20 Main enemies of our beauty

The question “how to be beautiful?” interests such a big number of ladies.

Today, let’s talk about our beauty enemies or things that we should avoid doing, if we desire to look pretty and attractive:

1) Negative mental attitude. With the time, pessimistic outlook on life starts to show up and be reflected on the appearance of a person thinking negative thoughts.

2) Popping pimples… Avoid doing this by all means, if you don’t want to have acne scars.

3) Frequent change of hair color.

4) Over-plucked eyebrows. Thicker eyebrows shape, usually, helps us look younger, while thin eyebrows tend to add age.

5) Late night sleep and oversleeping. It’s recommended to sleep around 7-8 hours a night for optimal, healthy and harmonious functioning of the body.

6) Junk food. Flawless and healthy skin doesn’t like it! Give preference to healthy, life filled foods; not only it will give you more energy, but also will help look and feel more beautiful and youthful.

7) Alcohol and cigarettes – avoid those by all means. Of course, it’s OK to have a glass of red wine from time to time, but don’t make it an everyday habit.

8) Sleeping with makeup on and ignorance of proper face cleansing. Make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly every evening. Also, avoid being too harsh with your facial skin, never rub, nor stretch your skin, be gentle.

9) Unattractive nails. Men, often, pay special attention to the way lady’s hands and nails look; let’s not neglect this little detail and take good care of our nails.

10) Excessive sun exposure leads to premature ageing.

11) Stress and worry. Avoid it. Worry and stress never brought anything good to anyone, right?!

12) Squinting encourages early appearance of fine lines.

14) Overeating.

15) Drinking soda and other artificial sugary drinks. These kind of drinks contain unbelievably huge amount of sugar, be aware!

16) Excessive use of heating tools on your hair. It makes your hair look dull, shine-less and lifeless. Avoid.

17) Quarreling. Yes, those who quarrel and harbor negative emotions, usually, look less attractive.

18) Drinking too much coffee every day. It leads to yellowish teeth and dehydration of the system.

19) Excessive intake of sugar and sweets.

20) Neglecting water. It’s recommended to drink about 8 glasses of water a day; the whole world knows about it, but not so many people do it.

I hope you find these tips useful. What are, on your opinion, worst enemies of our beauty? Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on this subject.

Stay beautiful and happy!


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