10 Tips on how to make your body look amazing

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when the beholder is you looking in the mirror, chances are that you will see flaws that no one else sees. Still, we’d all love to look amazing and would be happy to learn any new tip in this respect. Here are some things you can do to be in the best shape possible. Some may be easy, others hard, but they will all pay off in the end.

1. Sleep

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Many of us are sleep-deprived and don’t even realise it, but it’s good to be aware of this, as lack of sleep can have devastating effects on the body, such as affecting its ability to get itself rid of toxins. This has an effect both on your internal organs and your appearance. So, make sure you get enough sleep every night – sleeping in during the weekend is not enough.

2. Water

The importance of keeping your body well hydrated cannot be stressed enough. Most of our cells are in fact water, and when you deprive them of the amount they need to work properly and stay healthy, your body suffers. Don’t wait until you’re parched to drink some water or a fresh fruit juice. This is especially true when you’re working out or doing any other sort of physical exertion.

3. Food

Just like getting enough water, eating enough of the right stuff can do wonders for your body. You certainly know which foods are healthy and which aren’t, so start changing your diet, in case you currently have a bias towards the latter. You don’t have to go vegetarian or anything like it, just cut down on unhealthy indulgences for a start and then work from there. Healthy food can be tasty, you know?

4. Move

It’s all too easy to forget how important physical exercise is for the body when you have a desk job and accounts in every social network there is. You work and you take rests browsing Facebook or Pinterest, completely forgetting that you’ve been stuck in a sitting position for the last six hours. Try to remind yourself that your body needs to move from time to time. Get up and walk around, and do it for five minutes every hour.

5. Relax

Exercise is a must, and so is relaxation. Stress has no benefits for you, physically or mentally. Try meditation – just sit quietly, breathe evenly and focus on your body for a few minutes, you don’t need to study it academically. If you can’t switch off like that, read a book, listen to some music or take a bath. Basically, do anything that you know will take down your stress levels. You’ll feel like new afterwards and your body will thank you.

6. New routine

If you have a habit of meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner, why not change this to a meeting to exercise together? By exercising we mean anything from a city walk to a hiking session or a visit to the gym. You can encourage each other, and you can all do with some exercise instead of a couple of drinks. At least one day a week, that shouldn’t be too hard.

7. Be persuasive

That is, persuade yourself that there will be a reward if you do something for your body. For instance, if you get up half an hour earlier in the morning and do a brisk walk to a cafe, you’ll reward yourself with your most favourite coffee. Or, if you do 15 minutes of exercise, you’ll treat yourself to something tasty. We all like rewards and giving them to ourselves has the dual benefit of being on the giving and the receiving ends both. Pat yourself on the shoulder.

8. Intervals

Researchers have concluded that interval workouts, when you alternate between bursts of intensive activity and periods of rest, are in many cases more effective than slow exercising for greater periods of time. A burst of activity could be either a training session at the gym or something as simple as a quick climb over a few flights of stairs.

9. Clothes that fit you

We sometimes buy clothes that we don’t feel particularly comfortable wearing but believe that they hide some part of our body we don’t like. Instead, buy the clothes that fit you – not too baggy and not too tight – and try to look at your body as a whole, rather than a combination of features that need improvement. Nobody is perfect, remember this.

10. Stay happy 

Our appearance reflects our mood and how we feel about ourselves. Try to accept the body you have with all its imperfections, work on the ones that can be fixed and learn to love the ones you can’t fix. The more positive you feel about yourself, the better you will look , it’s as simple as that.

Stay beautiful!

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