10 Ways To Add Coffee To Your Beauty Routine

Addicted to coffee? Want to explore more ways to get even more use out of coffee? In this article, we take a look at 10 ways you can add it to your beauty routine.

It surprises everyone when we first tell them that we use coffee as part of our beauty routine. The conversation often goes a little something like this after we’ve revealed our unusual beauty secret.

“You mean your morning routine,” they correct us.

“No. Beauty routine,” we happily insist.

Morning routine!” they exclaim.

Beauty routine!”


“Sounds to us like someone hasn’t had their morning coffee.”

There will remain haters and doubters when you tell people you prefer to apply coffee topically rather than just drink it. Yes, it sounds unusual. But the best-kept secrets in beauty often are unusual. And it’s always the adopters who are willing to get on-board with something different that stay looking young, healthy and gorgeous.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to add coffee to your beauty routine.

Coffee Can Exfoliate Your Scalp

Why do we exfoliate our scalps? Because if we don’t, dead skin cells amass and wreak havoc, creating dandruff and itchiness. Not cool.

So because we absolutely hate dead skin cells (like really hate them), we at Beauty and Tips exfoliate our scalps with coffee.

Ground coffee works as a fab exfoliator indeed, and it also gives your hair back its healthy shine.

All you need to do is take a third of a cup of ground coffee and apply it to a your wet scalp. Then, massage for around a minute in circular motions before rinsing.

Then, leave the house and go on a date.

We’re kidding! You’ve gotta wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the coffee.

You haven’t left the house already, have you? Come back!

Coffee Works As A Lip Scrub

Want softer lips? We all do. Take coffee grinds, olive oil and honey, mix together and apply the scrub to your lips.

The best thing about this lip scrub? It tastes amazing!

Coffee Can Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

There is literally nothing worse than waking up to puffy eyes on the morning of something important. Perhaps you haven’t slept well and woken up with puffy eyes, or maybe you had one cocktail too many last night. Either way, work starts soon and your eyes are positively bulging.

But before you chug down those morning cups of coffee, consider for a second how setting aside the coffee grounds could benefit your eyes.

You see, as well as providing a much-needed pick-me-up for your brain, coffee can also do the same for your eyes. Yup, the coffee grounds, when applied topically to the area around your eyes, can reduce puffiness.

You need to let the grounds settle for a while for them to be effective, so we suggest that you apply them before taking a bath.

Wash Your Face With Coffee

Why wash your face with just soap and water when you can throw coffee into the mix? That’s right, coffee will double down on dead skin.

Coffee Can Get Rid Of Cellulite

You literally want to die when your daughter comes up to you on the beach as you’re chatting to a cute guy and asks, “mommy, why is there skin hanging from your legs?”

You can either explain to her there and then what cellulite is, politely tell her that she’s seeing things, or tell her to get lost. LOL!

Cellulite – unfortunately – is natural. No one escapes this particular villain, not even celebrities (just Google “celebrity cellulite”). It’s a struggle we’re all familiar with. But you know what? It can be eliminated. And you don’t need to fork out any extra money on creams. You can instead use what’s already in your cupboard – coffee!

Yup, a coffee scrub is just the ticket when it comes to eliminating cellulite. You can easily make your own at home, before treating yourself to a latte afterwards. Heaven (and no more awkward questions on the beach).

Coffee Can Treat Sunburn

Sunburn is not cool, and it’s annoying that it always seems to come at the worst moments – when you’re on vacation!

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, coffee can sooth sunburn. Meanwhile, its powerful antioxidants can reduce your risk of sun cancer by cleansing your system of cancer-causing free radicals.

Coffee Can Brighten Up Your Face

Coffee makes us more alert on those days when we’re just not with it. But as well as brightening up your mind, it can also brighten up your face.

To get brighter skin from coffee, take two tbsp of yogurt (preferably organic) and mix it with a single tbsp of ground coffee. Then, wash your face before applying the coffee and yogurt mix.

You need to leave this mix on your skin for around fifteen minutes for it to be effective, after which you can rinse your face and et the caffeine boost circulation.

If you keep doing this, your skin will be radiant again in no time at all.

And when people start asking you the secret to your complexion, feel free to tell them:

“I sloshed coffee and yogurt on my face!”

“Okay, fine. Don’t tell me.”

Coffee Can Get Rid Of Blackheads

Tired of nasty looking blackheads? Get coffee on the case!

Coffee Is Good For Aching Feet

Who would have known that coffee would be good for our feet? It sounds bizarre, but as we know truth is often stranger than fiction.

So while your dad might never be convinced that coffee should be rubbed into weary feet, you personally should be.

If you do a lot of walking and your feet are constantly throbbing, take a cup of coconut oil and mix it with half a cup of ground coffee and two tsp of vanilla ext rat.

Then, get into a tub filled with warm water, soak you feet and then apply the scrub gently to each foot. Lovely!

Coffee Can Turn Your Hair Brown

Want coffee-coloured, browner hair? Then apply coffee, d’uh!

As overly simplistic and obvious as this sounds, it actually works. All you need to do is apply freshly brewed coffee (letting it to cool first) to your hair, cover with a shower cap, and let soak for half an hour. Then, rinse.

But no, it doesn’t mean you should apply pink lemonade to your hair for pinker hair.

Stay beautiful!

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