7 Must-know quick fix beauty tips

A beauty emergency – how dreadful this sounds! But it can happen to everyone and it has happened to all of us. Anything from puffy eyes due to lack of sleep to flat hair or running makeup and even a broken stiletto heel at just the wrongest moment. Ladies who’ve been there have come out of the crisis wiser and better prepared for the next time. Here are some tried and tested beauty tips for quick fixes of the face and body.

1. Puffy eyes 

The reasons for this seriously annoying problem are more than we’d bother listing but there is a universal quick fix – ice water. You can dip your whole face in a bowl of water mixed with cubes of ice, you can wrap a couple of cubes in a clean dishcloth and press them gently over the puffy areas, or you can simply soak the dishcloth in the ice water and make a compress from it. Don’t get yourself frozen though – just a few seconds is enough for the ‘whole-face-in-the-bowl’ trick, as well as for the ‘ice cubes in the cloth’ tip. If you go with the ice water compress, keep it for a couple of minutes.

2. Pimples

This is one of the most terrible and vexatious troubles of the modern woman. Pimples pop out at the worst possible moment and they tend to be difficult to hide, especially, if they’re large. But there’s a surprisingly simple solution: Visine and the like. These drops clear your red eyes by shrinking the blood vessels in them. They can act in the same way on the blood vessels around and in the pimple, which have expanded because of the infection. Soak a Q-tip in the solution and rub into the pimpe to reduce the redness, then use your usual concealer.

3. Runny makeup 

It could happen when it’s hot outside, when you’re hot for one reason or another or when it’s been a long day and you’re still far from going home. For such emergencies you should always carry a makeup bag around in your bag, so when this happens you can pop into the nearest lady’s room, take out your concealer and rub it on the runny part of your makeup. Alternatively, you can use some oil-free primer to fix the mess. Just don’t waste time with the makeup remover – you’ll then have to do everything all over again.

4. Flat hair 

It can happen to anyone and even the quickest fixes take a few minutes, so don’t expect wonders within seconds. One way to get some life back into your flat hair is by spraying it with dry shampoo from root to tip, then brushing it in the same direction. That’s an emergency measure. In case you’re at home and your hair is by nature flat and thin, after washing and blowdrying it, switch the blow drier to “cool”, turn your head upside down, and blow at your hair to create pockets of air between the tresses that will make it look more voluminous.

5. Clumpy mascara

Perhaps you’ve forgotten to see the “use by” date, because this commonly happens when the mascara is too old. So, throw it away but what to do with the clumps? Take a baby wipe and gently wipe away the clumpy stuff from your lashes. By wiping away we mean taking the wipe between thumb and index finger, clamping the lashes between them and gently pulling until the clumps are removed. Then take some Vaseline, put a little on your finger tips and touch the tips of your eyelashes. The petroleum jelly will act as a comb, separating each lash and at the same time making them look darker.

6. Quick shave

In case you’re in a rush and have forgotten to shave while in the shower (it could happen to anyone when there’s too much on your mind), you can do it quickly by first rubbing some coconut oil into your legs. First, it will prevent the not-so-pleasant effects of the blade on dry skin and second, it will make your legs more silky afterwards, eliminating the need for following up with lotion or moisturiser. Make sure you keep some coconut oil in your bathroom, it can be used for so many things. Like what? Like removing makeup from your eyes, for example. Seriously, it removes makeup effortlessly.

7. Smudged nail polish

You keep still, you don’t wave your hands around and, surprise, surprise, you still end up smudging your beautiful freshly polished nails. Keep calm and reach for the nail polish remover. Now, you can either use a Q-tip or your own finger. Take a small quantity of the remover liquid, a couple of drops, and very lightly brush the smudged area. Then wait for it to dry and then, also very lightly, put some polish in the “gap”. Wait for this one to dry too, then put another layer of polish over the whole nail to smooth things out. Yeah this one is not so quick but things rarely work within seconds when it comes to nail polish.

So, what are your favourite quick fix beauty tips?

Stay happy!

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