1. Morning makes the day

Start your day with a “miracle” water. Drink it every morning to boost your metabolism and detoxify your body. The recipe of the water is really simple.  Take one glass of pure good quality water and add two tea spoons of Aloe Vera juice, one tea spoon of apple vinegar, one or two tea spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey to your taste. You’ll get a refreshing drink with a delicious taste. Drinking this miracle water will help your weight loss, digestion and immune function. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, you will see the first positive results on your skin already in 5-7 days. A small tip: buy all the ingredients for the “miracle” water in a bio or health food shop.

2. Eat healthy

A man is what he eats, says the proverb. There is nothing better for our health than raw fruits and vegetables. Try to start all your meals with a portion of a fresh salad. It will reduce hunger and allow you eat less for the main course, which is particularly beneficiary for those of you who try to loose weight. Moreover, vegetables create a “security cushion” in our stomach for unhealthy stuff that we get with the meal, preventing it from being absorbed by our intestine. A small tip: try to eat fruits and vegetables separately. A value from a fruit dinner or a salad dinner will be greater than from a mixed one.

3. Take vitamins

It’s not possible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from the food only. On the pages of this magazine we try to promote a healthy and natural way of life. So, my trick for consuming vitamins from the natural sources is to take bee pollen. Bee pollen is the only natural food that contains almost all the 22 elements of which the human body is composed. It helps build body resistance to diseases and is especially good in fighting bad mood, failing memory, poor intestinal activity, high cholesterol level and it stimulates appetite. A small tip: mix one tea spoon of natural bee pollen in a glass of milk, yogurt or kefir. If you are on a diet, this “miracle” cocktail could be a perfect substitute to your dinner.

4. Take care of your skin

The key to a smooth and glowing skin is in its profound cleansing and moisturising. Use oatmeal for soft peeling when you wash your face in the evening. (Just mix crushed oatmeal with water and gently massage your face with it). You might want to leave it on your face for couple of minutes. Depending on your skin type, you might not even need a cream after using this mask. About a cream: you will find plenty of recipes of self-made creams on the pages of this magazine.  They are so much better for your skin than “chemical” ones! A small tip: use rose or orange water as the base for your morning make-up instead of cream. These two waters help moisturise your skin and give it a delicate nice smell throughout all day.

5.Keep your body in shape 

Even if you have a couple of extra kilos, bringing your muscles back in shape and taking proper care of your skin will make a huge difference in the way you look. You should not necessarily torture yourself in the gym. When there is nice and sunny day outside, make a couple of jogging rounds in the park. If the weather is gloomy, go to the swimming pool or download exercises on youtube that you can do at home. A small tip: if you don’t have much time for sports (like the majority of us), you can work out for only 20 minutes a day, but do this – everyday! It won’t cost you much of an effort but will improve your discipline and give a very positive effect on the way you look.

These are 5 simple recommendations that I apply everyday to preserve my beauty and get confidence. Although, there is one more trick that you, for sure, are already aware about – a sincere smile. It works for me. What are your tricks for staying in great shape?

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