Curled lashes help to visually open up you eyes, add youthfulness to your look and make your lashes appear a lot longer and fuller. There are various ways to curl your lashes, let’s discuss some of them:

1) Curl your lashes using your fingers.

For this technique, apply your mascara first and wait till it dries completely. Now, push all your lashes upwards with your fingertips lined up and pointing upwards. Hold your lashes like this for about a minute and then, repeat this step couple of times, until you obtain the desired curl.

2) Eyelash curler tips:

Another (obvious) way to curl your lashes is using an eyelash curler. Use this tool on clean lashes prior to applying mascara.

Here are some tips for curling your eyelashes like a pro:
– Start curling at the base of your lashes and make sure that you get all the hairs in the curler, avoid getting any skin into the tool, because it can be very painful.
– Hold your eyelash curler for about 5 seconds, if you want to have a good curl instead of a crimp.
– Curl your eyelashes in 3 sections: at the base of your lashes, middle and close to the tip to get that beautiful, natural curl.
– Exceptionally (and, yes, I repeat – rarely!) you can use your eyelash curler on your lashes with mascara on, but make sure that your mascara is already completely dry and don’t squeeze too much, otherwise your lashes can stick to the curler and you can damage them or, even, pull them out. Make sure you only use this technique exceptionally and rarely, on special occasions, because it can be really damaging to the lashes.
– You can slightly warm up your eyelash curler with a blow drier to get beautiful result, but avoid overheating your tool, because having the hot metal next to your eye is dangerous and can cause damage. Also, definitely avoid doing it every day!

There are various eyelash curlers available on the market, here are some of the best ones, on my opinion: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, JAPONESQUE Power Curl Eyelash Curler, Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler, Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler.

How do you make your eyelashes stay curled for longer?

Well, there are various methods, and some of them I, personally, don’t like. Methods like applying hair spray or hair gel on your eyelash curler prior to curling your lashes don’t sound convincing to me, because these products can irritate your eyes and provoke allergies. My method for making your eyelashes stay curled for longer is simple: first, curl your lashes and then, use a waterproof mascara; it tends to hold curly shape better and longer. Waterproof formula has drier consistency and lighter weight, therefore, it can freeze your lashes in curly position quicker. Many girls avoid using waterproof mascara because of the difficult removal process, but honestly, when you use right products, such as Bioderma or any natural oil (or oil based makeup remover), then, there is no pain to effortlessly remove a waterproof mascara. Some of the coolest waterproof mascaras include Cle De Peau Beaute The Mascara, Maybelline New York Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara, Very Black and NEW 2013 Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara Black, Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara, Very Black .

3) How to curl your lashes using a spoon?

If you forgot our eyelash curler while packing your bags before travelling, don’t worry, there is another easy way to curl your lashes – use a simple tea spoon. Warm it up very slightly with warm water (because using cold spoon can, definitely, be uncomfortable). Press the back of the spoon against your eyelashes and hold it like this for few seconds. Then, apply your mascara as usual and your curl should hold the whole day!

4) New eyelash curling technology – Dior Diorshow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler

Dior curl

The word “heat curl” might sound scary… Who gonna want to put curling iron next to the eye? But when you look closer on this tool, you will notice that it has a solid protective grate that protects your eyes from the contact with the heat, therefore, it’s very safe. You can use this lash curler on clean lashes or after mascara is applied, either way, your result will be: perfect lash curve and long lasting hold. All you need to do with this tool is glide it over your lashes from the root to the end, moving it the same way, as when you apply mascara. Lashes become very lifted and curled, without harsh, inharmonious crimps.

Curled eyelashes look longer, fuller and make your eyes stand out. Now when you know some basic tips on how to curl your lashes, you can enjoy the benefits of this girly beauty secret in your everyday life.

Quick tip: When you curl your lashes and apply mascara every day, you weaken them, therefore, don’t neglect applying coconut oil, castor oil or, even, olive oil on your lashes prior to going to sleep every evening. This way, you will naturally hydrate, nourish and strengthen your lashes. Apply what’s left on your fingers straight on your eyebrows.

What are your favorite ways to curl your lashes? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

Stay beautiful!


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    The spoon thing is my granny’s tip ))) I was doing this all my life, till I went through the course of Cherish Lash serum. Surprisingly, my eyelashes grew so long that started to be a bit curly )) A nice bonus I must confess !!

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