Beauty mistakes can be really annoying, especially, when you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to fix them. Today, I will share with you some easy and quick beauty solutions to fix some of the most typical and common beauty mistakes:

1) How to remove deodorant stains?

If you decided to wear a black dress and, suddenly, you discover that you, accidentally, left white deodorant stains right where everyone can see them…Don’t worry. To fix it, avoid rubbing it with water, because you don’t want to hit the world wet, right? Instead, just use your synthetic tights or simple baby wipes, rub the stained place with your tights (or baby wipes), and the deodorant stains are gone!

2) Lip color on your teeth

If you love wearing bright lipstick, you probably know that, sometimes, it loves to leave stains on your front teeth, which can be very embarrassing, especially, if you are actively trying to charm someone. To avoid this unwanted disaster, do this: after you’ve applied your lipstick, stick your index finger into your  mouth, close your lips tightly around the finger and slowly pull your finger out of the mouth. You will see that the excess of lipstick will stick to your finger, leaving you confident and fearless regarding teeth stains. You can also swipe a very thin layer of Vaseline across your front teeth, so that lipstick won’t be able to adhere.

3) Shiny face fix

If you easily get shiny and, suddenly, you discover that you’ve ran out of blotting papers, don’t worry. Here is the solution: you can fix this problem by blotting your face with a toilet paper or toilet seat cover (sounds gross, but it works), it will help absorb excess oil saving you from the embarrassment.

4) How to get rid of frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is a typical beauty mistake, which many ladies try to fix using water, but this solution can live your hair wet instead of frizzy; we don’t want that, right? Instead, take a pea-sized amount of body lotion, rub your hands together and work it into your frizzy locks, concentrating only on frizzies and flyaways, giving them weight; make sure to avoid the roots, we don’t want greasiness!

5) Broken nail fix…

Broken nail can not only be painful, but it can also be annoyingly caught on things. If you are somewhere away from home and you broke your nail, ask someone for a matchbox and file your nail on the rough side of it to smooth out rough nails.

6) Blush overload

If you’ve applied too much blush, while finishing up your makeup, don’t worry. Here is the fix: if it’s a powder blush, then dust some of your face powder over it to diffuse the bright tone; if you overloaded your cheeks with a cream blush, then you can tone it down using a light amount of liquid foundation on a sponge. If you’ve applied too much bronzer or eyeshadow, you can fix it the same way.

7) Too much perfume

We, girls, love perfume, this is why, often, we exaggerate with it’s intensity. If you’ve applied too much perfume and you don’t have time to shower, try removing the heavy scent using baby wipes or neutralize it by dabbing the perfumed area with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

I hope you found the above tips useful. What are your tips on how to fix common beauty mistakes? Share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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