Beauty tips from backstage fashion shows can be useful for any girl and we can easily implement them in our everyday life. Lets begin:

1) How to create fuller looking lips? Many women try to enhance the shape of their lips by outlining the lips with dark pencil. But this often can look unnatural and overdone. The “backstage” beauty tip for fuller looking lips is to emphasize and highlight the shape of the lips by outlining them with white pencil instead. Just apply white pencil around your lips and blend it a little, to make it look more natural. It will look a lot prettier than using dark pencil.

2) Different ways to use lipstick. On the backstage of fashion shows makeup artists work extremely fast because they must make so many models look ravishing. Here is the beauty tip that they use to create harmonious and pretty face makeup: they dab some lipstick on the lips of a model, then they blend this same lipstick onto the apples of her cheeks and sometime, even, they can very lightly apply it on the model’s eyelids and on the nose (but nose bit is risky, you need to be very light handed and really know what you do). This way they create beautiful harmony on model’s face very quickly.

3) Keep model’s hair off the face. While doing model’s makeup, makeup artist uses metal hair clips but they slide a carton card in between the hair clip, so that it easily helps to keep model’s hair off the face and the hair don’t get the dents from the metal. (Because, normally when you push your hair back with a hair clip, you get a dent.)

4) Old school fan. Because of fast speed during preparation of fashion show, backstage makeup artists often use a simple fan. They use it for many purposes: for drying freshly applied liquid eyeliner very quickly or drying model’s freshly painted nails…This beauty tip can be easily implemented into our everyday life.

5) Foundation trick. Makeup artist backstage fashion shows always tries to create natural and youthful looking skin. To achieve beautiful and natural result apply your foundation only on the center of your face and then, blend it outward. To brighten the area under your eyes – try to select a concealer with pink undertone.

6) Dark lip colour trick. To make dark lip colour look modern, pretty and stain like, makeup artists often tend to skip the lip pencil. They apply dark lipstick colour using a brush and then, blend the edges. If the colour is too dark, blot until it starts looking like a lip stain.

7) Red lip is always trendy. To achieve beautiful, vintage-inspired red lip, first apply concealer around your lips and then, use two shades of red: apply darker red on the center of your lips and use lighter, medium shade of red on the outside. You can use lip brush for more defined look or just stain your lips using your finger for more “effortless” result.

8) Transform the colour of your cream blush. If the colour of your cream blush is too bright, you can make it lighter – try to mix it with light, pale shade of lipstick on the back of your hand. You can use your new colour both on your cheeks and on your lips. Backstage, makeup artists often use this trick.

9) Give your eyes a dreamy look. For softer lash look try to use two shades of mascara: apply brown mascara on the base of your lashes and use black mascara only on the tips. It will help emphasize the ends of your lashes and will give your eyes a dreamy look.

10) Glamorous “glossy” eyes. Makeup artists often apply lip gloss on model’s lids to achieve high-shine eyes effect. The only downside of this type of make up it that it doesn’t last long, but for photo shoots – it’s perfect!

11) Neutralize your natural lip colour. Try to blend your foundation over your lips before applying your lip colour, it will help neutralize your natural lip colour and make the finished result look true to the shade you see in the tube of your lipstick.

12) Eyeliner trick. For softer result, makeup artist often replaces black eyeliner by brown or gray one. It gives less dramatic look and can be more suitable for every day makeup.

I hope you found it useful. What is your favorite beauty tip from backstage fashion shows? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay beautiful!

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