Do you have other tips on how to fix your makeup after crying?

Stay beautiful!

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    January 31, 2018 at 6:21 am

    Nice tips… this is nice post.


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