How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

Some say that the eyes are windows of the soul. Eyes can be considered as the most expressive part of the face. According to classic standards of beauty, the distance between eyes should be equal to that of one eye. There are different makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger, smaller, closer to each other or, on the contrary, wider…In this article lets talk about top 14 tips on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup:

1) The easiest way to instantly make your eyes look bigger is to curl your eyelashes. For this, start at the root and then move to half way of your lashes length and curl again, like this you will achieve natural looking curl.

2) Apply two coats of mascara on the top lashes, it will make them look thicker and create the lifting effect for your lids. Catch every lash while applying mascara – from the roots go up in zig zag motions.

3) Play with shadows. Apply white shimmery eyeshadow or a highlighter onto the inner corners of your eyes, as well as under the brow bone. The light reflective particles will brighten and “open up” your eyes.

4) Use darker eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes (use brown, grey or black eyeshadow). The contrast of lighter and darker colours will help to make your eyes look bigger.

5) Play with eyeliner. Actuality, the eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller, depending on the technique of how you apply it. For example, if you have very small eyes, avoid applying the eyeliner all around your eyes. Instead, draw a line only along your top lash line and make it thicker as you move away from your nose, this will create a winged effect and will visually enlarge your eyes.

6) Create the perfect shape for your eyebrows.
Eyebrows frame the face. Their shape can influence your overall appearance and even make your eyes look bigger or smaller.
If you have a possibility, I recommend you to go to a professional salon where a specialist can help you create your perfect shape and afterwards you can just maintain it at home.
Remember, your eyebrows should look like sisters, not necessarily twins, it’s normal if they have slightly different shape.

7) Eyelashes extensions or false lashes.

Many girls wear a push-up bra or a ‘maximizer’ and there is nothing shameful about it.
There is a way to give your eyelashes a “push up” as well – try eyelashes extensions.
The specialist can find the shape and thickness of eyelashes that will look very natural. The eyelashes extensions will add extra volume and you won’t even need to use mascara any more. (In different article I will talk in details about eyelashes extensions. I wear them for more than a year and I am absolutely amazed by the result!)
If you don’t like the idea of eyelashes extensions (because of their pricey maintenance, for example), then there is a simple alternative – false eyelashes or semi-permanent eyelash dye; both of these will help you achieve the effect of bigger looking eyes.

8) Line your waterline.
Experiment with colours.
If you line your waterline with white pencil, it will help to brighten and open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.
If you apply a shimmery champagne eye pencil on the waterline, you will get more sophisticated and mysterious look. By applying bue-hued eyeliner you will achieve another effect – the whites of your eyes will appear brighter! Try. Play. Experiment.

9) When applying dark eyeshadow colors, concentrate the color on the highest and lowest points of your lash lines to emphasise the widest section of your eye shape, this will make your eyes look bigger and more round.

10) Here is another easy “eye opening” trick – try ombre effect eyeshadows. For this, you can use any eyeshadow colors you like, not necessarily only black or brown. The simple rule is to first apply light eyeshadow color all over your lid and then apply the darker one – just at the crease. When applying the color onto the crease – blend, blend, blend… This will create dimension and will give an illusion of bigger eyes.

11) Try to shade the natural contour of your eyes with a bronzer or pressed powder that is two or three shades darker, than your natural skin tone. This will look effortless, natural, great and will give you larger looking eyes.

12) If you don’t like lining your eyes with an eyeliner, try to dot the liner along your lash line going between your eyelashes; by filling in the spaces between your eyelashes, you will make them look thinker and your eyes – bigger.

13) Try wearing a bright lipstick shade without doing any eye makeup, this trick will also make your eyes look bigger. Only make sure to even out your skin tone and cancel out all the imperfections around your eye area. This way, your eyes will stand out, you’ll look fresh, effortless and young.

14) Don’t try too hard.
If you want to draw attention to your beautiful eyes, and not to those skillful make up tricks that you implemented, then use all these tips in moderation. For example, the gigantic eyelashes extensions can be too heavy for your eyelids and can make you look sleepy, instead of beautiful, which is not our goal, right?! :). Remember, moderation is the key! 😉

We hope you find these tips on how to apply eye makeup useful.

Feel free to share your own tips on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup in the comment section below.

Big eyes, of course, look amazing, but the most beautiful and special feature you can have is the happiness in your eyes.

Stay happy and beautiful!


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