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Beauty tip #1: All natural and all beautiful!
Use Shea butter plus almond oil combo as your body lotion. Run it between your hands first and then, apply all over your body straight, when you go out of the shower to lock in moisture, it will add wonderful softness and soothe dry skin. Another bonus – this natural body lotion is completely chemicals-free!

Beauty tip #2: Smooth shave
To avoid razor-burn and soften coarse hair before shaving, apply olive oil on your legs prior to shaving, if you don’t have olive oil, you can use hair conditioner instead. Both of these products will help to shave smoothly and easily, leaving your skin supple and tender to touch.

Beauty tip #3: Oil treatment for “glossy” hair

Dying your hair can make it overly dry. To add “life” and moisture back into your locks make a simple coconut oil hair mask once a week. To make this hair mask, slightly warm up 2 table spoons of coconut oil on a warm bath (make sure the oil isn’t too hot and is comfortable to touch!), apply it on the roots of your hair and spread to the lengths. Put on shower cup on your head and, then, cover it all up with a towel. Leave the oil on your hair for about 30 minutes or 1 hour (you can even leave it overnight, the longer – the better), then, wash and condition, as usual. This wonderful oil treatment can bring a “new life” to damaged colored hair, adding healthy shine and wonderful softness.

Beauty tip #4: Nails lightening made easy
Cut a lemon in half and stick nails of your both hands into it. Keep it in for about 5 minutes, then wash your hands. Lemon juice will help naturally lighten your nails and make them stronger.


Beauty tip #5: What’s in between?!
Try to eat fresh fruits between your meals. Not only this habit will boost your metabolism and will help keep your weight in check, but also, it will have a wonderful positive influence on the way your skin looks, adding healthy glow and pretty “rosiness” to your cheeks.
Chose healthy snacks instead of junk food, snacks that are rich in fiber and vitamins: fresh fruits, berries, nuts and dried fruits; these healthy snacks are a lot better for the beauty of your skin, hair and nails, than chips, cakes or candies.

Beauty tip #6: Let beauty last forever…
To look young and beautiful for longer – it’s important to appropriate right eating habits and chose healthy foods, instead of “lifeless” ones! How to distinguish the best foods for the beauty and youth of your skin? What are “anti-ageing”, healthy and “life-filled” foods? Well, here is an easy tip: all fresh, brightly colored fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and all products that come directly from the earth, preferably without packaging, nor thermal treatment – all these are healthy and anti-ageing foods that we should stick to, if we desire to preserve our youth and beauty for longer and, if we desire to have vibrant health forever.

Beauty tip #7: Find yourself another comfort
Never turn to food for comfort. Instead, listen to your favorite music, call a friend or go for a walk…eat only when you are hungry.


Beauty tip #8: Everyone loves massage, your hair is no exception!
To enhance the quality of your hair – give a gentle massage to your scalp using good, natural oil of your choice (coconut oil, castor oil, or even olive oil will do a great job); not only massaging your scalp will improve circulation, but also oil will generously nourish your skin. Do this massage once a week or, at least, once a month for better results. To do this pleasant treatment slightly warm up the oil on a water bath, make sure that it’s lukewarm, not hot! We want to treat our scalp, not burn it! Gently massage your head with your fingertips dipped in oil, concentrating on the roots first and then, spread the oil to the lengths of your hair. It’s even preferable that someone does it for you, it can be such a relaxing and pleasant experience! After you’ve finished scalp-massage, you can keep the oil on your hair for about 30 minutes and then, wash and condition your hair as usual. This hair beauty ritual can significantly improve the look and texture of your hair.

Beauty tip #9: To stimulate hair follicles try this:
– Twice daily, gently massage your scalp in circular motions with your fingers for couple of minutes to improve blood circulation in your scalp, thus, naturally encouraging hair growth.
– Try flipping your hair upside down for 30 seconds every day. This will also help stimulate hair follicles.

Beauty tip #10: What to avoid?
Avoid washing your hair every day, because doing so, you stimulate hair follicles to produce more sebum, making your hair look greasy very quickly. Wash your hair once every 4-6 days, thus, giving your hair time to naturally produce hydration and moisture that your hair needs. You can use dry shampoo or a baby powder in between hair washes.

Beauty tip #11: How to accelerate the process?
To accelerate hair growth try this simple homemade mask: mix one table spoon of powdered mustard with a little bit of lukewarm water, till you obtain “yogurt-like” mass. Add 2 eggs and 2 table spoons of olive oil. Mix thoroughly all the ingredients and apply the mask on the roots of your hair, avoiding the lengths, keep it on for 20-25 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. The mask will have a hitting effect because of mustard, thus, stimulating hair follicles very intensively, resulting in quicker hair growth. Note: if the mask hurts too much – rinse immediately. Also, make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients prior doing this mask. (For better results, you can make this mask once every two weeks, in total about 5-7 times.)


Beauty tip #12: Say no to tangles
It’s not so pleasant to wake up with tangled hair which can be caused by your pillow case. Try to sleep on silk or satin pillow case instead of cotton one, because those don’t tend to tangle your hair; and you will always wake up with silky smooth, tangles-free locks.

Beauty tip #13: Fresh faced in the morning? Yes, it’s totally possible!
Avoid eating at least 3-4 hours prior to going to sleep, because at night you don’t really need calories! Overeating at night can cause puffiness of the eyes and face, as well as deprives your body from peaceful rest, because nighttime eating makes your system work hard to digest those extra calories. Also, avoid drinking 2 hours prior to going to bed.

Beauty tip #14: Quick relief
If, after a night out, you woke up with swollen eyes, take a metal spoon, hold it for 20 seconds under cold running water and then, gently place it on the area around your eyes. This should instantly relieve and reduce swelling.

Beauty tip #15: Wrinkles free from now on…
Sleep on your back to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. If you appropriate this good habit – it will make a big difference in the way you look through the years…

I hope you found it interesting and useful. What are your favorite beauty tips? Feel free to share them in the comment’s section below. Read Part 1 of this article here.

Stay beautiful!


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