17 Amazing beauty hacks to try

No matter how many sophisticated beauty tips and tricks we already know, we would surely be happy to find out a few more, wouldn’t we? We would gladly learn new tips on how to create that perfect cat eye, or how to make our lips plumper, bigger and softer. Luckily, makeup artists and girls all over the world keep on experimenting and playing with makeup, and they continuously find and create new beauty hacks that we can learn and use in our everyday life. What’s more, some beauty tips turn out to be either harmful or ineffective, and we can only find that out by simple trial-and-error. It’s good to know which beauty hacks really work, and here you’ll find 17 that do.

1. Flawless ponytail

Let’s take it from the top, that is, from hair. Getting a perfect ponytail without twisted strands or weird bumps of hair is not so easy, but with these three simple steps, as shared by stylists, it will become effortless. First, blow dry your hair in exactly the direction where your ponytail will be. This will minimise the danger of getting bumps. Lean your head back while you’re pulling the hair into the ponytail. Some do this tilt instinctively, others don’t. Tilting your head back will ensure you get a firmer hold on all your hair. Lastly, get a hair bungee, not just regular elastic, which tends to weaken its grip on your hair over time and let it slouch basically. Remember, don’t wear ponytails every day, it can exhausting for your hair.

2. Thicker hair trick

Here’s one particularly smart beauty tip for making your hair appear thicker. What you need to do is take an eyeshadow in the same, or close, colour, as your hair. Are you starting to guess what follows next? That’s right, you just need to dust it along your parting. The best thing about this trick is that it works equally well in real life and in pictures, so if you expect that a camera will be pointed at you at some point, do this trick. By the way, you can also dust the shadow along your hairline, in case your hair style has no parting and, of course, if you’re not wearing a fringe. (This trick is obviously not relevant for blonde ladies though).

3. A quick top knot

Top knots are wonderfully comfortable and they also look great. A very quick and foolproof way to make a top knot is the following: put your hair in a high ponytail, then divide the tail into two strands and twist them. After this, wrap the two sections around the elastic band of the ponytail, moving them in opposite directions. Secure the top knot with some bobby pins and you’re good to go!

4. Get a supermodel fringe

If you’re a fringe fan, here’s one special tip for you. You know that gorgeous swept look that supermodels often wear at fashion shows? It’s actually not so difficult to achieve, experts confirm. It’s all in the blow drying. Blow dry the fringe forward, over your face and continue until it is totally flat against it. Then simply push it to the side, making it fluffy and cute, just like a supermodel’s fringe.

5. Add some shine to your hair

Shiny, glossy hair can be achieved at the salon but the effect would be temporary. If you want it supershiny all the time, there are two things you can do: first start eating more foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as seafood and fish, and nourish your hair with deeply hydrating products, such as natural aloe vera gel. This deep hydration does not need to be an everyday affair once a week or twice a month would be enough.

6. Get the perfect eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are a really underestimated part of your face, which is really unfair given their important role for the overall look of your face. So, if you like, make an appointment with a beauty consultant or a stylist, and see if your brow shape is best suited for your face, and learn how to correct some inherent flaws, such as sparse eyebrows, disappearing tails or graying brows. All these, by the way, can be fixed with a non-black pencil, used in quick light strokes to avoid getting bright, and unnatural looking, brown or black brows.

7. The fastest cat eye ever!

You’ve probably heard the teaspoon trick for making a quick and flawless cat eye, and here’s another one, just as quick. All you need is two small pieces of clear tape. Place the pieces of tape on your upper eyelids, so that between the tape and the lash line there is a small space, where you want to draw the cat eye. Then just go on and draw it. Even if you smudge or go out of the lines, the smudge will go on the tape, not on your skin. One word of caution though: put a bit of cotton on the part of the tape that will touch your eyebrow, you don’t want to ruin its shape, right?

8. Use gel liner instead of eyeshadow

Blending different eyeshadow colours, making sure you haven’t put too much product and you haven’t got the placement wrong, that can be so much hassle! So, for a long lasting colour, consider gel eyeliners. They come in different shades and they’re usually very easy to blend. What’s more, they are not likely to smudge as easily, as eyeshadows. One truly cool beauty hack! Incidentally, you can use an eyeshadow as an eyeliner as well – just put a drop of saline solution at one end of the container and mix, then use an eyeliner brush to apply.

