6 Amazing nail painting tips you need to try

Nails are there to be painted, that’s the motto of many a fashion-conscious ladies. Easy to say but oftentimes harder to do. Avoiding smudges around the nail, keeping it flawless until it dries, combining colours, applying decorative designs, these are just some of the problems we have with our beautifully polished nails. Plus, of course, the worst of all: how to cover up a chipped nail? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to help you with these problems.

1. Cuticle care 

Our first one of important nail painting tips is to take regular care of your cuticles – moisturise them with special oils (like coconut oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil) or simply make sure you use hand cream regularly and don’t forget to rub some into the cuticles. Some people also use Vaseline or another mineral oil for cuticle maintenance, it works, but we give our preference to natural products, such as Shea butter, for example. However meticulous you are about your nail polish routine, if you don’t take care of your cuticles they will start getting dry, rough and will start peeling off at the edges, which won’t do your overall hand look any good. Not to mention that nail polish smudges on the cuticles can be cleaned much more easily, if the cuticles themselves are well moisturised. Do not cut them.

2. Don’t forget about base coat

Some nail experts advise that you always, always use a base coat. While it makes the whole nail-painting process a bit longer, it compensates by making the polish more durable, so you don’t actually lose anything. With a base coat, your polish will last a couple of days more than without it, and it will enhance the main colour, so it will stand out better. An additional reason to make base coat part of your nail-polishing routine is that, if you like bright or dark colours, the base coat will help you avoid stains from them on your nails.

3. Colour combinations

Basically you are free to combine any two or more colours that you like, though you do need some experience in order to make the combination work. In case you’re wondering which colours go together, here are a few suggestions from the experts. White colour and purple make for a fresh, bright colour combo on your nails. If you want a cool, breezy look, you can pair teal and silver, or light pink and mint blue. For a passionate set of nails, use bright red plus gold, that’s an all-time classic, or turquoise and black. White polish combined with a copper shade is also an elegant combo, and so is combining navy blue and light lavender.

4. The three-stroke rule

Here is another one of great nail painting tips: experts explain that for each coat of nail polish you need no more than three strokes. One on the left side of the nail, one on the right, and one in the middle. This will only work, of course, if you’ve got a sufficient amount of polish on the brush, so make sure that when you take it out of the bottle, it has a clearly visible bead of polish on it. The brush has a secondary role in the whole thing, the star performer is the polish that disperses evenly on each of your nails. The brush just guides it. If you’ve ever tried to paint your nail with not enough polish, you’ll know perfectly well what we mean.

5. Fixing mistakes

However dextrous you are, you run the risk of smudging a freshly polished nail or going beyond nail boundaries, especially, if you’re using your less skillful hand. Few of us are lucky to be ambidextrous, so here are some useful nail painting tips for the rest. Use an old lip brush to clean around the edges of the nail. Just dip it in nail polish remover and very carefully run it along the cuticles. As for smudges, you can try dropping a small drop of polish remover on the smudge, wait for a minute while it thins out the area, and then reapply a coal of the same colour. Finish with a top coat to make your manicure last longer. In addition to enhanced durability, top coats reduce the risk of chipping – an affair that although fixable, is better to be avoided.

6. DIY designs 

You can easily do a lot of different designs in the comfort of your own home. How about an hombre, for example? What you need is  two bottles of nail polish (different colours of course) and a sponge. After the base coat, apply the lighter colour, wait for it to dry, then mix some of it with the other colour on any flat surface, dip the sponge into it and dab it on the tips of your nails. For a fishnet design, use a piece of old loofah. Just place it on your nail and fix it in its place with one hand, then paint on it with the other. For a French mani, put a rubber band around your finger, just at the edge of your nail tips, then paint above it. If you’re good at drawing, you can also use a sharpie for unique nail designs.

What are your favorite nail painting tips?

Stay happy!

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