17 Glorious overnight beauty tips that you should definitely try

Your body does some serious rejuvenation when you’re asleep, which is why the term ‘beauty sleep’, is far more than just a myth. If you treat your body right, you can wake up in the morning with bright, clear eyes, soft and glowing skin and shiny hair. So don’t look in the mirror every morning, and wish that you hadn’t, follow these 17 overnight beauty tips and make the most of all that time you spend in bed:

1. Remove the makeup before you hop into bed

Even if it’s been a long night and you really just want to flop straight into bed, take off that makeup first! You don’t need makeup in bed, so remove all traces of it and give your skin a chance to breathe or your pores will just become clogged overnight.

2. Lose the puffy eyes

A simple way to avoid having puffy eyes in the morning is to add an extra pillow to your bed and try and sleep on your back. Adopting a sleeping position, where your head is higher than the rest of your body, will help excess fluid under to eyes to drain away.

3. Lengthen your lashes at night with castor oil

Give your lashes a treat while you sleep and gently brush them with some castor oil before you go to bed. The omega-6 fatty acids in the oil will moisturize your lashes and help to protect them from breakage. Simply wash off again in the morning and, within just a few weeks, you will notice the difference! And, yes, don’t forget your eyebrows too!

4. Overnight shiny hair

Smooth some coconut oil into your hair before going to bed and leave it on overnight (if you prefer store bought beauty products, then you can use your favorite leave in hair conditioner). Cover your pillowcase with a big towel to avoid the mess, and in the morning, when you wake up, shampoo and condition your locks. If you do it regularly, at least once a week, you’ll see a wonderful difference that this wonderful treatment will make – you hair will become shinier, healthier, silkier, glossier…you know what I mean…;)

5. Be kissable

Care for your lips when you sleep by applying homemade lip balm: mix shea butter with a couple of drops of rose essential oil; not only this lip balm will soften and nourish your lips and help get rid of dryness, but also it smells simply divine, just like fresh rose, so that in the morning your beloved won’t be able to do resist kissing you!

6. Milk and honey bath

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra adored this beauty treatment – milk and honey bath! Well, we won’t suggest that you bring a lorry of milk bottles from the supermarket, but here is what you can do: add two or three cups of milk, mixed with 3-5 table spoons of honey to your evening bath, and let your body relax after a hectic day. Add a handful of rose petals to your bathtub for elegant and sophisticated touch. After such a bath you’ll sleep like a baby and your skin will feel heavenly soft and tender.

7. Soft body

Add softness to your body by massaging it with your favorite body lotion or some coconut oil before going to bed. A small amount of oil will go a long way. If you do it in the evening, you’ll wake up with gorgeous, nourished and soft skin.

8. Tie back your hair, but don’t make it too tight

If you keep your hair away from your face, while you sleep, it will help to improve your skin. If you leave your hair down, then the oils and dirt in your hair will get on your pillow and into your face, which can cause breakouts. You can also damage your hair, if you leave it down, if you pull on it as you move around in bed. But avoid tying your hair too tight, as it’s not very pleasant to wakeup with a headache. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can also be beneficial for your beauty, as it’s easier on your face, as well as on your hair, so consider buying one online.

9. Your silky pijamas

Avoid sleeping in tight clothes and go for silky loose nighty instead. Silky PJ’s aren’t only pretty and cute, they also help you sleep better, as your skin can breath freely, so it’s worth the investment. Silky pajamas, if you wear them in the summer, will also help you sleep with literally cool feeling.

10. Overnight hairstyle

Try and tie your hair in a loose braid (as we already mentioned, don’t do it too tight). Not only braiding your hair will help protect your locks from breakage and knots, but also, in the morning, you’ll get beautiful, natural, loose waves! If you don’t like curly look, try and wrap your hair in a bun, you can also use a satin scarf, and you’ll wake up with tons of volume on your head in the morning.

11. Healthy cuticles  

An overnight treatment for healthy cuticles is massaging them with castor oil or liquid vitamin E oil in the evening before going to sleep. The oil will help soften the cuticles and strengthen the nails, and you won’t even notice when this work has been done, because during the reparation time you will simply snooze.

12. Whiten your teeth

During the daylight hours, it’s not long after brushing your teeth that you’re eating and drinking again. Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste or you can use baking soda instead, if you prefer (just don’t use it every day), rinse in the usual way and go to bed. Whichever whitening agent that you chose, it will have longer to work its magic, while you are asleep.

13. Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water, every night before you go to bed, will help your body to re-hydrate from the inside. This is especially important, if you overdone it with girls last night and have been drinking alcohol, as alcohol will have dehydrated you and will continue to do so, while you sleep; so water is the best remedy!

14. Make the most of your hand cream or beauty oil

It is all well and good using hand cream in the mornings, but it won’t be long before you are washing your hands. Give your hand cream a chance to do its job and apply liberally to your hands before bedtime to undo the damage, caused in the course of the day. If you are into natural remedies, just like me, try applying sesame oil on your hands before sleeping, you will wake up with soft and nourished hands.

15. Shea butter for your feet

Night time is the best time to treat tired, dry feet too. Apply shea butter to your feet before you go to bed and wear a pair of socks, to keep the sheets clean, and your feet will soften by the time the sun rises again.

16. Rose water and a humidifier

If you do suffer from dry skin, keep a spray bottle of rose water next to your bed and use it while you do your evening reading; also try using a humidifier in your bedroom at night, it will also help. Dry air will dry out skin, especially, in the cold winter months, so use rose water spray and switch on a humidifier at night and you will wake to soft, plump skin.

17. Get at least eight hours of sleep a night

Your body needs its sleep, so make sure you get enough. At least eight hours of good sleep is the recommended amount. A lack of sleep can cause weight gain, pale skin and it will affect your circulation too, which can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. So, a healthy dose of beauty sleep is crucial for your beauty!

What bedtime beauty tips do you love? Share them in the comment section.

Stay pretty!


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