9. The perfectly curled eyelashes

We all know that warming up your eyelash curler before using it makes the curling more effective, but here is the beauty trick on how to create a prefect pro-curl: first, heat the curler, with a hairdryer for example, to be on the safe side, then use it once at the base of your lashes, holding it the right way up, then hold it upside down (with the curve remaining in the same direction, of course) and press your lashes again, this time – in the middle. Enjoy your perfectly curled lashes!

10. The right amount of mascara

You’ve certainly heard it: too much mascara is a no-no. Yet, sometimes it’s so easy to overdo it, especially when you strive for thicker, more luscious eyelashes; and the baby powder trick doesn’t always work, because it can make your lashes look clumpy and unsightly. It’s actually very easy to make sure that you don’t overdo it: just have a little patience. All you need to do is to give your lashes some time between the application of different coats of mascara. This interval between the coats will allow each of them to set well, preventing clumps and smudging. And remember: maximum three coats.

11. Plump up your lips

Nude makeup is very much in this season, and many girls, for different reasons, naturally shun bright lipstick colours. Alternatively, you may be avoiding them because they make your lips look smaller, which is surely the case, especially, when it comes to darker lipstick shades. Lip gloss, on the other hand, can help add volume, but to add even more, consider combining it with a few drops of peppermint oil. Simply, add a few drops of peppermint oil into the lipgloss container, but don’t apply the oil straight on your lips though. Plump lips and pleasant scent…What can be better than this?!

12. Concealer can help your lips stand out

If you’re not worried about lip volume but you love defined looking lips, here’s one very simple beauty trick you can use: apply a concealer, that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone, all around your mouth before applying lip liner, lipstick or gloss. The lighter shade of concealer will help enhance the curves of your lips like nothing else. And do you remember how to get the perfect cupid’s bow? First, draw a little x at the centre of your upper lip with a lip pencil, and then draw the rest, just a reminder.

13. Use lip pencil for a long lasting lipstick

First of all, if you want a long lasting lipstick, then you need a matte shade. The moisturising and glossy formulas are usually not particularly long-lasting. To begin with, outline your lips with a lip pencil and fill in your lips with it entirely, it will help to create a sort of “scaffold” for the lipstick, and then only, apply your lipstick, one makeup artist explains; this trick will help your lipstick last a lot longer. Who would have thought this?

14. Lighter means plumper

To make your lips look plumper and more kissable, use this concealer trick: apply a very light, almost white concealer to the central part of your lips, then spread it with your fingers, before applying lips gloss that is either nude or just slightly tinted. This trick prays on the volumising effect of light shades versus dark ones.

15. Give your lips a break

However much you like to wear lipstick and gloss, leave your lips as they are for, at least, one day a week. Your lips need a break, and they also need regular care, just like the rest of your skin, including exfoliating and moisturising. Then go on again and experiment with different lipsticks and glosses.

16. Supereasy and fun nail patterns

Let’s move away from the face and on to the hands. Here are two beauty tips for creating quick and easy nail patterns. The first one is for making gingham patterns using a scotch tape. First, paint your nails in the main colour, then pull a piece of tape and colour it with the nail polish you want the gingham to be. Then carefully cut the tape into narrow strips and stick to your nails, leave for a bit, then remove and finish with the top coat. Our second tip is on how to paint polka dot nails: simply stick a piece of band-aid on your nails after applying the main colour, and go over it with the polka dot colour. Remove the band-aid, and voila!

17. The quickest way to fix chipped nail polish

Seriously, we haven’t heard of a hack on how to fix chipped nail polish that takes so little time and effort. Well, that’s probably because it’s not exactly a fixing but rather a masking trick, but who cares when you’re out of time and you’ve just got a chip in your nail polish? Here’s the trick: use glitter nail polish. Apply it to the chipped place only, then repeat with the rest of your nails, applying glitter nail polish to the same place on each nail. It’s such a clever way to make your polish last and last, and last…

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Feel free to share your own.

Stay beautiful!

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