10 Weird celebrity beauty secrets

We know that celebrities take their beauty regimes seriously and go to great lengths to look perfect for photo shoots and personal appearances, but some of the beauty tips that come from celebs are just downright bizarre. We can’t deny that some of these celebrities do seem to have it cracked when it comes to holding back the years, but leeches and bird poop do seem to be taking things a bit far. Here are ten of the weirder and quite surprising celebrity beauty secrets that come from those famous people we love to admire.

1. Demi Moore – Detoxes with leeches

So, Demi Moore does look amazing for her age, but would you resort to using leeches to keep your youthful looks? In an interview she gave in 2008, Demi Moore told David Letterman that one of her beauty secrets was leech therapy. She went on to explain that the slimy little suckers excrete an enzyme that make you bleed profusely and that detoxifies your blood.

2. Sandra Bullock – Uses Preparation H to fight wrinkles

Some celebrity beauty secrets can appear really weird, but it seems like they work. Sandra Bullock regularly applies the world famous haemorrhoid cream, Preparation H, to fight off the signs of ageing. When asked about her rather unconventional beauty secret she said: “Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and it stops me from getting lines”.

3. Zoe Saldana – Has annual mayonnaise parties

If you ever wondered how Zoe Saldana keeps her hair so impossibly shiny, we can tell you that it has nothing at all to do with any kind of top of the range, expensive hair products. Zoe Saldana says that her mother taught her and her sisters to do things the natural way, so he uses mayonnaise to condition her hair.

4. Kate Hudson – Wakes up her skin with ice water

Not all celebrity beauty secrets require expensive products. When Kate Hudson wakes up after a long night out on the town, she has a solution to the problem of tired looking eyes and skin. She plunges her face into ice cold water to get the blood circulating again and to get a bit of colour back into her cheeks.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow – Fights frizz with a loofah

If you thought loofahs were only good for one thing, then think again. Gwyneth Paltrow swears that brushing your hair with a loofah will fight the frizz. We have no idea how this is supposed to work, but who are we to argue with the face of Estée Lauder’s Pleasures perfume?

6. Catherine Zeta Jones – Pours beer on her head

What is really comforting about some of these celebrity beauty secrets is that some of them are so down to earth and are things that we could all try. You wouldn’t expect a star like Catherine Zeta Jones to be using something as simple as a beer rinse to condition her hair, but apparently, that’s exactly what she does. It’s nice to know that they don’t all use expensive beauty products and treatments that most people could never afford.

7. Rachel Bilson – Removes her makeup with Vaseline

The star of ‘The Last Kiss’ and ‘Jumper’, Rachel Bilson, also has a down to earth solution for removing her makeup. She gets around the problem of commercial makeup removers being too harsh on the skin by using one of the most simple and versatile products you can buy. She uses nothing more sophisticated than Vaseline to remove her makeup at night.

8. Katie Holmes – Uses placenta cream on her face

Whether or not it works, we can think of better ways to take care of your skin than plastering your face with a cream that contains placenta. Apparently, though, that is exactly what both Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria use in their daily beauty regime. They say that placenta helps to lock moisture into the skin and boosts the production of collagen.

9. Victoria Beckham – Smears bird poop on her face

Here is another one of interesting celebrity beauty secrets: Victoria Beckham, and her husband David, are said to be big fans of smearing their faces with bird excrement. It’s not just any old bird poop they use, it is special bird poop that comes from Japan and it’s an ancient beauty treatment called a geisha facial that the Beckhams say leaves their skin glowing and smooth.

10. Cindy Crawford – Sprays her face with milk

Our final surprising celebrity beauty secret comes from Cindy Crawford. She uses a facial spray of milk and water throughout the day to keep her skin looking soft. It might be a little bit unconventional, but it sounds a lot better than bird poop to us.

Do you know other celebrity beauty secrets?

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