10 Wonderful beauty tips to help you look less tired

Whether it’s been a night out on the town, or a night up with the kids, the last thing you need to hear from anyone is: ‘You look tired’. Not a great thing to hear when you spent all that time on your makeup and hair! So, if you’ve not managed to get enough hours in bed, check out these ways to make yourself look less tired:

1. A splash of cold water

Start the day with a splash of cold water and that will make the blood vessels constrict and tighten up your skin. It will make your skin look much smoother and it will wake you up in the morning too.

2. De-puff the eyes

Tiredness shows in your eyes and the lids can look puffy and swollen. De-puff your eyes with slices of cucumber or a cold spoon, both methods work really well.

3. Moisturise

Your skin can become dry and lifeless, if you’ve not had enough sleep. Lock in the moisture after your cold water face splash and apply a good amount of moisturiser. It will keep your skin moisturised and it will also help smooth out any lines or wrinkles.

4. Milk and ice

How to look less tired? Dip a wash cloth in a bowl of milk and ice cubes, wring it out and then lay it over your face for about five minutes. This will freshen up your skin and the cold from the ice will constrict the blood vessels in your skin.

5. A touch of white eyeshadow

Here is another useful and effective makeup trick on how to look less tired: apply a touch of white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes, it will instantly brighten up your whole face. Even if you don’t feel wide awake, you will look it!

6. Conceal any dark circles

If you are really tired then dark circles will appear under your eyes. Use a concealer to cover these circles and it will make you look much more awake.

7. Curl your lashes and use mascara

However tired you might feel, this is not the day to forget your eyelashes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a good coating of mascara. This will open up your eyes and make them look much brighter.

8. Put some colour back in your cheeks

Tiredness brings pale skin, so brighten up your face with a touch of subtle blusher. Apply a peach or pink shade, to the apples of your cheeks, and it will warm up your complexion without it looking unnatural.

9. Brighten up with lipstick

Another great makeup tip on how to look less tired is to play with your lipstick shade. First, moisturise your lips with a lip salve, because tiredness can make your lips dry, and use a bold, red lipstick. It will brighten up your smile and draw attention away from your eyes.

10. Keep a spray bottle with you

During the day you and your makeup may start to look tired again. To combat this, keep a bottle of facial spray with you and then you can get a quick freshen up, whenever you need it.

What are your favorite beauty tips on how to look less tired?

Stay happy!

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